Daughter Of The Designer

Kasey's mom has just lost her job. Kasey's mom needs a job to keep the house, buy food, etc. But when Kasey's mom finds a job, Kasey is so happy. she is even Happier when she finds out her mom's new job is the clothes designer of ONE DIRECTION! her favorite boy band.


3. The New Job.

Kasey's POV

I woke up to someone shaking me a bit.

"honey wake up, dinner time." my mom smiled.

"it's 7 already?" i asked.

"dinners a little late, it's 9. and i thought you needed the rest." my mom smiled.

"thanks. and what's with the smiley face?" i joked.

"okay, you got me. my old job talked to me, because on my last day i complained that they couldn't just fire me, so they gave me a couple job opions, on how they knew them, so i would get the job, without even applying because they are such close friends with them, and there were 3 options, and one of them has always been my dream." she smiled

"what did you pick?" i smiled.

"a designer." she smiled.

"awesome!" i smiled.

"and it gets better, i know we could never afford to see that boy band you like, it turns out I'm going to be their designer!" my mom said.


"yes!" my mom smiled big.

i hugged my mom.

"oh my god!" i smiled.

i could not stop smiling!

"so, you said with all the jobs, you would get the job without even applying because they know someone there, so who at your work knew one direction?" i asked.

"well, my boss, the new one, apperently is the neice of their body gard, Paul." my mom said.

"awesome!" i said.

a beep went off in the kitchen.

"okay, well that means the chicken is done, let's go eat!" my mom smiled.

we went downstairs and ate.

-Skip Dinner.-

it was 12am.

"well you better go to sleep." my mom said.

"i'm not tired." i said.

"yes, but you have school tomorrow." my mom said.

"i don't want to go." i said.

"are they teasing you again?" my mom said.

"yes.." i said.

"about what this time?" she asked.

"my height again.." i said.

"awww Kasey." my mom said.

"it's no big deal.." i said.

"it IS a big deal, who is it this time?" my mom asked.

"Donnie and his friends.. again.." i said.

"does Lori know?" she asked.

"no.." i said.

"you need to tell her." my mom said.

"next time i see her." i said.

"now, go to sleep!" my mom smiled.

"fine." i said.

i went upstairs to my room.

-Skip Sleep.-

i woke up. another day of school. hey tomorrow is Saterday inleast.

i put on my green V neck, and my black yoga pants. i hate jeans, to me i find them not comfy.

i went downstairs. i saw my mom looked excited.

"why are you jumpy?" i smiled.

"my new job is today, i don't do any realy work today, but i get to meet paul and the boys and stuff and see my office." she said.

"cool." i smiled.

"well i'm off to work." she smiled.

she kissed me on the forhead and left.

"time to go to school." i muttered under my breath.

-Skips Walk.-

i got to school, i tried to find Lori, i couldn't find her. ah, she was the last place i looked; Donnie.

i walked over to them.

"hey." i smiled.

"hey well, i promised Mr. Twinsky that i would set up the paint brushes and the easles." Lori said.

"bye." me and Donnie said at the same time.

Lori ran. Donnie's friends came running towards us.

they went into a circle and put me in the middle so i couldn't get out.

"hey mouse." Mike said.

"don't call me mouse. what is that meaning anyways?" i asked.

"mice are small, like you." Tony said.

wow they are like kindergardens.

"anyways, what's with the paper bag?" Donnie asked.

"that's my lunch.." i said slowly.

Jim hit it to the ground.

"not anymore." Mark said.

"how many of you are there?" i asked.

"as many as it takes to annoy you." mike said.

"ugh." i muttered.

"what did you say?" Tony said getting a step closer to me.

i backed up a step.

i looked at my lunch on the ground.

"ugh.." i muttered.

"one more time Aurther, and i swear!" Donnie said.

"what are you going to do?" i asked.

"that's for us to know, and you to find out." Mark said.

i shoved threw all of them, they were screaming at me, but i didn't care.

Mike and Tony and Donnie came up to me.

Tony held my arms.

"i told you not to." Donnie said.

Mike grabbed my legs.

they took me to the sand pit. they threw me in the sand.

i coughed from all the dirt.

i said the only thing i could to defend myself.

"I'M GOING TO TELL LORI!" i screamed.

"you wouldn't DARE!" donnie said.

"try me." i said.

Tony and mike started getting closer to me.

"MEN!" donnie said,

they stopped.

"you lay another finger on me, or say another nasty word, ANY OF YOU. i'll tell Lori." i said.

"tell the rest of them, i don't want to loose Lori." Donnie said.

Tony and Mike agreed, walking to the rest of the group.

i smiled at Donnie.

he growled at me.

"rar to you to." i laughed.

the bell rang. i ran to class.


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