Daughter Of The Designer

Kasey's mom has just lost her job. Kasey's mom needs a job to keep the house, buy food, etc. But when Kasey's mom finds a job, Kasey is so happy. she is even Happier when she finds out her mom's new job is the clothes designer of ONE DIRECTION! her favorite boy band.


50. The House Beside.

Neala's POV

i was so excited. i read that Niall was staying at a cottage in toronto and they are staying there untill they can write an album. me and ashley are planning to rent the house beside, but it's one of those group ones, so we are appearntly renting it with some other girl.  i don't know. i just can't wait to see Niall again, we can live a happily ever after!


Ashley's POV

Harry. always on my mind, day an night. harry styles. i missed that boy. i didn't really know him, but i feel like i've known him for years. i want to get to know him. me and my best friend Neala are renting a house beside, appearn'tly we have to share it wit some chick? i don't know. i just can't wait to see Harry.


Lori's POV

I have a moving truck to help me with my stuff, when i relised, they can't see me as myself. i need to make myself look differnt. i got out a short black wig and i put in green contacts. i was now going to be known as... Jen. yeah, Jen. appearnt'ly i have to share the house ith two other girls. no matter, if they don't get in my way, i won't get in theirs. i will do anything for millions of dollars. anything.


Kasey's POV

i woke up the next day. i was sleeping beside Niall. i ogt some clothes and i went into the bathroom. i put them on. it was black yoga pants with a yellow sweater. i put my hair into a pony tail. i went into the living room. i looked out the window it was a nice day. there was a moving truck beside, maybe someone is moving in, wait isn't that one of those group home things? i don't know. maybe a couple people are there. i was going to say hi. i grabbed my running shoes and i grabbed a coffie and i went over. i knocked on the door. a girl with short black hair and green eyes answered. she looked a little familiar.

"Hi, I'm Kasey, i live to your left." i said pointing to our house.

"uhm hi, i'm uh, Jen." she said.

"well hello jen. does anyone else live here?" i asked.

"uhm, well i came here by myself but appearnt'ly there are going to be two girls here as well." jen said.

"okay thanks." i said.

"well i'll talk to you later Jen, maybe you can come meet my friends later." is aid with a warm smile.

"okay." she said.i walked back to our house. as soon as i got inside i saw Niall standing there. i put my coffie on the table. niall hugged me.

"hello?" i asked.

"i saw you wern't there i got worried." he said.

"well i'm okay, i was just saying i to our new naibours. well one is there, appearnt'ly it's like one of those group homes, and two other girls are there." i said.

"oh, we should inivte them over one time." niall said smiling.

i sat down on the couch. niall sat beside me. harry came into the room. he sat beside me. then he put his head on m lap.

"hi?" i said.

"zayn snores i can't get a wink of sleep." he said.

i started playing with his hair.

"that feels nice." he said.

i giggled.

Louis came intot eh room he ooked me in the eye and started walking back.

"louis, we live in the same house, we will run into each other, this doesn't need to be weird." i said.

Louis walked back in. he sat beside Niall.

"okay." he said.

i heard a knock at the door.

"i'll get it." niall said.

niall opened  the door. next thing you knew there was a girl clinged onto him.

"Neala?" niall said.

"niall!" she said.

followed by Neala was a girl. it was Ashley. she staired at harry. harry staired back.

"hey!" is aid.

"hi!" neala said.

"what are you doing here?" zayn said coming out of his room.

"well,we are renting the house beside because we missed you guys." neala said.

"yes niall, this girl would not stop talking about you!" ashley said.

"speak for yourself, hey harry, she wouldn't shut up abotu you!" Neala said.

niall and harry's faces went red.

liam came in.

"hey!" he said.

"so how are you and Louis?" Neala said.

i looked at louis. he looked down.

"we're um, not a couple anymore.." is aid.

"oh i'm sorry!" Neala said coming up and hugging me.

"wanna talk about it?" she offered.

"no thanks." i said.

"hi." i said to ashley.

"hi." she said.

''did you guys meet that girl Jen?" i said.

"yeah, she seems, uhm..very... kept to herself." Neala said.

"oh" i said.

"well i'm just going to uhm.. yeah." i said walked out of the room. i ran into mine and niall's room. i sat down on the bed. i got out my song book. in about 15 minutes i wrote a song called 'Happy To See You Again.' about Neala and Ashley coming back. i set my song book under my pillow i walke dout of my room. i bumped into someone. that someone was Louis. we were now inches apart. our lips touched. i backed away.

"i'm sorry." i said.

i ran out of the room.

"kasey wait!" louis said.

i started crying. i ran outside into the back i could hear people calling my name but i didn't care. i ran onto the beach. i heard footsteps behind me. i kept running and running, i ran untill a sharp pain came in my ancle. i fell to the ground. i screamed in pain. somone ran upto me and sat beside me.

"kasey, kasey, are you okay?"

i screamed again.


i screamed again. tears fell down my face.

i looked up. the only person who was anywere in sight was right before my eyes. they were asking my if i was alright.

it was Niall.



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