Daughter Of The Designer

Kasey's mom has just lost her job. Kasey's mom needs a job to keep the house, buy food, etc. But when Kasey's mom finds a job, Kasey is so happy. she is even Happier when she finds out her mom's new job is the clothes designer of ONE DIRECTION! her favorite boy band.


39. Simon

Kasey's POV

so me and Louis are now a couple.

want to know what i relised?" i asked him.

"what?" he asked.

"i'm going to be 19 in 2 days and i don't know what i'm going to do with my life." i said.

"i thought you wanted to be a singer." Louis said.

"i do, but i'm no good." i said.

"you are great, and just remember, not everyone's good. like me and the boys had to get a vocal coach." Louis said.

"really?" i asked.

"yup." louis said.

"besides, how even am i going to get famous, i have like a million to one chance." i said.

"uhm, hello you live with 5 singers who are in a world famous boy band who are on a brake from tours and stuff like that, who know Simon Cowall. how else?" Louis asked.

"you think you can talk to Simon for me?" i asked.

"how about i get him to come over and all the boys, me, you, and Simon have a talk about it." Louis said.

"thank you." i said hugging Louis.

"i'll call him right now. maybe he can come over sometime today." Louis said.

"really?" i ask.

"Simon is a really nice guy, just he has to look mean on TV so it can be interesting, and he only seems mean because he has TONS of work to do and NO time." Loui said.

Louis picked up his cell and called Simon.

"Hey Uncle Si!" he said.

then a pause.

"what do i want? i was wondering if sometime today you could come over and talk about Kasey becoming a famous singer." louis said.

then another pause.

"yes Kasey Aurther." Louis said.

a pause again.

"really? wow, thanks for comming on your day off, many thanks from us all." Louis said.

a pause one more time.

"Thanks Uncle Si, Bye!" Louis said hanging up.

"Today is his day off and he agreed to come and he seems in a good mood so i think we caught him at the perfect time!" Louis said

i jumped up and down.

"i'm going to be famous!" i said.

"when is he coming over?" i asked.

"well, he said he will come after Golfing, so around 9." Louis said.

"it's 7 right now." i said.

"well you better go get ready!" Louis said.

i ran upstairs, i puut on my jeans, (i never wear.) and my 'Keep Calm And Love Dinos Rawr.' Shirt. it was red. i puut on my black toms and i put my hair in a braid. i put a super tiny bit of eyeliner, and maskara. (sorry if i didn't spell that right..)

by the time i was done it was 8:40.

i ran downstairs. i saw all the boys sitting on the couch. there was bairly any room. there was room for 6 people.

the doorbell rang. i answered it.

"Hello." Simon said.

"Hi, i'm Kasey Aurther." i said shaking him hand.

"Would you like to sit down?" i asked.

"sure." Simon said.

he sat down in the empty spot. i stood.

"so this is about Kasey wanting to become famous..?" Simon asked.

"yes." Louis said.

"well sing me something. i usally don't get impressed so i will make you a deal, if you impress me i'll consiter it." Simon said.

"thanks." i said.

"go." simon said.

i never had time to think of a song, so i sand moments By; One Direction.

Everyone clapped after.

"i have to admit, you voice isn't the best i've heard..... but it's good. i think get you a vocal coach and you could sound amazing. " Simon said.

"thanks." i said with a big smile.

"but.." Simon said.

"but..?" i asked.

"i already have too much on my plate right now, i'm already trying to make 3 people famous, and i'm dealing with like 8 other famous people with conserts and stuff, and i have to appear on the X factor, and i have to deal with paperwork. so i cannot sign you, i am terribly sorry, and i hope you get famous, it just can't be from me." simon said.

i was disapointed.

i guess all the boys noticed because niall said;

"what if she joined one direction?"

"what?" me and Simon said at the same time.

"yeah, if she joined one direction then you wouldn't have to deal with anything. just let her appear at conderts, we can make a bunch of new songs forget about the old ones, and in the new songs have kasey, plus it's great publisity." Louis said.

"plus kasey is amazing at singing." liam added.

"and plus it will be fun having her in the band!" harry said.

"i think the fans will love it. most of our fans love her!" zayn said.

"fine fine fine, she can join one direction, only is she can write good songs. because these boys couldn't write a thing and if they did, i fix them up, so she has to write ALL of the songs, and if any of the boys want to put an idea or a song they wrote in, it will have to go through kasey first, understand?" Simon said.

"understood." everyone said.

"well what are you waiting for? upload to the fans that she's in the band!" simon said with a smile.

then simon left. all the boys went on there phones to tweet and post and stuff.

i had 200K followers just for living with the boys and hanging out with them and stuff, so imagine what i will have now?
"Done ." they all said.

i looked on Twitter.


"Harry_Styles: Welcome the new band member from one direction ...... KASEY!"

"Louis_Tomlinson: welcoming my new girlfriend to be in the band one direction! love you babe."

"Niall_Offical: Hey everyone we have a new band member my best friend KASEY AURTHER!"

"Zayn_Malik: Hey Kasey, glad your in one direction, going to be so much fun with you around!"

"Liam_Payne: Hey every1! Kasey is in 1D now!! everyone welcome her!"


"thanks guys." i said.

i looked at how many followers i had.

"wow this morning i had 200K, now i have 4 Million?!" i asked.

"your going to Famous!" zayn said.

"this is going to be awesome!" i said."yeah and we go off brake in about 3 weeks so we need to have inleast a new single by then!" niall said.

"I am going to be living the dream!" i said.



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