Daughter Of The Designer

Kasey's mom has just lost her job. Kasey's mom needs a job to keep the house, buy food, etc. But when Kasey's mom finds a job, Kasey is so happy. she is even Happier when she finds out her mom's new job is the clothes designer of ONE DIRECTION! her favorite boy band.


6. Our Talk.

Kasey's POV.

lou started telling corny jokes, i couldn't help but laugh. my mom came in.

"paul and i are dating." she smiled.

they all clapped.

"kasey can i talk to you?" she asked.

"sure mum." i smiled.

i followed her and brought be into the living room.

"how come you never told me. i've seen them. how come you never told me." my mum asked.

"what?" i asked tring to act like i have no idea what she was talking about.

"kasey." she said.

i looked at my scars.

"i felt like it was the only way to go.." i said.

"kasey.."mum said.

"mum i didn't tell you because i didn't want you to be deisipointed in me." i cried.

"honey, you could have just came an dtalked to me." she said.

"are you dispointed?" i asked.

"no. i'm not. i just didn't want you making the same mistakes as me.." mum said.

"what?" i asked.

she reviled her scars.

"mum." i said.

"they are from when i was about your age." she said.

i hugged her.

"i promise i will tell you EVERYTHING." i said.

"are you hidding anything else from me?" she asked.

"No. it was just that because i was afraid you were going to be disapointed in me." i said.

"ksaye. you a beautiful young girl. i could NEVER, and when i say that i meean it. i could NEVER be disipointed in you. and we are always going to be close, okay?" she said.

"yeah mum." i smiled.

we hugged.

"now let's go home and pack our stuff. better yet, wanna ask the boys if they will help you pack?" mum said.

"yeah." i smiled.

"i love you mum. you are the best mum i could ever ask for. and i mean it. you never get mad, and i feel so comfterable around you." i smiled.

"and your the best daughter ever." my mum said.

"now go ask your 5 boyfriends if they will help you pack." my mum joked.

"mum. besides, liam has a girlfriend, the rest are cute and avalible." i smiled.

"ugh kasey.." my mum said.

"i love harry's curly hair. and i love there accents. excpially nialls." i smiled.

"kasey.." my mums said.

"and zayn, his eyes, are perfect." i said.

"kasey...." my mum said.

"and god louis is so funny, i wish i could talk to him all day." i smiled.

"KASEY!" my mom said.

"yeah mum?" i asked.

she pointed behind me.

i looked back and saw all 5 boys were standing there.

"i don't know about the rest but these beautiful eyes will help you. and they will be waitif in our van." zayn smiled.

i covered my mouth.

"and these curls will too." harry smiled.

he walked off to the van will zayn.

"and this man, is going to help too. if only he didn't have a girlfriend." liam laughed as he walked to th van.

"this accent will always help out." niall laughed and joined them.

i looked at louis.

"and don't worry. i will never run out of jokes." louis said. he went too.

"why ddin't you say something?" i joked to my mum. i walked off to the van.

-skip car ride.-

"my mum said paul will help with her stuff later, we just need to get the stuff from y room." i said.

we walked into my room.

"Okay let's get starte- tahts a lot of us." louis sia.d

i have about 20 one direction posters on my wall.

"we need to pack those." harrys smiled.

"okay, how about we just bring your clothes and stuff like that, and we can move you into our spare room, we have a bed and dresser in there already." zayn said.

"okay. can one of you start packing my clothes?" i asked.

"sure." harry said.

harry went in my drawer.

"i'll go get boxes." laim said.

niall went with him.

louis and zayn started packing my nick-nacks and stuff.

"what is this." harry smiled as he put on of my bras up to his chest.

"HARRY!" i said.

louis and zayn started laughing.

"i'll pack those." i smiled.

-Skip Packing-

we got all the boxes in the van.

we drove back to our new home.

-skip drive, and skip unpacking.-

"it looks good." i smiled.

thanks guys.

i kissed the all on the cheeks. but not liam. i hugged him because i knew he had a girlfriend.

i walked out of my new room.


Louis' POV

"she kissed me on the cheek first! that should mean soemthing!" i said.

"well she kissed me last and she was leaving the best fro LAST!" harry said.

"guys guys, stop fussing, we all know she likes me." niall said.

"nuh-uh, she likes me!" zayn said.

"guys stop fighting!" liam said.

"she likes who she likes, and just accept that!" liam said.

"i don't want this to brake us up, so you guys can have her, plus, demi called, she wanted to get together. i'm going to say yes." niall said as he pulle dout his phone and left the room.

"i'm not giving up." zayn said.

"not me, i'm not a giver-upper!" harrys aid.

"that doesn't make sence.!" i said.

"it makes sence if i WANT it to make sence!" harry said.

"guys. stop fighting over me." kasey said with a big smile.


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