Daughter Of The Designer

Kasey's mom has just lost her job. Kasey's mom needs a job to keep the house, buy food, etc. But when Kasey's mom finds a job, Kasey is so happy. she is even Happier when she finds out her mom's new job is the clothes designer of ONE DIRECTION! her favorite boy band.


46. Opening Presents.

Kasey's POV

i woke up.and i was in my part dress.i got up.and put my hair into a pony tail and got into my jeans and pink shirt. everything seemed a bit off. like my sight, just it's a little fuzy for some reason.

i brushed my teeth and i went downstairs. all the boys were sitting on the couch. i stopped at the bottem of the stairs when Louis looked me in the eyes.

"it's okay, we explained everything to louis." niall said.

"so... what now?" i asked.

"well he said he can overlook the picture if you can overlook that hima nd El were kissing the whole night.

"boo-bear." i said sitting on his lap.

"hey that's my line!" harry said.

we all laughed.

"let's open presents!" i said.

niall and zayn were in charge of giving me presents.

niall gave me one.

i read the tag. from zach effron.

i opened it. it was a neclase. a neclase that had a dimond at the bottem.

"is this real?" i asked.

harry looked at it.

"yup." he said.

"how can you tell?" i asked.

"i just- can." he said.

"lou, can you put it on me?" i asked.

"sure." he said. he put it on me. it was beautiful.

"next!" liam said.

zayn handed me one.

the tag said from Taylor Swift.

"hey it's from taylor!" is aid.

harry rolled his eyes.

i opened it.

it was a white dress. it was beautiful.

"just my size too!" i said.

niall  gave me a gift.

the tag said from ariana.

"she said it was going to be something i would love!" is aid.

i opened it.

it was some pale pink high heals.

"oh my god i love them!" i said.

i looked at the size.

i was a size 8. they were size 8.

"how do people get my sizes right?" ia sked.

"they asked us." liam said.

"oh.." i said.

"did you go into my room to check?" i asked.

"maybe.." harry said.

i laughed.

zayn gave me a gift. from ross lynch.

"it's from ross!" i said.

i opened it.

it was a brand new coach purse!

"wow!" is aid.

"lucky girl." liam said.

"this si making our gifts look bad." zayns aid.

we laughed.

niall handed me another.

from Payon.

"hey it's from payton!" is aid.

i opened it. it was 50 differnt shades of lipstick.

"cool!" i said.

'this is going to take forever. can you guys help me open all of them and just put the cards with the presents and i will see who it's from later?" i asked.

they all said okay.

it took 3 hours but we opened them all and i saw who they were all from and put the stuff away.

then it took 15 minutes to clean up the wraping paper.

"i'm spoiled." i said.

"you deserve it." louis said.

louis hugged me and kissed me.

niall paused and watched but when i looked over at him he looked away and kept walking.

"that was weird." i said.

"oh well." louis said.

" i'm going to call taylor for some girl talk." i said.

"okay." louis said.

i walked up into my room and closed the door behind me.

i called taylor. she picked up on the second ring.

"kasey hey." she said.

"advise?"i asked.

"what?|" she asked.

"me and louis kissed, and niall stopped to watch, but when i looked over at him, he looked away and kept walking." i said.

i sat on my bed.

"maybe he likes you." she said.

"i know he liked me before, but he dated this really nice girl named Neala, bbut niall doesn't knwo if he will ever see her again because tomorrow our break is over." i said.

"wow, we have to skype and talk and text all the time, your going to have so much fun, i know i did when i toured and conserted and stuff for the first time, but it was a little lonley becaus ei did it by myself, no friends." she said.

"but you have the boys with yiu, one, they are fun friends, two, you tour and stuff with 5 boys!" she joked.

i stood up.

"so you think me likes me?" i asked taylor.

"maybe." she said.

"i don't like him like that." is aid.

"then just be friends." she said.

"thats what i thought we were, to me, and to him." i said.

"well i gotta go, i'm working on this album called 'RED' but don't tell anyone okay? not even the boys." she said.

"i promise i wont tell, but only if when your done, you can skype me and sing all the songs to me." i said.

she laughed.

"okay." she said.

"bye." i said.

"bye." she said.

speaking of songs, i have a good idea.

i started writing ideas down.

i heard a knock at my door.

"come in!" i said.

while hidding my song book under my pillow.

louis came in and close the door behind him.

"hey." i said.

"so we are off break tomorrow." louis said.

"yeah, i'm going to miss this house." i said.

"were do you want to stay for our break next year?" he asked.

"uhm, i don't know." is aid.

"well, wanna watch a movie with me and the boys?" louis asked.

"what movie?" i asked.

"summer beach movie." he said.

"is that even out yet?" i asked.

"only to famous people." he sqaid with a laugh.

"doesn't it have Ross Lynch in it?" i asked.

"yeah why?" he asked.

"i call the middle seat." is aid.

racing down the stairs.

"don't worry, louis already made a big deal about you sitting in the middle." zayns aid,

i laughed.

i sat down in the middle.

i had niall to my right, and louis to my left.

we started the movie.

Ross had his shirt off in some of the seans. he had a beautiful 6 pack.

"i'm cold.." is aid.

"here." louis said.

louis took out a giant blanket, it was so big it fit everyone on the couch, and harry, zayn, and liam on the floor.

Louis held my hand again.

then i felt someone hold my hand from my right.

i looked at niall.

he didn't look at me.

i had 2 boys holding my hand.

1. my boyfriend.

2. my best guy friend.

i slowly slide my hand away from niall.

he looked at me.

i shot my eyes towards louis.

then niall looked back at the screen.

i took my hand awy from louis too.

i pulled my knees up and had my arms wraped around them.

once the movie was over i went to my room again.

i had a great song idea.

it was called Torn.

it was about a girl who  was in love with her boyfriend but her best guy friend liked her, and she didn't know what to do.

what i right songs on what happends to me.

then i lyed down on my bed, and i fell asleep.



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