Daughter Of The Designer

Kasey's mom has just lost her job. Kasey's mom needs a job to keep the house, buy food, etc. But when Kasey's mom finds a job, Kasey is so happy. she is even Happier when she finds out her mom's new job is the clothes designer of ONE DIRECTION! her favorite boy band.


65. One Year later.

Kasey's POV

it's been one year since i have seen one direction. i still texted and skyped them, but not for long, and it becomes rare that i even get a 'hey' reply back from them. i don't blame them. they are living their dream. and i am happy for them. i am in England and i thought i would pick up an accent but nope. i still have 2,000 left of what simon gave me. and he promised to get me 10,000 more when i run out. most of the days i have been on twitter, tweeting the boys, seeing if they would reply. i lost a lot of followers. i only have 200K now. and most of them are just following me to hate on me. and then there is the 25% who tell me i'm beautiful and still support me. and i love them. i reply to all of them. i don't do much social interaction. i miss the boys to much. i have thought about cutting, but i thought about my mom every time i thought about it. and the memory of her telling me to stay strong stays in my head. the last time i even got a reply from one of the boys was from Zayn when he texted back 'Hey.' and that was 2 weeks ago. my hair has grown out. it's to my arm pits. my hair grows fast. yeah, the extentions went into the trash. i have made no friends, but mostly because i don't try to socialize i really should. it's my 20th birthday tomorrow. and i'm probably going to spend it alone. by myself. in my appartment. wishing i could even get a reply from the boys. it pains me that even louis hasn't replied. i send him a text everyday. he never replys. i just had lunch. my lunch was a sandwhich. i sat down on my couch. i was in my PJ's still and it is 2pm. my hair was a mess. i turned on the TV. i saw there was an live one direction interview. i clicked it. all the boys look the same. but more muscular. and harry has gotten at least 3 inchs taller. It was the Tanny Turner show.

"I'm Tanny Turner, And this is the TANNY TURNER SHOW! we have a sepcial guest, one direciton!" Tanny said.

''hello.'' they all said.

''so. boys, what have you been up to?" she asked.

''well, our tour ends after this one last consert.'' zayn said.

''were are you staying after?" Tanny asked.

''were our last show is.'' niall said with a smile.

''and were is that?" tanny asked.

''louis do you wanna tell Tanny?" harry said.

''england.'' louis said smiling at the camara. my face turned into a smile.

''when are you going to england?" tanny asked.

''tonight.'' zayn said.

''were are you staying?" Tanny asked.

''were not aloud telling. for the sake of privacy.'' liam said.

''oh, alright.'' Tanny said.

''what time, and were is the consert, and how much are tickets?" Tanny asked.

''well, it's at 10pm tonight, and siince it is our last one for the tour, it's free, and it's at the Jakson park.''zayn said.

jackson park, that's 5 minutes away from here.

''what album are you singing?" she asked.

''well, we are doing a single, we just wrote, we wrote it last night. it's very special to us. '' niall said.

''and that's all we have today, i'm Tanny Turner, and this is the Tanny Turner Show!" Tanny said. then it went to comerical.

i need to go to that consert. one. i need to see them, two, it's free, and three, i need to interact with people. i looked at the time. it was now 2:30. the consert is at 10pm tonight. i looked at myself in the mirror.

"yes i need all 7 and a half hours.'' i said to myself.

i took a shower. then i went into my room. i put on my bra, and underwear. i put on my blue dress. i put on my black toms,. i went into the bathroom. i blow dried my hair. i put perfume on. then i put on makeup. i had on pale pink lipstick, coverup, eyeliner, maskara, and a smokey eye. i curled my hair. it looked perfect. i looked perfect. i walked into the living room. it was now 7. wow i took a long time. i ate some leftover pizza from yesterday and i drank a glass of milk. then i had 2 tic -tacs. i needed to be perfect for the boys. i cleaned up my appartment. by the time i was done it was 9:30. i started walking over to the park. there were already TONS of fans. there was a pu stage in the field. there were 5 mics on it. but they weren't their mics. so i knew they wouldn't be preforming there. i walked up to the park. there was no one there. then i looked on top of the hill. there were the boys mics. all the boys went on the hill. i guess everyone noticed because they ran over there. i walked over. as soon as i got there i saw the boys. they were all wearing black tuxs. none of them noticed me.

''alright. we will be preforming a special song we wrote last night called 'miss you.'" niall said.

the song was about how they miss a beautiful girl.

harry sang first.

then liam.

then niall.

then zayn.

then for the last part was louis.

the words louis sang were: we think your beautiful, and we miss you so much,can't wait to see you, i can't wait to feel your touch, baby your beautiful, and i love you, ooh. i love you so much. yeah i hope you can hear this because i really want you to know, we miss you beautiful.

then the song ended. my eyes were full of tears. i was off to the left side. niall ntoiced me. he smiled at me. then harry noticed, then liam, then zayn, and finally louis. me and louis ran for each other, i ran on stage and paul let me run on because he knew it was me, andme and louis were in the middle of the stage hugging. i was crying.

''that song was about you beautiful.'' he said.

''you don't know how much i missed you.'' i said while crying.

we wipped my tears away. then we kissed. the audance went crazy. i hugged him again.

''i missed you so much.'' i said again.

''i was so worried when you never answered.'' i said.

''we were so busy with planning something.'' louis said.

''planning what?" i asked.

''you'll see.'' louis said.

louis put his arm around me and we all walked down the stairs.

''wait.'' louis said.

''wait what?" i asked.

''i remember, you wrote a song just for yourself. i want you to sing it.'' louis said.

''you mean my song 'beautiful is you?'" i asked.

''yes.'' he said.

''but this is your-''

''please, for me.'' louis said.

''alright.'' i said.

i walked onto the stage. i used louis mic. it was in the middle. paul took of the other ones. half the croud 'booed' and the other half cheered when i came on stage.

"thank you so much for the people who love and support me, i love you guys so much. louis wanted me to sing my song 'beautiful is you.' i have never preformed it before. and i don't have music so i'm going it a cappella." i said.

i sang my song. it was about how everyone is beautiful, no matter what shape or size you are.

after the song, 90% cheered. and the other 10% booed. but i didn't care.

i walked off atge.

''you were amazing.'' all the boys said.

''thanks.'' i siad.

i hugged them all. when i hugged zayn i paused for a moment.

''no i still don't like you, go be with louis now.'' zayn said.

''thank you zayn.'' i said.

i ran to louis and i hugged him.

''i really missed you guys.'' i said.

we all group hugged.

all the fans cheered 'one direction.' the guys looked at me.

''go a head and talk to your fans, i'll be fine.'' i said.

the boys went into the croud.

i sat down at the bottem of the hill. a group of people came up to me. like a big group it must have had 100 people in it.

''we love you Kasey.'' they all cheered.

i started to cry. i hugged all of them to show them how much i care.

''thank you guys so much, i love you guys, when everyone hated me, you all were there. i love you guys.'' i said.

''i love you too.'' a man said. he came up to me. it was Devan.

''Devan!" i said.

i hugged him.

''what are you doing here?" i asked.

''crazy enough, i like one direction, i don't like like them, i mean i like their music-'' devan said.

''i know what you mean.'' i said.

all the  fans went to talk to the boys. it was just me and Devan.

''so kasey, i have been meaning to ask you. will you be my girlfriend?" devan asked.

"i'm sorry, but i like louis.. devan your really sweet and all-"

i got cut off by a blonde girl came up and said to devan "come on babe, i miss you.''

''i take that back." i said.

"kasey i-"

"he just asked me out.'' i said to the blonde.

she slapped him and walked away.

 louis walked over.

i slapped Devan.

paul took Devan away.

''woo, what did he do?" louis asked.

''he was a old friend. but he asked me out. i said no ebcause i like you louis, and then his GIRLFRIEND came up. i told her that he asked me out and she slapped him, and i slapped him, and now paul's dealing with him.'' i said.

''Kasey, i don't like you." louis said.

"what?" i said.

"i love you." he said.

thats the first time he said that he loved me.

"i love you too." i said.

then me and louis kissed. fireworks went off. litterly, they were doing fireworks.

''talk about fireworks.'' i said with a smile.

''that must be a sign we are ment to be." louis said.

''i think that sign is correct.'' i said.

me and louis hugged. then all of a sudden, Neala and Ashley show up.

"Neala? Ashley?" i say.

"yes!" they said.

Neala went and kissed Niall, and Ashley went and kissed Harry. Harry never did cheat again, we wasn't a player. he really must do love Ashley. then Danni came.

"okay this must be the movies because everyone is showing up.'' i said with a smile.

Danni went and kissed Liam.

i looked at Zayn. he stood there alone.

"i'll be right back.'' i said to louis. i went to a pretty girl.

''do you like zayn malik?" i asked.

"yes!" she said.

''do me a favor and go up to him and kiss him.'' i said.

''okay!" she said.

i went back to louis.

then girl ran to Zayn and kissed him.

''and now everyones happy.'' i said with a smile.

louis kissed me.

''harry, now should we show her the thing that took up all our time to plan?" louis called to harry.

''i think we should.'' harry said with a smile.

''what is it?" i asked.

louis put a blondfold on me. i could'nt see.

''were are you taking me?" i asked.

''you'll see.'' louis said.

''is it jus you and me louis?" i asked.

''nope everyone is following.'' louis said.

we walked for a while then louis told me to watch my step. th he told everyone to stand a side. the he placed me on one spot.

"3...2...1....." louis said.

then he took off my blindfold.

infront of me was a GIANT board of every picture i took with the boys on it. and there were little note everywere on it. and there were my favorite things on it.

"oh my god!" i said.

''suprise.'' louis said.

''all of us did it.'' louis said.

''oh my god guys thank you so much!" i said.

"what do the notes say, there must a billion of them!" i said.

"every dream, or thought, we had about you, every single one, even it it was embaracing, we wrote down and put them on here, and some of the notes are things we wanted to say to you on tour, basicly anything about you from us, we wrote down, and we stuck on here." louis said.

"oh my god, i love it so, so much!" i said.

i read some notes aloud.

"i think about you every second of my life. i really do, every song i sing, i'm thinking about you.- Louis" i read

"i once had a dream that for revenge for cutting her hair, kasey was going to shave my head bald, i thought it was real, even though i dreamet it on tour when she was gone.- Harry" i read. i laughed at that one. harry's face went red.

"most of the time when i'm just looking off into space, not talking to anyone, i'm thinking about all the fun times we have had. -Niall" i read.

"so thats what your thinking of, he day dreams a lot." liam said.

"i never get scared. the first time i got scared was when i had a dream that when we came back from tour, kasey never wanted to see me again, and that she hated me. i got scared thinking that the dream was real.- Zayn" i read.

"Kasey is such a fun person i really wish she could be here with us, i miss her so much, it's not even funny.-Liam" i read.

aww, i'm going to read every single one of these, but no right now because i nee to give you all hugs. i hugged all the boys, and Neala, Ashley, and Danni. then i kissed louis.

i am so glad they are back. i really did miss them SO much.


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