Daughter Of The Designer

Kasey's mom has just lost her job. Kasey's mom needs a job to keep the house, buy food, etc. But when Kasey's mom finds a job, Kasey is so happy. she is even Happier when she finds out her mom's new job is the clothes designer of ONE DIRECTION! her favorite boy band.


34. No Buts, No Cuts, No..... Cocanuts?

Kasey's POV

i woke up the next morning remembering what happend yesterday. with naill and Neala and stuff.

i walked downstairs in my PJ's. i heard El and Lou talking in the kitchen. i heard my name being said so i hid behind the wall and listened. why do i always have to easdrop?

"are you sure you still don't like Kasey?" i could hear a female voice say. El.

"yes i'm sure, your the only one i want." lou said.

"mmmm." el said.

"what you don't belive me?" louis said.

"well you had a crush on her before and you suddenly just stopped...? there has to either be a reason that your stopped liking her or you still like her!" El said.

"well i know i can never be with her, it seems like she wants to be with everyone but me. she liked zayn,and now she likes Liam. her boyfriend." Louis said.

"well so do you still like her?" el said.

"yes but i like you more." louis said.

"how can i be so sure?" el said.

"because i like you. el, i was crushed when i THOUGHT you kissed jake, and then you moved to Turkey. i thought you were trying to avoid me. i missed you." louis said.

"i missed you too." el said.

i ran into the living room and sat down on the ouch and turned on the TV.

el and louis came in.

"oh hey Kasey!" el said.

"hey." i said.

"well i have a photoshoot in 2 hours so i gatta go bye guys!" she said walking out the door.

"oh and Kasey, next time you easedrop, make sure you have your hair in a bun or somthing. i could see it flying around." louis said with a smile.

"thats what i get for having a fan behind me!" i said.

Liam came downstairs.

"ehllo beautiful." he said sitting down beside me and putting his arm around me. i looked at the clock. it was 10.

"were's niall?'' i asked.

"he's hanging out with Neala." louis said.

harry and zayn came downstairs.

they looked half alseep.

"watch this." i wispered to louis and liam.

i made my phone do a load 'BEEP!' noise. harry and zayn jumped then they looked fully awake.

"your welcome." i laughed.

"HEY!" they both said.

they both mummbled something and went back upstairs.

"grumpy heads." i said.

"well i'm going to have breakfust." louis said.

"me too, want anything babe?" liam asked me.

"no thanks, i'm going to get dressed." i said.

i walked upstairs and i heard my name again..

i looked were it came from. harry's room. he was on the phone. i hide behind the wall. why do i easedrop so much?
"yes Nora, Kasey does live with us." harry said.

then a pause.

"look she's not all that bad." harry said.

a pause again.

"sometimes she can act really annoying and she can get on your nerves a lot, but she's not that bad." harry said.

"was i really annoying and i get on peoples nerves?
i ran downstairs. i was now crying,i cry over the littlest things.

i ran past louis  i don't think he noticed me.liam wasn't with louis. i ran into the closet.

i was thinking about making another cut. but then i remember what Louis said when i first met him.

'if you even think about making another one of these, call me.'

i got out my phone. i called him.

"hello." louis said.

i cried into the phone.

"kasey what's the matter?" louis asked.

"you said call if i even thought about making another cut." i said into the phone between tears.

"okay." louis said.

he hung up.

then 2 seconds later the closet door opened. there stood louis.

"how did you find me?" i asked.

"this is were you came when you first got really upset." louis said.

he sat down beside me closed the door and put his arm around me.

"now do you want to tell me what happend?" louis asked.

"i was going upstairs to get dressed and i hear harry say my name. he was on the phone. so i listened, because istart to wonder, anyways, then he called me annoying and said i get on people's nerves." i said.

"i know i cry over the smallest things." i said.

"no you don't Kasey words can hurt. and you need to tell harry that. " louis said.

i looked at my old scars.

"whenever you feel like doing this again, remember what louis told you. 'No buts, No Cuts, no cocanuts." he said.

"cocanuts?" i laughed.

"did you make any yet?" louis asked.

i shook my head no.

"good." louis said.

Louis sang me little things.

"remember we love you kasey- i love you." louis said

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