Daughter Of The Designer

Kasey's mom has just lost her job. Kasey's mom needs a job to keep the house, buy food, etc. But when Kasey's mom finds a job, Kasey is so happy. she is even Happier when she finds out her mom's new job is the clothes designer of ONE DIRECTION! her favorite boy band.



Zayn's POV.

i can't wait for mine and louis' plan to come in action. i know this plan will work, harry, his reputaion, let's just say, if he finds a girl he likes better, bye bye to his girlfriend. so we need a model. or someone like that..

"louis, we need a model to convince harry." i wispered to louis.

"who can we get..." louis said.

we arrived at nandos.

"WERE AT NANDOS!" louis screamed.


Kasey's POV.

oh god, am i starting to fall for harry? i thought i liked louis, why is this so hard?

were at nando's anyways.

"i call sitting next to Kasey." harry says with a smerk.

"i don't care were i sit, as long as i'm not paying!" niall said.

"who is paying?" i asked.

everyone said "NOT ME!" at the same time.

"kasey you said it last." liam said.

"really? come on!" i said.

"whats so bad about paying?" liam said.

"knowing niall he will order like 69 plates of food! you do that math." i smiled.

"it's true." niall smiled.

"it's okay kasey, i got this one." harry smiled.

"no harry it's okay i can pay, i said it last." i said.

"no it's fine." harry said.

"harry, no. i don't need someone doing my work for me." i said.

"kasey it's fine." harry said.

"harry i said no. i don't like it when others go out of their way for me. i said it last i have to pay, it's fair." i said.

everyone got out of the van.

"i was just trying to be nice, you don't nee to snap at me." harry mummbled.

"um exuse me? just because you mummble it doesn't mean i can't hear it.

harry's being so jerkish.


Louis' POV.

i looked at zayn he was looking at me.

"our plan is off. we don't need it." i smiled.

''i know. harry has known her for 2 days and she's already mad at him." zayn wispered back.

"what did he mummmble anyways?" i asked.

"i'm guessing harry is'nt sitting besie kasey anymore?" niall smiled.


we all went into nandos.

we all ate, i told jokes, everyone laughed. exept for harry. he was quite the whole time.

-skip drive back.-

Kasey's POV.

we walked in the door.

"hey paul were back!" louis screamed.

no answer.

"Mom i need to talk to you!" i screamed.

no answer.

"were are they?" i asked the boys.

"well they never came back from your house. well your old house." zayn smiled.

"thats it. i'm calling my mom." i said.

i grabbed my phone off the table. i haven't touched it since Donnie texted me.

i had 7 a missed calls.

From the hospital.


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