Daughter Of The Designer

Kasey's mom has just lost her job. Kasey's mom needs a job to keep the house, buy food, etc. But when Kasey's mom finds a job, Kasey is so happy. she is even Happier when she finds out her mom's new job is the clothes designer of ONE DIRECTION! her favorite boy band.


11. Monday.

I woke up. i looked at the clock it was 7. school started in an hour.

i got dressed and ran downstairs.

Louis was up.

"bye i'm going to school." i said.

"isn't that a long walk?" he asked.

"yes." is aid.

"would you like me to drive you?" he offered.

"yes please.' i said.

he drove me.

"text me if donnie does or says anything. okay?" he said.

"okay." i said.

"cheer up.''he smiled.

"bye." i said with a small smile.

i walked to the back of the school. i saw lori she was sitting by herself.

"KASEY!" she said.

she hugged me.

"how are you taking the brakeup?" i asked her.

"not so well." she said. she sniffled.

"it's okay.." i said.

"why are you upset?" she asked.

"how can you tell?" i asked.

"kase, your my best friend. i know when your upset." she said.

"okay.." i sighed.

"now what's up?" she asked.

"my mom.." i sad.

i couldn't say anything else. i ways already crying my eyes out.

she hugged me.

"your mum what?" she asked.

"my-my- mom, she-she p-p-passed away." i cried.

lori looked at me.

"oh, Kasey." she said.

the bell rang.

"call me if you need anything." she said.

"were are you going to be?" i asked.

"'m helping out at Pets, and Pops." she said.

'oh, okay." i said.

she hugged me and she left.

i was walking to class intill i ran into Donnie.

"watch it!" he said.

"sorry.." i sniffled.

"whats the princess crying over now, one of the diva's not give you lobster?" he laughed.

i was always so quite. i always n=took what he said. i never responded. i always just went along with it. but this time, it was different.

i shoved him. HARD. he flew into the brick wall.

"you don't know what i'm going threw. you don't knwo me at all. i'm sick of this bull crap. they are not divas, and no, i'm not a princess, i'm nowere close to perfect. you need to shut your trap. don't ever joke, or even TALK to me EVER, again. if you do, oh don't even go there. i hate people like you. i hate you in general. so just leave me alone." i snapped.

"i'm not scared of you." he said.

i shoved him again.

"what is going on here?" a teacher said.

"she just came up to me and attacked me." donnie lied.

"that's NOT how it went AT ALL!" i protested.

"kasey aurther, office NOW!" the teacher said.

i let go of Donnie and picked up my stuff and went to the office. the princiable came in.

"kasey aurther." she said.

"yes?" i asked holding in tears.

"what were you thinking?" she asked.

"do you wanna knwo what i was thinking? i was thinking i wanted the bulling to stop. i was thinking, i was was tired of the jokes, the laugher, all that crap. i was thinking, i had a ruff day yesterday and Donnie's comment didn't make it any better. i was thinking, i needed to stand up for once, i was THINKING that Donnie was going to get it. i was thinking, i want my mommy back." i said.

i cried hard.

"Kasey Aurther, you have a suspention, as a matter of fact, since you only have 2 more weeks here, you might as well stay home for them. you are not aloud on this school property for the next 2 weeks. you may leave now." the princible said.

i grabbed my stuff and went onto the sidewalk. i cried, a lot.

i can't just cry here the whole time.

i called louis.

"what happend?'' he said into the phone.

"you wanna know what happend?" i asked.

"yes.'' he said.

"i finally stood up for myself, and i have a suspencion for the last 2 weeks of school. i'm finished high school." i said.

"kasey what did you do?" he asked.

"i shoved him into a wall and stood up for myself, and you guys." i said.

"were are you?" louis asked.

"in front of the school, on the sidewalk." i said.

"i'm coming to get you." he said.

"okay." i said.

i waited there.

a black truck came up to me. but it wasn't louis.


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