Daughter Of The Designer

Kasey's mom has just lost her job. Kasey's mom needs a job to keep the house, buy food, etc. But when Kasey's mom finds a job, Kasey is so happy. she is even Happier when she finds out her mom's new job is the clothes designer of ONE DIRECTION! her favorite boy band.


5. Meeting One Direction.

Kasey's POV.

"are we there yet?" i asked for the millionth time.

"Kasey, you have asked me that a million times. and i can finally say, WE ARE!" my mom said.

i can't belive it. they are my favorite boy band! okay, i can't fangirl or else they will think i'm a crazed fan. okay. be calm Kasey.

we got out of the car. thye had a beautiful house.

"they all live here?" i asked my mum.

"yes, and paul." she smiled.

"do you have a thing... for paul?" i asked.

"let's just say i might be open to dating again." my mom smiled.

we knocked on the door. Paul answered.

"ahh, Lillian, you said you were coming with your daughter, she is quite beautiful, just like you." Paul said.

"Thanks Paul." my mum said.

we walked in. all the boys were fighting on the couch.

"BOYS! this is Lillian's daughter.." paul said.

harry's head poped up.

"and she is 19." Paul said.

the rest of the heads poped up.

"hello." harry said as he walked over.

the rest followed.

"hi." the rest of the boys said at the same time.

"hi." i said trying to contain my fangirlness.

"well you kids have fun. i would like to show paul m designs. he said he would like to see them." my mom said walking into her office with Paul following.

"would you like to come sit down?" niall asked.

god his accent is so cute.

okay i can't contai my fangirlness anymore.

"do you guys have a bathroom?" i asked.

"no we go in the yard." louis said with a smile.

"down the hall." liam said.

"thanks." i replid as i walked into the bathroom.

i let out all my fangirlness.

"Omg!!" i said.


Harry's POV.

"you ate my pancakes?!" i yelled at zayn.

"i was hungry!" he replid.

i tackled him on the couch. the other boys just joined in. we were all tackling each other. then i heard a knock at the door. paul answered in. then came in our new fashion designer, and a beautiful young lady.

they both walked in.

"BOYS!" paul yelled at us.

we didn't listen.

"this is lillian's daughter." paul said.

my head came up. she was talking about her daughter.

then i walked up.

"hi." i smiled with my famous hair flip.

the rest of the boys came too.

"hi." they said.

she looked nervous.

"do you have a bathroom?" she asked.

"no we go in the yard." louis said.

i elbowed him in the rib.

"down the hall." liam said.

she left.

"who else agree's she's beautiful and they want to get to know her better?" i aksed.

all there hands shot up.

Liam, i thought you said you were never over danni?" i asked.

'i might date again." he smiled.

"and zayn?" i asked.

"perrie and i broke up 2 months ago so.." he said.

"and Lou?" i asked.

"El broke up with me because she was moving too Turky." Lou said.

i muttered under my breath. all the other boys wanted her too..

she came back.


Kasey's POV

"okay, calm down kasey." i thought to myself.

i think i'm good.

i flushed the toliet so the boys didn't think i left anything there.

i washed my hands because, i don't know.

i walked out and i saw the boys fighting.

"whats the fight about?" i asked.

the all paused then the turned to me.

"nothing for you to worry about." Harry said gently.

"okay.." i said.

i sat down on the couch. it was a couch for 3 and there were 2 arm chairs.

i sat in the middle of the couch. all the boys came racing towards me. then harry and lou sat beside me. niall and liam mummbled something and sat in the armchairs.

"were am i going to sit?" zayn asked.

"here i'll get up." i offered.

"no it's okay. zayn can stand." louis said.

"no no it's fine." i said standing up.

"it's okay, you can sit, you are the pretty guest." zayn smiled.

zayn sat on the floor.

"okay.." i said as i sat back down.

all the boys staired at me.

"what? do i have something on my face?" i asked putting my hands over my mouth.

"nono. it's just.." liam said as he sighed.

they all said 'Beautiful.' at the same time.

"thanks you guys are sweet, but you don't have to lie. i know i'm not that good. i have frizzy hair, and i'm not that skinny, and no one cares.." i said as a tear came from my eyes.

"you are perfect to me." harry said as he put an arm around me.

"i'm sorry, i usally don't cry..." i said.

"in front of people.." i mummbled.

Louis put his hand on my arm casually. she made a confused face and turned my arm over. he looked at my scars.

"what are these?" louis said.

all the boys came closer and sat around me.

"please don't tell my mum, she will be heart broken. and plus, these are old." i said.

"how old?" niall asked.

"about a mounth old." i said with a desipionted again.

"were's your phone?" louis asked.

"what why?" i asked.

"i'm putting my number in." louis said.

"why?" i asked.

"next time you even think about doing more of these, call me." louis said.

the rest of the boys put their numbers in my iphone.

i looked.

the contacts were.


Dj Malik

Irish Hamburger



i smiled.

i changed them all to their names exept liams. he was the only one who put his NAME.

liam was on his phone. it ringed.

"it's danni." he said.

"answer it!" niall said.

liam went into a different room.

we all watched sopngebob.

liam came back in.

"me and danni are back together." liam smiled.


Harry's POV

liam's back together with Danni, awesome, one less person to convince not to go for Kasey.

i texted liam.

you don't like Kasey-Hazza

I do, but danni, she's amazing and were back together.-liam


i put down my phone.

i looked at Kasey. she was laughing at louis' joke. god her laugh is cute.

"then harry woke up and started crying, his hair was straight." lou said.

she laughed.

"LOU!" i said.

'what?" he smiled.

"did you know lou sleeps with a teddy bear?" i smiled.

"he does?" kasey asked.

she laughed some more.

Lou looked angrey.

soon enough we were embarrsing each other in front of Kasey.

"mates, let's hear more about kasey." niall smiled.

"what would you like to know?" kasey asked.

"do you still go to school?" niall asked.

"one more month then i go to collage..." she said.

"what are you going to do after, like career wise?" liam asked.

"well, I WANT to be a famous singer.." she said.

"sing us something." lou said.

"now?" she asked.

"she's right. not now or here." i smiled

i pulled her into our recording studio.

"really?" she smiled.

the boys came in.

"yeah! and we can burn it into aa CD!" zayn said.

"uhmm okay?" she smiled

she went in and put on the headphones.

she sand Demi lovato's song 'Warrior.'

"this is a storey i've never told,

i gotta get this off my cheast to let it go,

i need to take back the light inside you stole,

your a criminal,

and you steal like a pro.

all the pain and truth,

i wear like a battle wound,

shhe ashamed so confused,

i was broken and brusied." she began.

she was a beautiful singer. she sang the rest of the song.

she came out.

"we got it on a CD!" zayn said holding it.

"zayn!" she smiled.

"you are a beautiful singer by the way." me and lou said at the same time.

we looked at each other.

"why did you choose this song to sing?" liam asked.

"it's very specail to me, because i can connect with it.." she said.

"oh yeah.." liam said.

"why did you start anyways?" niall asked.

"i don't want to talk about it." she said.

"okay." louis said.

"but if you want to talk, i'm here." i said.

"thanks." she said.

Louis shot me a dirty look.

Kasey started crying.

"what's wrong?" i asked.

"i don't want to go back to school." she sniffled.

"why?" louis asked.

"because Donnie's at school.." she said.

"who is donnie?" zayn asked while clunching his fists.

"well, she's my best friend's boyfriend, and he bullys me, but i say if he does i will tell lori, my best friend.." she began.

"so doesn't that mean he will stop?" niall asked.

"no. he will find a loop whole. he always does." she said.

i hugged her.

"it's okay." i said.

"isn't Donnie a girl's name?" lou asked.

kasey laughed

louis smiled.


Kasey's POV.

all the boys are so nice, they are making me feel welcome, like i can trust them. i wish i coulc stay here with them insted of school..

"do you like us?' liam asked.

"what do you mean?" i asked.

"i mean, do you hate us, do you like us, not in that way, btu do you consiter us friends?" liam asked.

"yeah.." i sniffles again.

"well. maybe we can offer your mom a job were she lives here, and you can live here too." liam said.

i looked at liam and gave him a 'thank you.' look.

"that would be perfect." she smiled.

"well i'll ask paul." laim said.

liam walked out.

"what school do you go to?" zayn asked.

"Glenwood why?" i said.

"I don't like that donnie kid.." zayn said.

"no zayn don't do anything. that will just give him more reasons to pick on me.." i said.

"okay...'' zayns and he mummbled something else.

we all talked.

liam came back in.

"Paul said yes, and so did you mom!" liam said.

"omg!!" i said.

i ran up and hugged liam.

the rest of the boys shot liam dirty looks.

"i'm going to talk to my mom." i said.i ran out of the room. i went into my mom's office.

"mom!" i smiled.

"i knew you would be happy." she said.

i hugged her.

"did i mention your the best mom in the world?!" i asked.

"just no funny business." my mom smiled.

"mom!" i said.

"uhm." paul coughed.

"sorry." i said.

"don't be." she smiled.

i hugged Paul. at first he just stood there and he looked at my mom, and he hugged my back.

"thank you. the boys make me feel special. it makes me forget all about the bullys." i smiled.

"bullys?" he asked.

"yeah.." i said as i ran out back to the boys.


Lillian's POV (kasey's mom)

Kasey just ran out.

"bullys?" paul asked.

"yes." i said.

"did you see the scars on her arms.." paul asked.

"uhh. yes. she's had them for a while. she still hasen't told me. i'm not saying anything untill she tells me. why wont she tell me?" i asked.

"maybe she's afraid you will be disapionted in her." paul said.

"i'm a little disapointed, but not in her. i just didn't want her making the same mistakes i did.." i said showing my scars to paul.

he looked at me.

"why?" he asked.

"dont' worry about me. this was a LONG time ago."  i said.

"well. i know this is a little weired because i'm a grown man, but ever since you became the boys designer, i felt a little spark, Lillian Aurther, will you go out with me?" paul asked.

"yes." i smiled.

"i'm going to tell Kasey." i said.

"why right away?" he asked.

"we tell each ther everything. plus i need to have a little talk with her." i said.

i walked into the recording studio. to find kasey. she was talking with the boys.

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