Daughter Of The Designer

Kasey's mom has just lost her job. Kasey's mom needs a job to keep the house, buy food, etc. But when Kasey's mom finds a job, Kasey is so happy. she is even Happier when she finds out her mom's new job is the clothes designer of ONE DIRECTION! her favorite boy band.


55. Maybe Fate Doesn't Want Us Together.

Kasey's POV

"pssst Louis wake up." i said.

"yes?" he mummbled.

"time to get harry back." i said.

"what?" he asked.

"he sent that message to ross, so we get revenge, let's straighten his hair." i said.

"okay!" louis said shooting up out of bed.

"can you get my weelchair?" i asked.

'sure honey." he said.

he got in it and i sat in it, i got my straighter and we straighted his hair in his sleep. then we went back and fell asleep.

at 10am we heard a scream. probably harry." i said.

i sat in my weelchair and got louis to push me into the living room.

everyone sat down on the couch. but not me. i sat in my weelchair.

"WHO DID THIS?" harry said sanding in front of the TV

"Me, revenge is a pain isn't it harry?" i said with a smile.

"i'll get you back Kasey, I WILL!" harry said.

"what are you ganna do, if you straghten my hair for me it would just do me good." i said.

Louis Laughed.

"whatever." i said.

I got a call on my phone.

"hello." i said.

"Kasey, it's Dr. Mark. Your ancle cast can come off now, now that we have looked at your bone X-Rae, It's not spraigned or broken, sorry for the trouble, looks like a pain just came to your ancle. to say were sorry, we are not  charging you for taking the cast off, your leg and arm when t comes the time." Dr. Mark said.

"REALLY?"i asked.
"yes." he said.

i hung up the phone, get me to the hospital, i'm getting my ancle cast off." i said.

i explained why. the boys said okay.

-Skip Getting The Cast Off-

we got home. "finally i can WALK.'' i said with a laugh.

"you jus can't use your right arm." zayn said.

"anyone else find it weird that they said it was broken, and then turns out it was just a REALLY bad pain?" i said.

"very weird." liam said.

i went into mine and Louis' room. i sat down on the bed. i fell asleep.

-Skip sleep.-

i woke up. it was 3pm. i went into the bathroom. my hair that use to got down to my butt, is now so short it's on my head, litterly, it looks like Emma Watson's Hair.

i screamed.

i heard a laugh come from the living room. i ran into the living room. it was harry.


"REVENGE!" he said.

"i straightened your hair, it will go back curly tomorrow, meanwhile my hair will take YEARS to grow back to the length i had it!" i yelled.

the rest of the boys came into the living room.

"kasey you got a haircut." louis said.

"yes she did." harry said.

"but not from a hairdresser!" i yelled.

"what?" louis said.

"harry cut my hair in my sleep, it's now SUPER SHORT!" i said.

"did he really?" niall said.

"YES!" i said charging at harry.

Louis held me back.


Neala came into our house.

"what's with all the- KASEY WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR HAIR IT'S SO SHORT!" Neala said.

"HARRY HAPPENED TO IT!" struggling to get away from louis' arms, but he was too strong.

"HARRY YOU CAN'T DO THAT TO A GIRL!" neala yelled.

ashley came in.

"hey Kasey i lik your new hairstyle!" she said.

"HARRY CUT IT IN MY SLEEP!" i yelled again.

"Kasey calm down." niall said.

"i can't calm down, i can't calm DOWN!"  yelled.

"it's just hair!" zayn said.

"NO IT'S NOT JUST HAIR!" i yelled.

"kasey!" liam said.

"i'm going for a walk." i said.

i ran out the door. i started walking. i sat down on a bench. a lady came up to me.

"you should fire your hairstylest, last time i saw that hair cut, it was on my brother!" she said walking away.

i ran. i sat down on a hill. 2 teenage girls came up to me.

"are your Kasey Aurther?" one asked.

"yes." i said.

"omg!" the other girl said.

"what happened to your hair?" the first one asked.

"well, arry cut it in my sleep." i said.

"what a jerk." the other girl said.

"what's your names?" i asked.

"i'm Trish." the first one said.

"i'm Rinda." the other said.

"well hello Trish and Rinda."i said.

those two girls looked about 10 years old.

"can we have picture?" Trish asked.

"i really don't want anyone seeing my hair like this, but i guess the world will find out sometime." i said.

Rinda took a pic with her blackberry.

"i'm going to post it on twitter." she said.

the other girl looked a her phone.

"rinda said 'Hanging out with THE Kasey Aurther, love her new hair cut!" Trish said.

"thanks girls." i said.

"no thak you." trish said.

both of the girls ran away. i walked back to the house.

i bumped into someone on the way. it was Zayn.

"oh hey zayn." i said.

we sat down on the bench.

"sorry about harry." he said.

"it's okay." i said.

"i think it looks nice on you." he said.

"well i think it makes my head look big." i said.

"no it doesn't." Zayn said.

"wanna walk back?" zayn asked.

"sure." i said.

-Skip Walk-

we got inside.

"Kasey can i talk to you?" harry said.

"sure." i said.

"privatly?" he asked.

"fine." i said.

we walked into the kitchen. we Made Niall leave.

"look Kasey, i'm really sorry, i thought it was just fun and games, but i took it too far." harry said.

"wow that's really big of you harry to say sorry." i said.

"yes." he said.

harry moved closer. we were inches apart. then he kissed me. i kissed back, for just a moment and then pulled away.

"i'm sorry." harry said.

"uhm.. louis and Ashley don't need to know about this." harrys aid.

"i'm sorry too, i don't know what i was thinking.." i said.

"so we don't tell them?" i said.

"agreed.' harry said.

"too late." Louis and Ashley said at the same time.

i looked over.
"louis -"


"save it.' Ashley said Leaving with Neala.

"louis-' i said again.

"kasey how could you." he said.

"louis, please i-"

"kasey." he said.

"louis please, i don't know what i was thinking." i said.

"louis mate, don't be mad at her." harry said.

"i thought you didn't like her Harry." louis said.


"no harry. you just broke Ashley's Heart." he said.

harry went running after Ashley.

"louis." i said.

"kasey why?" he said.

"louis, i wish i could tell you. i think i just got caught up in the moment." i said.

"kasey." he said.

"louis, i promise it wont happen again i swear.." i said

"Kasey i think we should brake up, we keep having fights, and about Ross, and now harry?" he said.

"louis" i said with tears in my eyes.

"Kasey. please forgive me, and i hope we can be friends, i think that fate just doesn't want us together." he said.

"alright." i said wiping away my tears.

"can i hug you?" i asked.

"sure." he said.

i hugged him.

"goodbye Kasey." he said.

"bye Louis." i said.

i went into the living room. i wiped away my tears.

"what are we watching?" i asked.

"toy story." liam said.

"can i watch?" i asked.

"sure." niall said.

i sat down. so did louis, i basicly looked at louis the whole time. maybe fate doesn't want us together.


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