Daughter Of The Designer

Kasey's mom has just lost her job. Kasey's mom needs a job to keep the house, buy food, etc. But when Kasey's mom finds a job, Kasey is so happy. she is even Happier when she finds out her mom's new job is the clothes designer of ONE DIRECTION! her favorite boy band.


52. Lunch with The Girls

Kasey's POV

i woke up. Louis was gone. i picked up my crutches and went into the living room. him and harry were fighting. i hid behind the wall.

"harry, Ashley is going to be mad at you if you keep this 'player' reputation up." i heard Louis say.

"i know." harry said.

"you know? seriusly? are you sure? how many women did you look at on your date?"



"i don't know!"

"well you need to stop!"

"alright alright!"

i heard footsteps behind me. then someone touched my shoulder.

i screamed.

it was Niall.

louis and harry acem over.

"niall you scared me!" i said.

"i was just wondering why you were easedropping." niall said.

"i wasn't-"

"cut the crap Kasey we saw you." harry said.

i looked down.

"well, sorry for wanting to know why you guys were fighting!"

"we wern't-"


"fine, Louis says i need to stop being a player but i am, i mean, i'm trying."

"harry, it's not that hard."

"how do you know?"

'' how hard can it be?"

''very appearntly." niall said.

i laughed.

"well, i've changed, for the better." harry said.

"you better, ashley's a nice girl." Niall said.

"do you like her?" harry said.

" no no, you know i like Neala i just said she was nice! i say Liam's nice, you don't see me liking him!" niall said.

i laughed.

"see, she gets it!" niall said with a smile.

"well, we should invite Jen, Neala and Ashley over for lunch!" i said.

"okay, i'll invite them over for 12." harrys aid.

"that's in 2 hours!" is aid.

"yes and?"

"a girl needs to look pretty." i said.

i ran into mine and Louis' room. i put on my black jeans, even though they are un- comfy. then i put on my green 'I Love Cookies' top. i put on my black toms. then i brushed my teeth. i brushed my hair, then i put it in a pony tail. i put on a little maskara, and light pink lips stick. i looked at the time, it was 11:30. i went into the living room. the dining room table was clean and it had 9 plates on it.

"they said yes." niall said.

"you look beautiful" Louis said.

i hugged him.

"Thanks." i said with a smile.

"i like your smile." louis said.

"thanks." i said again.

"I CALL SITTING BESIDE KASEY!" louis screamed. i laughed.

"I CALL SITTING ON THE OTHER SIDE OF KASEY!" i heard a voise come from the door. it was Neala.

i ran to her and hugged her.

"sorry were early." neala said.

"no need to say sorry." i said.

we all sat down at the table. harry made rice and chicken.

"sorry, but i'm a vegatarian." Ashley said.

"thats why you didn't order any meat." harrys aid with a smile.

"i'll just eat the rice." she said.

we all ate. afterwards we alls at down on the couch and chairs.

my phone dinged.

i picked it up. louis looked at my phone too. it was a message from ross. it said 'i miss you.'

louis looked at me with sad eyes.

"louis i'm not cheating i swear, me and ross are just friends." i said.

"just friends?" louis looked at me.

"do you think your just friends, does he think that?"

"i think he might like me-"
"do you like him?"


"do you like him?"

"he was my celeb crush if that means anything?"

"would you date him?"

i looked at niall. i remember when he asked me if i liked ross.

i stayed silent.

"would you?"

"louis i'm with you."

"if we weren't a thing."

"i like you louis."

"i'm just hoping you don't say the same thing to ross."

"do you not belive me?"
"i'm not sure i do.


"we just got back together."

"yes and?"

'and i like you louis, not ross you."

"okay. i guess i belive you."

"you guess?"

"i-i- do."

"do you really like him?"

"as a friend, louis i'm being honest, i liked him a bit before but i don't now, i swear."


"cat fight." harry said.

"harry!" Ashey said.

"sorry babe." harry said.

"harry, we wern't fighting, just a misunderstanding." i said.

"sure." harry said.

"alright that's enough stop it harry!" i said.

"Kasey and ross, sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g!" harry said.

louis sat there, looking mad.

i lunged at harry, it's not like me to fight, but harry was being a jerk.

i was on harry's back.

"kasey!" neala and ashley said.

Jen sat there laughing.

"harry!" liam and zayn called.

"take it back take it back!" i said.

"no!" harry said.

i jumped off harry. i hit him in the arm hard. then i forgot about my ancle so ifell to the ground in pain.

i screamed.

"kasey!" niall and Neala said coming towards me.

harry was holding his arm.

zayn and liam went to harry.

"my ancle, ancle!" i said.

"i know. let me look at it!" Niall said.

i showed him my ancle.

"nothings wrong, it just looks like you used a broken bone.

"oww!" i said

"just get on the couch and let it rest." Neala said.

they helped me ont eh cocuh. i put my acle on a pillow.

harry was still holding his arm.

"it hurts!" harry cried.

"mate hold in there." laim said.

"i'm so sorry harry!" i said.

"i'm not, you don't throw a hard punch, Kasey and Ross, sitting in a tree!" harry sang as he ran out the back.

"Louis." is aid as i looked at him.

"i belive you, harry is just being a-"
" no swearing!" neala said.

"how did you know what i was going to say?" louis said.

we all looked at Louis.

"alright i was going to."

we laughed.

"thanks for beliving me." is aid as i put my head on his shoulder.

"well, you said you and him are just friends, so i belive you." louis said.

"thanks." i said.

Jen came over.

"hey Kasey, i know i never tallked much, but i think ti's sweet tat louis belives you." jen said.

"thanks." i said.

"we should be friends." jen said.

"we should." i said.

"you remind me of someone.' I said.

"uhm.. who?" she said.

"my old friend Lori." i said.

"really?" se said.

"yeah, but she's with her aunt now."

"what happend?"

"nothing for you to worry about."


"well i have to go." jen said.

"bye" is aid.

she lft.

"we better leave too."neala said.

"bye!" i said to ashley and neala.

they left.

harry came back in.

i rolled my eyes.

harry threw me my phone.

"why did you have this?"

i asked/

"no reason." harry said running away.

i looked on my phone. he sent a message to ross. it said:

I love you Ross, please be my forever and always!

i showed Louis.

"HARRY!" he said storming ater harry.

ross sent me a message back:

I'm gald you feel the same way.

"uh oh." i said


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