Daughter Of The Designer

Kasey's mom has just lost her job. Kasey's mom needs a job to keep the house, buy food, etc. But when Kasey's mom finds a job, Kasey is so happy. she is even Happier when she finds out her mom's new job is the clothes designer of ONE DIRECTION! her favorite boy band.


53. Lori

Kasey's POV

Jen asked me if i wanted to go to the coffie shop with her and i said yes. i got dressed and i got Louis to drive me there. i got into the coffie shop i sat down across from jen and i put my crutches aganced the wall.

"hey." i said.

"hi." she said back.

"i got us both coffies." she said as she handed me one.

"thanks Jen." i said i took a sip.

"so, what's your life like?" i asked.

"excuse me?"

"no, i just mean, what's your story?"

"oh, uhm... well.. i came here because.. i thought the cottage looked nice, and i'm 18... and i'm... uhm, wanting to be a doctor, and my parents are very poor." she said.

"okay, well i came from a poor family too so i know what your going through." i said.

"if only i had enough money for everything.." she said with a sigh.

"yeah..." i said.

was she implying that she wanted money.

i looked at her. she really reminded me of Lori, i don't know why, i think i'm jus being paranoyed. Lori is gone, for the good, but how come she gave up so easy, you think that she would come back...

i looked at Jen for a moment more, she looked just like Lori.. just with Black hair, and Green eyes...

no that's stupid, she's not Lori, what am i thinking.

"are you okay?" jen said.

"yeah, i am.. nothing. it's stupid." i said.

she touched my hand.

"well if you need anything, anything at all, i'm here." she said.

i pulled my hand away.

she was wearing a ring. not just any ring, but a gold one. pure gold. if she came from a poor family how would she be able to afford that..

i stared at the ring.

"uhm." she said.

"sorry, i just... sorry." i said.

"it's okay." she said.

she smiled. she laughed.

"hey want to come over for a sleepover tonight?" i asked.

i think a little girl time would be good. yes, forget about Lori.

"sure.'' she said.

"here wanna go now?" i asked.

"sure." she said.

"can you help me with my crutches?" i asked.

"yes of corse." she said.

she helped me. i called Louis. he came and picked us off. it was only a 5 minute drive. once we got there we went into my room.

"so what do you want to do?" i asked.

"you wanna know what i wanna do?" she asked.

"what?" i said with a smile.

she ripped off her hair, which was a wig, and she pointed a gun at me.

"i want to know were the money is!" she said.

"LORI?" i said.

thats why she reminded me of her, god i'm so stupid.

 i screamed.

"don't scream, or else." she said.

everyone came running up to mine and louis' room.

"KASEY!" louis said.

"lori?" niall said.

"yes, Jen is lori, lori is jen!" i said.

"were's the money?" she asked.

"tell me or she dies." Lori said.

Niall looked at Louis, louis looked at niall, i think they had the same plan.

"all our money is in the basement." niall said slowly.

"were's the basement?" she said.

"i'll show you.." Niall said.

"NIALL NO!" i screamed.

Harry secretly got out his phone. i think he called 911.

"no go get it, she dies if you don't" lori said.

i looked niall in the eyes. i had tears in mine.

"niall please." i said.

Niall looked me in the eyes.

"i wont let anything happen to you." she said in a wisper.

niall walked out of the room.

that's when i relised, this place dosen't have a basement.

cops bursted through the door.

"FREEZE!" one said.

"don't anyone touch me, or she dies!" lori said.

tears were running down my face. what are we going to do.

"LOUIS-" i screamed.

Lori stomped on my broken foot. i screamed in pain and fell to the floor.

"Don't hurt her!" louis screamed.

"or else what?" lori chuckled.

louis took a step forward.

"don't even touch me or she dies, don't anyone hurt me, or she dies, just give me the money, or she dies." lori said.

i screamed.

"can it!" she screamed.

a cop pulled out his gun.

he shot lori in the heart. lori shot me. she shot me in the arm.

i screamed.

louis came running after me.

Lori stoped breathing.

"louis, louis." i said.


next thing i knew i was being brought to the hospital, then everything went black.


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