Daughter Of The Designer

Kasey's mom has just lost her job. Kasey's mom needs a job to keep the house, buy food, etc. But when Kasey's mom finds a job, Kasey is so happy. she is even Happier when she finds out her mom's new job is the clothes designer of ONE DIRECTION! her favorite boy band.


49. Lori

Lori's POV.

i have spent 3 weeks with my aunt. so far she has only given me $200. i went on twitter. everyone was talking about Kasey Aurther. was that the kasey i knew? i clicked on the profile. it was. she's part of one direction now, millionaire? how? maybe i just need to takr another  visit, my acting skills are pretty good.. i had a plan. and it was going to be good.

i grabbed my aunts credit card and packed my stuff and took my aunts car and drove to the airport. were do they live, were are the staying? everyone was talking about them. they are staying in a cottage on the beach in Toronto? ha. easy enough. i can rent the one beside it.

i only had one thing on my mind.

i was going to be rich. well richer.


Kasey's POV

i woke up in the room me and louis were sharing in the cottage we rented. it was so tiny and cute. niall and liam were sharing, and zayn and harry were.

i got up, changed into my grey yoga pants and my green tank, and i brushed my teeth and hair. i throew my hair into a bun. i put cover up, eyeliner, and mascara on. i put on nude lipstick. i was ready to go.

i walked into the living room. all the boys were cramped onto a 2 seater couch watching telatubies.

"having fun?'' i asked.

"haha very funny." harry said.

"well i'm going for a walk on the beach." i said.

"i'm coming with you, these people are driving me up the walls!" niall said.

"whatever." i replied.

i hounstly didn't care if niall came, i just no paps find us.

i put on my crocs, yes i wear crocs, don't judge me. then i put on my sunglsses. niall put sandles on and a pair of sunglasses too.

we got out the back and started to walk on the beach.

after a couple moments of silence i said.

"have you heard from Neala lately?"

"nahh. i think she lost my number." niall said.

"oh." i said.

silence passes again.

"have you ever liked someone you can't have?" niall asked.

"what do you mean?" i asked.

"have you ever liked a person, like head over heals for them, would do anything for them, maybe in love with them, but  couldn't have them, because their heart belonged to someone else?" niall asked.

uh oh, was he in l-love with m-me?

"uhm.. once in 5th grade i really liked this guy, but he dated Brittney?" i basicly asked.

"what did you do?" he asked.

"i didn't do anything. if i couldn't have them, then why bother? once him and brittney broke up, i saw an opertunaty, because io still kinda liked him, i just never showed it, so i asked him out." i said.

"what did he say?"


"oh, i'm sorry i asked."

"no it's fine."

niall looked at me. i changed directions. to go back to the cottage.

he followed.

"niall." i said.

"yes?" he said still stairing into my eyes.

i sighed.

"nevermind." i said.

"no what?"
"just- nothing."



"please tell me."
"uhm, well- just- never mind." i said running off to the cottage.

i was going to ask him if i was the one he liked, but i wouldn't know what to say if he said yes, and i didn't want to face the akward silence if he said no. i don't know why i ran, i think i just wanted to avoid it.

niall ran after me. i went inside. he followed.

"Kasey." niall said.

"what did you do?" louis said standing up to niall.

i couldn't handle it i burste into tears, i really can't explain why, i'm such a cry baby, why do i always cry over everything, or nothing?

"i swear nothing!" niall said.

"kasey are you okay why are you crying?" niall asked.

"did you makke her cry?" louis said clunching his fists.

"no i swear-"

"It's not niall." i said sobbing.

"than what's wrong?" louis siad.

"i-i just- i- can't -explain it- i-i- just- *sigh* don't know." i said.

"kasey." liam said rubbing my back.

"don't worry about me, i cry over nothing,, im just a cry baby." is aid as i ran into my room.

i closed the door behind me.

why was i crying, i feel stupid, louis is mad, niall feels bad, all because i cried. i think i'm crying because i'm ariad of what might happen. i'm afraid that if niall still likes me, i wont know  what do do, do i care about niall, of corse i do, just not in a boyfriend way, louis is my boyfriend, but if niall didn't like me, the thought of that makes me feel empty, why?
i heard a knock at the door.

"kasey?" the guy said.

i was Louis.

"come in,." i said.

he opened the door and sat beside me.

"what's wrong, what happend?" louis asked.

i couldn't tell louis, he would be mad at niall, and maybe even me.

"i can't really, say?" i said.

"why not?" he asked.

"because i just can't." i said.

"why can't you tell me, you can tell me anything, i'm your boyfriend." he said.

i flinched at the word 'Boyfriend.'

"kasey?" he asked.

he looked me in the eyes.

mine were full of tears, his were full of regret.

"what?" i said.

i think he noticed i finched at the word 'Boyfriend.'

"i think, i think we need a brake." louis said.

"why?" i asked.

"well firsts, you can't tell me why your crying, which makes me upset, i hate seeing you upset, and it happend when you were wlone with niall, and it wasn't his fault, so what happend? you can't tell me. did he do something, was he sorry, was it you? i don't know, because you wont tell me, and second, i don't even know why, but why did you flinch at the word 'boyfriend' do you not liek me like that?" louis said.

"louis i really like you, i really do." i said.

i sinffled.

"if you like me, than why can't you tell me anything?" he asked.

"i just- i just- can't." i said.

"goodbye Kasey." he said as he left the room. his eyes still were filled with regret. another knock came at the door.

"kasey please." it was niall.

"come in!" i said.

as soon as niall walked in i hugged him.

"niall." i said.

"kasey?" he said.

"what happend?" he asked.

i sat down on the bed.

niall sat beside me.

"oon the beach or with me and louis?" i asked.

"Wait did something happen between you and louis?" he asked.

i tear came down my face.

"kasey." he said.

i looked him in the eyes.

"we said we needed a brake." i said.

"Oh no." niall said hugging me.

"yeah. niall, i-i don't really want to share a room with him." i said.

"liam could go wiht him and me and you could bunk," niall said.

"thanks niall." i said.

"but no funny buissnes." i said.

"promise." niall said.

liam came in the room.

"kasey." liam said.

"liam, could you please room with louis?" niall asked.

"what why?" he said.

he looked at my tears.

"of corse.' he said.

"thanks liam." i said hugging him. he rubbed my back.

"i'm going to bring my stuff into the other room." is aid.

i brought it intot he other room. niall and liam went into the living room. i still had tears in my eyes.

i went into the living room. louis had tears in his eyes and harry was hugging him.

"kasey." louis said.

i turned away.

"braking up with you is the biggest mistake i have ever made, please, please o out with me again." louis said.

"Look louis. i like you. i really do, but you braking up with me, broke my heart." i said.

"kasey-" he said.

"i'm not done." is aid.

"so the answer is no. i will not go out with you." i said.

"but-" he said.

"your rooming with liam now." i said.


"no louis. no."

he sighed and went into the kitchen. harry followed.

i hugged zayn.

"i know. i know."



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