Daughter Of The Designer

Kasey's mom has just lost her job. Kasey's mom needs a job to keep the house, buy food, etc. But when Kasey's mom finds a job, Kasey is so happy. she is even Happier when she finds out her mom's new job is the clothes designer of ONE DIRECTION! her favorite boy band.


16. LORI!!

Kasey's POV

i woke up the next day, i had something on my mind, I HADEN'T TALKED TO LORI IN FOREVER! she NEEDS to come meet the boys. maybe she will fall in love?

i got out of bed, not bothering to make it, i usally don't, and i brushed my hair and teeth. then i put on my purple 'one direction.' top and some jeans. i usally don't wear jeans. i didn't bother to put on makeup, i never do. i went downstairs.

"I LOVE YO TOP!" louis screams.

"yo?" i laugh.

"YUP I LOVE YO TOP!" he said again.

i laughed.

"i smell eggs!'' i say as i sniff my way into the kitchen, and find harry, and niall, harry cooking the eggs, and niall eating them.

"well well well you manged to track down the eggs like niall." harry smiled.

i sit next to niall.

"slow down or your going to get a-" i began.

"my tummy hurts." niall winned.

"tummy ake." i laugh the rest of the words out.

"want some?" harry smiles.

(haha i made a funny.)

"yes, your a better cook then anyone else in the world!" i smiled.

harry gives me some eggs.

"thanks." i said.

"anything for you love." harry smiles. he is full of smiles today, his dimples keep showing god, i just LOVE his dimples.

i eat my eggs and wash the plate and go into the living room. i sit beside louis.

louis sticks his toung out at harry.

"what are you 5?" i laugh.

"mentally he is." harry laughs.

"oh you guys NEED to meet my friend Lori, well not my friend... my BEST FRIEND. i haven't talked to her in FOREVER! i need to invite her over PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!" i wine.

"whos the 5 year old now?" louis smiles.

"sure." harry said.

"but one thing, she is ubsessed with you guys. she loves one direction, like SO MUCH. thre isn't an inch in her room that doesn't hjave you guys, it's quite creepy." i smile.

"your joking right" louis said.

"no." i said.

"and harry, you better keep an extra eye on her." i say.

"why?" he said.

"because your her favorite.." i begin.

louis pouts.

"don't worry lou, your my favorite!" i joke as i kiss him on the cheek and leave.

were's zayn? i think.

i text lori to come over, she is SO excited.

she said she will be over ASAp.

"ZAYN!!" i call.

"what?" he calls from his bed.

"come here for a sec!" i yell.

"fine!" he says.

he comes down the stairs in his PJ's.

yes zayn is most defanatly the one i like-like.

"hey." i smile.

"hey." he says rubbing his eyes.

"were you sleeping?" i ask.

"maybe." he smiles.

"we have to hangout together soon." i smile.

"sure i'm sure the boys will love to!" he says.

"no i mean, you and me." i smile bitting my lip.

"kasey, i'm sorry.." he says.

"what?" i ask.

"i'm with perrie now.." he says.

my face drops.

"oh, um, okay.." i say.

i walk slowly into the living room.

"what's with the sad face?" harry asks.

i sniffle.

"kasey you usally don't cry over something unless it's big.." louis begins.

i sniffle again.

"what happend?" harry asks.

"zayn's with perrie now.." i say.

louis looks at harry.


Harry's POV

she liked zayn? and he just went out with perrie? why couldn't she have liked me, i could treat her way better.

i look at lou and wisper; " she liks, erm i mean LIKED zayn."

"i know." louis wispers.

i hug her.

"it's okay." i say.

"i'm going to call Lori.." she sniffles as she goes up the stairs.

"so zayn FINALLY relises that he likes Perrie now, and Kasey likes him? why couldn't she have liked one of us? like were single, and she has to like a guy in a relationship" lou begins.

"maybe she fell in love with what he did for her.." i said.

"what did he do?" lou said.

"a romantic date." i say.


Kasey's POV

i called Lori.

"i'm on my way." lori says.

"okay." i say.

"and i brought a suprise.." she said.

"what what?" i asked finally perking up, she is my best friend and all.

"you remember Noah?" she says in a wisper.

"yes, your cousin who i thought was pretty cute." i said in a wisper back.

noah and i have hung out a couple times, i thought he was pretty cute.

"well he's coming too!" lori said.

"really?" i ask.

"yup." she says.

"hi noah said into the phone.

"wait noah did lori have it one speaker?" i ask nervously.

"yes. but don't worry, i thnk your cute too." you could tell he was smiling into the phone.

maybe habing noah around will be good for me.

"well were here." lori said.

i ran out into the front, harry and louis followed me.

lori came out of her farrari.

a smile came to harry's face.

then noah came out. the louis and harry's faces went sad.

"i thought it was just lori, who is that?" harry asked me.

"her cousin. it was apperntly a suprise." i smiled.

noah came out.

"noah!" i smile running and hugging him.

"OMG ITS HAZZA AND LOU!" lori screamed while hugging the boys.

i pulled away from noah.

"is it safe to say i missed you?" noah said.

"i missed you too." i smile.

"lori was noah staying with you?" i ask lori. i walk up to her, she is now clinged on to harry.

"no, he like's 5 minutes away." she says still jot letting go.

"you live 5 minutes away from here?" i asked Noah.

"yup!" he said smiling.

"now i can visit you offen!" i smile hugging his again.

Noah had brown hair. he was my hight, and he has blue eyes. he was muscular, but not as much as lou and hazza.

"do you live here with these 2 boys?" he ask.

"no i live with these two and 3 others. there one direction!" i smile.

''cool." he said.

he puts his hand out to shake to louis.
"hi i'm noah!" noah smiles.

"i'm lou." louis said shaking his hand.
"quite a grip you have there." noah said.

"i know." louis said.

lori was still clinged onto harry.

"i don;t think he can breath!" i joke.

this is going to be the best day ever.


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