Daughter Of The Designer

Kasey's mom has just lost her job. Kasey's mom needs a job to keep the house, buy food, etc. But when Kasey's mom finds a job, Kasey is so happy. she is even Happier when she finds out her mom's new job is the clothes designer of ONE DIRECTION! her favorite boy band.


47. Leaving

Kasey's POV.

i woke up to someone talking to me. it was louis.

"Get up, we leave in 1 hour, there is a little suprise in your closet." he said.

"okay." i said half asleep.

he left my room.

i looked in my closet. there was a new suit case. it was highlighter pink. there was a little note on it. in cursive it say Love Louis. then in crayon at the bottem it say and Harry.i giggled.

"That's Louis, and harry!" i said.

"it was my idea!" harry yelled.

i laughed.

i got out my new suit case. i sat it on my bed. i opened it. it was a pale pink inside. i went into the bathroom and go all my bathroom stuff. then i put it on my suit case. i rubbed my eyes. i was tired. then i got clothes. i put them in. then i grabbed a hair brush, any little things i would need. after i was finished on top i put my journal, and i put my song book that is just songs for me, my eyes only, personal songs, you know, then i put the song book for idea's and stuff for the songs for me and the boys. then i put the journal Liam got me. i wondered what i was going to use it for because i already had a journal my mother had got me. my mom would be so proud of me, on how i am following my dreams, and i'm only one plain ride away from my future. i wiped some tears from my eyes. i forgot to get my self ready! i put on some black yoga pants and and i had already packed all of my shirts, so i snuck into Louis' room and stole one of his shirts. i put it on. it was a little big. then i threw my hair into a pony tail. i grabbed my tooth brush from my suit case and brushed my teeth then i put it back. i didn't bother putting my makeup one, because one, i'm not going anywere important, only to the van, to the airport, to the plain, to the hotel. then i walked downstairs with my suit case. i am super excited.

"why do girls take so long?" zayn asked.

"because their girls. sorry." liam said.

i shugged it off. i went intot he kitchen and grabbed a granola bar. i ate it in 2 seconds flat.

"your just like niall!" harry said.

"harry!" louis and liam said at the same time. zayn hit harry.

i high fived niall.

"don't worry, i know i eat fast, and a lot!" i said.

"i call sitting next to Kasey!" harry said.

i giggled.

we all got into the van. Louis drived, Liams at in the front with him, then in the middle niall sat beside liam, and me and harry sat in the back.

"wait, is that my shirt?" Louis asked.

i giggled.

we started driving.

harry poked me.

i poked him back.

then he poked me again.

so i hit him lightly.

then he hit me lightly back.

i hit him harder.

harry was about to hit me before louis said " harry even think about hitting my girlfriend i will pound you>"

harry paused and stopped.

niall cringed at the word girlfriend.

liam rubbed him arm.

"don't worry niall, you will find your princess someday!" i said.

we half smiled. i sat back into my seat. we finally got to the airport.

all the boys put on hoodies and put the hoods up and sun glasses.

"you too." harry said.

"i don't have a hoodie or sunglasses." i said.

"here i have one in my carry on." niall said.

he handed me a green sweater. i put it on, it was just like Louis' shirt, just a little big.

"thanks." i said as i put the hood up.

"and i have extra sunglasses." harrys aid.

everyone looked at him.

"what?" he said.

i put them on.

we all got out of the car.

we walked with our suit cases and carry ons.

we put our suit cases on the covator belt.

we went into a line. as soon as it was our turn louis spoke to the girl.

"name." she said.

"direction." louis said.

she looked up at louis. smiled, and handed him 6 tickets.

we all got on the plain.

"i call sitting beside Kasey!" niall said.

"what are our seats?" i asked.

42, 43, 44 A." he said.

"okay." i said.

we wall got on the plain.

we all got seats of twos that were window seats. Louis and Harry sat in 42A and me and niall sat in 43A and zayn and liam sat in 44A so in front of me and niall was louis and harry and behind was liam and zayn.

"can i have the window seat" i asked niall.

"anything love.' he said,

i sat near the indow. once everyone was situated the anouser said, "we are off in take off in 5 minutes."

"i have never been on a plane before?" i asked.

"never?" niall asked.

"nope. we didn't have much money, not much money means no were to go, so if we didn't have to go anywere, that mean no planes.'' i said.

"oh.'' niall said.

"and were off." the anouser said.

" my ears just poped." i said.

niall laughed.

"do you like Taylor, like not like that, but i mean Harry doesn't like her that much after they broke up, do you like her?" i asked.

"she's okay. i have only seen her when she was dating harry so i didn't really know her." nialls aid.

"she's like my best friend now." i said with a laugh.

"she's 22," i said.

"how do you know?" niall asked.

"her song 22." i laughed.

-Skip Plane ride-

we got off the plane and got to a taxi.

then we got to our hotel.

"you guys never told me were we are!" i said with a laugh.

"were in Toronto, Ontario." liams aid.

"oh." i said.

we got into our hotel.

"well our new designer said she put our outfits on our beds. " harry said.

"theres 3 beds." is aid.

"Oh yeah, niall and liam are together, me and zayn are, and you and louis are." harrys aid,

"okay, no funny buisnness!" i said to louis. he laughed.

i found our bed, i knew i was there because i dought any of the other boys would wear a dress.

my outfit was a red dress, it's form ffitting, it was long sleeve, and it went to the knee's it wad a dimond necklase to go with. it.

"and our hair and makeup will be done tomorrow at 8." louis said.

"what time are we preforming?" i asked.

"ur hair and makeup gets done at 8am, and we preform at 2pm." louis said.

"okay." i aid.

i put my suit case on the floor and i put the dress and the necklase in the closet. i pulled out my phone and went on twitter. i was already varified and i had 7 million followers! why am i so popular? i know i'm part of one direction, but i havn't even preformed yet! maybe they are excited to see me preform?
i tweeted: in Toronto, Ontario, preforming our single 'Beach.' that i write with the boys tomorrow! can't wait!

in 2 seconds i got 68 replys and 109 RTs.

i started reading some.

tell niall to date me!
good luck.

follow me! 18

can't wait to see you preform, i'm a fan already!
you suck

can you please follow me?
can't wait, in the 5 row!

can't you come to Turkey?

i stopped reading.

there was lots more though. i mostly stopped because i was hungry.

i came into the kitchen. "i'm hungry." is aid.

"i'm, harry!" harrys aid.

"make me something?" i asked.

"maybe." he said.

i sat on top of him.

"make me some food?" i asked again.

"alright." he said.

i got off of him and he got up and made me a sandwich and then he sat beside me.

"thanks you." i said.

i ate the sandwich.

"wow you eat fast!" he said.

"thanks?" i asked.

niall came in.

"i heard sandwich?" he asked.

"just ate one." i said.

"who amde it?" he asked.

i looked at harry. he shook his head no.

"uhm... zayn did.' is aid.

zayn was asleep.

niall looked back at me and laughed.

"making a sandwich must have taken a lot out of him." niall laughed.

"well, i'm tired too." is aid.

i walked into the bedroom me and louis were sharing. i got into the bed. i fell asleep pretty fast.

 i was REALLY excited for tomorrow.

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