Daughter Of The Designer

Kasey's mom has just lost her job. Kasey's mom needs a job to keep the house, buy food, etc. But when Kasey's mom finds a job, Kasey is so happy. she is even Happier when she finds out her mom's new job is the clothes designer of ONE DIRECTION! her favorite boy band.


64. Leaving One Direction

Louis' POV

Kasey just came back with a new hairstyle and some bags. Me and all the boys sat down on the couch.

"good your all here, i know your all boys and probably don't care but, i want to show you my new clothes." she said.

we all just went along with it.

Kasey showed us some of her clothing she got. it all looked like it belonged on a model, tight and short.

i sent a message to all the boys.

this is not Kasey- Louis

Yes it is, i guess she's just trying a new... style?- Zayn

Well i don't like it.- Louis

Guys, she's a girl, she will go through different styles, right?- Niall

i'm worried.- Liam

i like it- Harry

HARRY! this is KASEY we are talking about-Louis

i know. ;)- Harry

should we say something?- Liam

i don't know..- Niall

i am.-Louis.

i got off my phone.

"Kasey are you sure this is... you?" i asked.

"what do you mean?" she asked sitting down.

"what happened to the shy-ish girl who never cared about what others said, that wore approprate clothing?" i asked.

she looked down.

"look Kasey, you can do whatever you want. i'm just letting you know that i fell in love with that girl. not this one." i said as i walked into the kitchen.

Zayn's POV

"i know she's in there somewhere. i just don't know were." i said.

"she's still here. just maturing." Kasey said.

"this is not really maturing." i said.

"Niall?" she asked.

"i have to agree.." niall said.

"Liam?" she asked.

"sorry Kasey.." he said.

"Harry?" she asked.

"um... i think i'm going to talk to louis." he said as he went into the kitchen.

Kasey's POV

i am changing arn't i? but change is always good. right? everyone seems to disagree. maybe i am better off being my old self. i don't know.

i went into the bathroom. i looked at myself in the mirror. i changed into some yoga pants, a red shirt, and my old sweater. it was a little snug. but who cares right? i took off my 20 pounds of makeup. i went natural. i tried putting my short hair into a pony tail. it worked. i came out of the bathroom. all the boys were all in the living room. i walked infront of the tv. they all staired at me.

"i'm back." i said with a smile.

all the boys came to me and we did a group hug.

"i missed you." Louis said.

"i missed me too." i said with a laugh.

simon came onto the bus.

"simon?" Louis said.

"yes, yes it's me. sorry for the bus braking down, but that's not why i'm here." simon said.

"what are you here for?" zayn asked.

"Kasey." he said.

"yes?" i said nervously.

"you can't be in one direction anymore." simon said.

"what?" i said.

"we have gottin too much hate. i guess the fans just hate you." he said.

my face went pale.

"w-w-what?" i said.

"kasey are you alright?" zayn said coming up and rubbing my back.

"so, what's going to happen to me, the boys just continue their tour with their old sings, and then i just go  were ever? I said

"pretty much." Simon said.

"i can't let this happen. i wont." Louis said.

"there is nothing you can do about it.'' simon said.

"i'm not letting it happen either." Zayn said.

"not me either." Harry said.

"no one let's that happen to my best friend." Niall said.

"not kasey. we all love her too much for her to leave.'' Liam said.

"i'm sorry boys, but she has to leave." simon said.

"what if we quit one direction?" Louis said.

"louis no." i said.

"you can't. your contract and i will have to disagree." simon said.

"louis i'm fine." i said.
"what, i'm just not going to see you again?" Louis said.

"we will see each other again. but for now, you have a tour to do. and i... have to.. well, i don't know. we'll text everyday okay?" i said.

"kasey." he said.

"when do i have to leave?" i asked.

"tonight. i will be at the bus. were would you like to go?" simon asked.

"England please." i said.

"i will be here in 2 hours." He said as he left.

i started to tear up.

"can i have a moment with kasey, alone please?" Zayn said.

zayn took me into the kitchen.

"i love you, you know that?" zayn said.

then zayn kissed me.

"i'll miss you." i said.

"i'll miss you too." Zayn said.

"i have something i have been meaning to give you." zayn said.

he took out a sheet of paper.

i looked at it. it said.

she is the beauty,

she is the light,

she is the sparkle,

i see in the night,

she is Kasey Aurther,

i will love her with all my might,

if only she will be mine,

i love her.

"i'll keep it forever." i said.

i hugged zayn.

Harry came in. and zayn left.

"harry." i said.

he came up.

"we have been through a lot together. " he said.

''i know." i said.

we hugged.

he opened his wallet. he took out a photo and gave it to me.

"what's this?" i asked.

i looked at it.

it was a picture of me and harry on the first day we met.

"the day i fell in love." harry said.

i hugged him.

niall came up. and harry left.

"best friend." i said with a smile.

"best friend." he said.

he hugged me.

"i think i'll miss you the most." i said.

"i'll miss you." he said.

"i'll miss your Horen hugs." i said.

"your perfect remember that." niall said.

i wiped away a tear.

"i'll always be your irish potatoe." nialls aid.

i laughed.

i hugged him again.

"i'll be right back." niall said.

he came back ith a shirt.

he gave it to me. it said 'keep calm and love niall horen.'

"i love it." i said.

liam came in and niall left.

"kasey, i really will miss you." liam said.

i hugged him.

"put your hand out." he said.

i did as told.

"close your eyes." he said.

i closed them.

he put something in my hand.

i opened my eyes.

it was the neclase he gave me a long time ago, that said 'Liam's Girl.'

"i know i'm with Dani, but i want you to have this." liam said.

"i love it." i said.

Louis came in and Liam left.

"hey." i said.

"hey." louis said.

i kissed him.

"please don't go." Louis said.

"you need to do the rest of your tour. i'll be fine. maybe when your done your tour you can go to England." i said.

"i'll be one second." louis said.

louis left and came back.

he gave me a bear and on the belly of the bear it said 'I love you.'

'' i was going to give this to you while i ask you out, but i still want you to have it." louis said.

i hugged all the boys once more, and simon came.

i still can't belive i have to leave.

i packed all my stuff. lastly, i picked up th mic that niall got me, it had a symbol for all the boys. i put it in my purse.

simon got me into the helicopter and we were off.

i missed the boys already.

-skip ride-

simon gave me 10,000 dollars to get an appartment or something.

i got an appartment, at the nearest buliding. i unlocked the door to it.

it was fairly big, well as big as an appartment can be. it had one bedroom, a kitchen, a living room, and a bathroom.

"what am i going to do with my life?" i asked myself.

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