Daughter Of The Designer

Kasey's mom has just lost her job. Kasey's mom needs a job to keep the house, buy food, etc. But when Kasey's mom finds a job, Kasey is so happy. she is even Happier when she finds out her mom's new job is the clothes designer of ONE DIRECTION! her favorite boy band.


43. It's My Birthday!

Kasey's POV

i woke up. it was my 19th birthday! i couldn't wait! i looked at the clock it was 6 am. i desided i wanted to give the boys a gift of my own.. i walked into the hall. all the boys were asleep then suddenly i yelled;


niall and liam came out of their rooms with big smiles on their faces. zayn did not look happy. and harry and louis were still asleep. well they never came out so i asume they were asleep.

"HARRY, LOUIS GET YOUR  BUTTS OUT HERE!" i yelled and laughed.

i was about to go into louis' room untill niall stopped me.

"nope." he said.

"why not?" i asked.

"uhm.." niall stumbled.


Niall's POV

all the boys and i, knew she was going to get up early, so harry and louis at 5 am went into louis' room to wrap all the presents. well all the ones that COULD be wraped. i was so excited to see her face on what i got her. not even the boys know about this gift. it was just sitting in my closet not wraped yet. liam knew i still had to wrap something, and i didn't want anyone to know about it because i wanted it to be a suprise, and liam agreed to distract Kasey at lunch so i can wrap it. one reason why liam is my best mate, he isn't noisey. he didn't even ask what it was. nor did he try and look.  he acted as he didn't really care. he probably doesn't.

me, kasey, liam all went downstairs to eat breakfust. zayn went back to bed.

i made, well atempted to make pancakes. they looked yummy, but not as good as harry could ever make them.

i gave a couple pancakes to kasey.

"sorry that their probably not as good as what harry can make..." i said.

"it's okay! i still love them!" she said stuffing some in her mouth.

i gave liam and i some too.

after we were done eatting we all got dressed. i asked liam if after kasey got dressed if he could distract her because i wanted to wrap her present now. i really can't wait to see the look on her face!


Kasey's POV

after we ate the pancakes niall made me, liam, and niall went to get dressed. as we went up the stairs to get dressed, zayn came down the stairs dressed. he was just in jeans and a tank top.

i went into my room and closed the door. i put on my black shorts and a hot pink tank. it was hot outside.

i did all my morning stuff, i brushed my teeth, i put my hair into a pony tail, all that stuff. then i came out of my room and liam was standing there.

"exuse me." i said.

he didn't move. he dragged me back into my room, put my on my bed and stood near the door.

just like louis did before..

"what the heck?" i said with a laugh.

"i'm sorry mame but anywere else but your room is off limits right now." liam said in a deep voice.

i looked at liam. his hair was starting to grow back. liam was wearing dark blue jeans with a plain red top. red looked nice on him.

"you look nice." liam said.

"thanks. you too.." i said.

"can i leave now?" i asked.

laim opened his mouth to talk but niall came through the door saying, "would you like to open presents now?"

"did you say present, or presents?" i asked.

"presents!" niall said.

"wow, i usally got one gift every year because we didn't have enought money.." i said.

"well your in one direction, we have millions of dollars!" liam said.

"oh yeah, i forgot..." i said.

i ran past niall and liam. i ran downstairs louis, harry and zayn were sitting on the couch smiling. infront of them was a mountin of presents.


i sat in between louis and harry.

niall and liam sat in the arm chairs.

"can i give her my present first?" zayn winned.

"yes zayn you may." i said.

zayn handed me 3 wrapped up things.

"zayn you didn't have to get my 3 things!: i said.

"one, were rich, two you deserve it, and three, if you don't open it i will!" zayn said.

i laughed.

i opened the first one.

it was a box.

"a box..?" i laughed.

"inside the box silly." zayn said.

i opened the box, inside was the CD.

"what's this?" i asked.

"it was from when you first met us, i made the song you sang 'warrior' into a CD." zayns aid.

"Oh my god zayn thank you!" i said.

"open the second one." zayn said.

"okay." i said.

i opened it. there was a braclet that said 'directioner.'

"thanks." i said.

im now in one direction and i have a bracelt that says 'directioner.'

i opened the last thing zayn got me.

it was a big teddy bear.

"Oh my god i love this all, thank you zayn!" i said.

i got up and hugged zayn.

"my turn my turn!" liam said.

liam handed me 2 gifts.

"sorry that i didn't get you three." liam said.

"thats okay, it's not how many gifts, it''s the thought." i said.

i opened up the first thing liam got me.

it was 100 differnt types of colour nail polishs.

"wow thats a lot that liam!" i said.

"now open the other one!" liam said.

i did as told. in the second one there was a journal.

"a new journal? thanks liam!!!" i said with a giant smile.

"now she opens my gift!" harry said.

he gave me one gift.

i looked at harry. he was smiling so big his dimmples were showing.

i opened the gift. inside was 3 sundresses.

they were really nice.

"thanks harry!" is aid.

"keep looking." harry said.

i looked inside. there was a ring. on this ring there was ingraved 'promise.'

"a promise ring? thank you so much harry!" i said hugging harry.

"i almost forgot!" i said.

i hugged liam.

i sat back down.

"i promise. as in i promise i will never hurt your feelings again and i promise to be a great friend." harry said.

"thanks harry. really." i said.

"who's next?" zayn asked.

"i'll go!" louis said.

louis gave me 3 gifts.

i opened one up. there were suspenders and red skinny jeans and a white top with stripes.

i looked at louis and laughed. thats what he was wearing.

i kissed louis on the cheek.

"i love it" i said.

"open the other one!" louis said while rubbing my back.

i opened another one louis got me.

inside there was just a blank peice of paper.

i looked at louis.

"remember that night i told you that i loved you and i kept going on and on, and i was  reading off of nothing?" louis asked.

i nodded yes.

"thats, that exact peice of paper." he said.

"aww!" i said.

i hugged louis

"thanks!" i said.

"open the last one i got you." louis said.

i opened the last one. inside there was an ipad.

"louis!" i said.

he smiled at me.

"oh my god! i love iit that you so much!!" i said.

i kissed louis on the lips this time.

this was the first time me and louis have kissed on the lips before.

then i hugged him.

"last but not least!" liam said.

niall gave me one gift.

i opened it. inside there was a cute T-shirt.

"thanks niall!" i said hugging him.

"i have one more thing for you. harry and louis wraped all the gifts but i wanted this one to be a suprise so i wraped it myself, not even the boys knows what it is!" niall said.

niall gave me a present.

i opened it.

it was a micraphone with an irish flag, suspenders, a spoon with a cross threw it, a red and white jacket and a frying pan.

"it represents all of us, an irish flag is me because i'm irish, suspenders because thats all your boyfriend over there wears, a spoon with a cross threw it because liam hates spoons, a red and white jacket like zayn wears, and a frying pan because harry is a great cook!" niall said.

"oh my god niall. i love it, i love it, i love it! this will be my mic that i always use, it will always remind me of you guys and thats why it's special and it's special because my best friend in the world gave it to me!" i said.

i hugged niall.

"niall i hate you." zayn said.

"why?" niall asked.

"because you just made all of our gifts look bad." liam joked.

i laughed.

" i love all the gift you guys gave me i really do love them, and thank you so much for them i am spoiled thanks guys!" i said.

"no problem, it's funny because the boys never say thank you, and when they do they say it once so this it kind of getting annoying.." zayn said.

"i'm sorry one more time, thank you guys so so so much!" i said.

i kissed them all on the cheek and went into the bathroom.

"were are you going?" liam asked.

"to put on the outfit louis got me!" i said with a laugh.

as soon as i was done changing i came out of the bathroom and came out and stood beside louis and copied whatever he did.

"it's like a female louis!" harry said.

we all laughed. so far, this is the best birthday ever!



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