Daughter Of The Designer

Kasey's mom has just lost her job. Kasey's mom needs a job to keep the house, buy food, etc. But when Kasey's mom finds a job, Kasey is so happy. she is even Happier when she finds out her mom's new job is the clothes designer of ONE DIRECTION! her favorite boy band.


27. In The Hallway

Harry's POV

"were here." i said as we got to the airport.

we took Lori in and got her a plain seat and paid the man and the next thing we knew Lori was gone onto the plain.

"finally." louis said.

"we need to get back home." i said.

me and lou got into the car and i started driving.

"so about you and Kasey.." louis began.

"what about me and her?" i asked.

''did you really go out with Lori just to make Kasey Jelous?" he asked.

"yes. and i regret it too."  i said.

-Skip Drive Back.-

we got into the door and saw zayn.

"hey buddy your back!" louis said.

"yes." zayn said paising.

"what's wrong?" i asked.

"i broke up with perrie and i think i like Kasey and i think i just scared Kasey or something i don't know, i don't know were my life is going or anything!" zayn said.

"you scared Kasey?" i asked.

"thats what you got out of that?" zayn asked.

"what did you do mate?" louis asked.

zayn told him what happend.

"mate, i think you don't like Kasey, you just like the fact that she LIKED you." louis said.

"you think so?" zayn asked.

"yes." louis said.

Kasey came in the room.

"harry i need to talk with you." she said.

i followed her into the kitchen.

"what's wrong with you??!" she asked.

"listen Kasey.." i began.

"no, harry i want to know why? why did you date my best friend, err my old best friend, just to make me jelous? like harry your better than that, why did you do it?" she said.

"i don't know.." i said.

"well.." she said.

"i'm sorry." i said.

"i've had enough of i'm sorry, stop saying sorry and just make it up to me." she said.

"how can i do that?" i asked.

"you figure it out." she said.


Kasey's POV

i walked away from harry.

i walked into the living room.

" LOUIS!" i yelled.

i ran up and hugged him.

"kasey!'' he said.

zayn stood there akwardly.

i held the hug.

then i pulled away.

"i missed you." i said.

"i was only gone for a while.." he said.

"i still missed you." i said with a laugh.

"can i borrow louis for a second..?" zayn asked.

"yup." i said.

i walked into the hall i saw liam and niall. they wre fighting.

i went back and hid behind th wall to listen. i know i shouldn't be listning but..

"what happened to you and Demi?!" liam said.

"we broke up!" niall said.

"well, can you back off, i really like Kasey!" liam said.

"well me too!" niall said.

"i like her more!" liam said.

"well i've liked her longer!" niall said.

"yes and?" liam said.

then harry and louis walked into the hall with them.

"guys guys, stop fighting. because i'm the one who likest Kasey the most!" harry said.

"than why did you brake her heart?" louis asked.

"i.." harry said.

"i think she would be best off with me." louis said.

"why is that?" liam asked.

"i'm the closest to her!" louis said.

"yes and?" niall said mocking liam from before.

zayn came beside me.

"are you listning to the-" zayn began.

i 'shhhhhed' him.

"there fighting over me!" i mouthed to zayn.

"want me to stop them?" zayn mouthed.

i shook my head no.

i walked in front of the hall.

"uhemm!" i said.

"kasey!" they all said at once.

i shook my head no and ran up to my room.

i locked the door behind me.

i sat on my bed.

"mom, what can i do?" i said aloud.

i went to go write my my diary when there was a note on the next page.

'Dear Kasey,

do what ever your heart tells you, just add up all the facts, find out things. i'm not saying snoop around, but some of them MUST have some relationship stufff.. even if they don't relise it.

Love, Mom.'

"i love you mom." i said aloud.

i heard pounding at my door.

i put my diary in my closet and un locked the door and opened it.

stood there was Liam. no one else.

was he the only one that cared enough to see if i was okay?


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