Daughter Of The Designer

Kasey's mom has just lost her job. Kasey's mom needs a job to keep the house, buy food, etc. But when Kasey's mom finds a job, Kasey is so happy. she is even Happier when she finds out her mom's new job is the clothes designer of ONE DIRECTION! her favorite boy band.


7. I Just Moved In With 1D

Kasey's POV.

"i'm not the last slice of pie, you can't just fight over me. i have an opition." i said.

"Kasey.." harry said.

"i'm not mad." i said.

"thank the gods!" zayn said.

"just stop, like fighting over me. i'll be with who i want to be with." i said.

"does that mean you have a crush on one of us?" louis asked.

"maybe." i smiled as i walked intot he living room.

paul and my mom went to go get her stuff, so it was just me, niall and liam in the living room.

"there fighting over me." is aid.

"that's just like those 3." naill said.

"do you like any of them?" liam asked.

"well, yeah. but yeah..." i said.

"who i promise i wont tell." niall said.

"liam?" i asked.

"i promise i wont tell too." he said.

"okay, well i think i MIGHT have a little crush on Louis.." i said.

"no way." niall said.

"yes way." i smiled.

"so it's Louis you like?" harry asked.

"harry i didn't see you there." i said nervously.

"we all came in to say your room looks amazing." harry said and he moved out of the way and louis and zayn came.

"did louis or zayn hear that?" i asked.

"hear what?" zayn and louis asked at the same time.

"nothing." i said.

"harry can i talk, to you for a minute??" i asked harry.

"whatever." he said.

we walked into the kitchen.

"harry." i said.

"yes?" he said.

"are you mad?" i asked.

"a little." he said.

"well, didn't you hear me? i said i might. i have known you guys for one day. i might change my mmind sooner or later." i smiled.

harrys face looked happy again.

"now there's the happy curly haired boy i know and love!" i smiled.

"and love..?" he asked.

i got a text on my phone. i looked down. it was Donnie. Ugh.

So I came to your house, and our mom said that you didn't live there are you live with 5 popstars now?- Donnie.

"Yes. it's one direction..- Kasey.

HA! your living with 5 makeup filled divas- Donnie.

harry looked at my phone. he looked angrey.

They are not. and they are way nicer  than you!- Kasey.

"what are you going to do, go cry to Lori?- donnie.

then she will brake up with you,and you don't want that..- Kasey.

didn't you hear? we broke up. she found out i was dating Brittney too-  Donnie.

Harry looked madder.

"Harry.." i said.

"give me your phone." harry said.

i handed him my phone. texted something. then he gave me my phone back and he walked away.

he said:

don't you ever bug Kasey again. this is harry styles. don't BULLY the girl i LOVE. or else soemthing bad is coming for you.

i looked at harry. he was stairing staright at the T.V.

Ha, what is there to be afraid of? a he-she, in a curly wig?- Donnie.

Oh God.

"HARRY!" i yelled.

he looked back at me.

i told him what he said.

"i swear i will-" harry said. i cut him off.

"don't do anything." i said.

"BUT-!" harry said.

"please." i said.

"okay." harry said.

"thank youu." i smiled.

"ughh!''  yelled.

"what?" zayn asked.

"i have to go to school tomorrow!" i said.

"you have school on a saterday?" louis asked.

"i promised Mr. Parker i would help clean the art room.

"maybe we could come and help." harry said.

"okay thanks, but i'm warning you, Donnie will be there." i said.

"okay." louis said.

they looked like they were thinking something. i wanted to know what.

"well it's 10pm." i'm going to sleep." i said.

i walked into my room and fell asleep. i had a dream about harry.


Harry's POV.

"i HATE that donnie guys." i said.

"me too." everyone agreed.

i thought for a moment.

"harry what are you planning?" liam asked.

"nothing." i said with a smile.

we all went to bed. Kasey's mom and paul were not back yet.

oh well, they probably are still packing.

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