Daughter Of The Designer

Kasey's mom has just lost her job. Kasey's mom needs a job to keep the house, buy food, etc. But when Kasey's mom finds a job, Kasey is so happy. she is even Happier when she finds out her mom's new job is the clothes designer of ONE DIRECTION! her favorite boy band.


54. Hospital

Louis' POV

we took Kasey to the hospital, i really hope she will be okay, i don't know what i would do without her. but i shouldn't worry, she's a fighter.

me and the rest of the boys were waiting in the hall. waiting for the words 'She's alright, you may now go see her.'

The doctor came out.

"well boys, she is going to be okay. we just had the operation to get the bullet out. she's really fine." he said.

we all cheered.

"but-'' the doctor said.

"but what?" i asked.

"the medication we gave her to make her go to sleep worked, but too well, she's still asleep and she should have woken up hours ago, we are not sure when she is going to wake up." the doctor said.

"can we see her?" harry asked.

"you may." the doctor said opening the door.

we all surrounded Kasey.

I really hope she is going to be okay.

"i called Neala. i'm going to go pick her up, and ashley, she can't come because she is visiting her grandparents." liam said.

"i'll come with you to go get her." harry said.

Liam and Harry left.

it was just me, niall, and zayn.

"she is my girlfriend, i can't live without her." is aid.

"she is my best friend, i can't live without her." niall said.

"I'm in love with her, i can't live without her." zayn said.

"zayn, i thought you said that you didn't like Kasey, just that your resorted to Kasey because you just wanted a girlfriend?" niall said.

"i thought that. then, but since then and now, i've relised, that i am in love with her, i never just resorted to her, i really like her. i'm sorry louis, but i do. " zayn said.

"so you really do like her?" i asked.

"i really do." zayn said.

Niall's Phone went off.

"that was Liam.Neala is with them in the lobby, i'll go get them." nialls aid leaving the room.

"so, we both like her." i said.

"yes." zayn said.

"i'm her boyfriend." i said.

"i know that." zayn said.

"what's going to happen for you then?" i asked.

"i wait." zayn said.

"for what?" i asked.

"for the love of my life to love me." zayn said.

the doctor came in.

"Great news! turns out she's not alseep, she can hear, and breath, she just can't move or open her eyes." he said.

i looked at zayn.

"so she can hear our convorsations?" he asked.

"yup." he said.

"when do you think she will wake up?" i asked.

"i told you. i have no idea." he said.

"coem on!" i said.

i went over and held Kasey's Hand.

"kasey please, open your eyes, move, please." i said.

"kasey. please." zayn said.

Then Kasey's eyes fluttered open.

she sat up.

"finally, i can open my eyes and move!" she said.

"so you could hear us?" zayns aid.

"yes." she said as she blushed.

"this doesn't have to be weird does it?" zayn asked.

"nope." she said.

I hugged Kasey.

"my arm hurts." she said.

the doctor came over.

"the bullet went through your bone so you do have a broken arm, we have operated on it and put it in a cast." he said.

kasey looked at her right arm.

her whole arm, even her hand was in a cast.

"one, i am right handed, how am i going to do things, like write songs? and two, how am i going to use my crutches?" she asked.

"well we will put you in a weelchair, and someone will have to push you around, and you are going to have to get people to do things for you." eh said.

"so i can't do anything?" i asked.

"yes.' the doctor said.

"how will i use the bathroom?" i asked.

"you will need help." eh said.

"i live with 5 boys, how will i make this work?" i asked.

"your boyfriend?" he asked.

i laughed.

"when can i leave?" i asked.

"well i just need to check if everything is fine,. and if it is you can leave whenever." eh said.

he checked. i was all good.

we left.

i got into the weelchair. louis pushed me.

"you guys are basicly my servants. i need help for everything." i said with a laugh.

"your wish is my command." zayn said.

i laughed.

"is Lori you know... dead?" i asked.

"yes." zayns aid.

"oh.." i said.

we got intot he car and left. everyone else left too. we all got home. neala went home after seeing me.

we got inside. i sat on the couch.

"can i sign your cast?" harry asked.

"you all can." i said.

they all did.

the names said.


Boo Bear

DJ malik




"nice." i said.

"thanks Liam for writing your name!" is aid with a alugh.

louis kissed me on the cheek.

"can someone get me a water?"i asked.

Zayn got me one.


"i can't really open it with one hand, and it's my left too!" is aid.

zayn alughed and opened it for me.

i drank out of it and set it down.

"i think i could get use to you guys doing whatever i say whenever i say.: is aid with a alugh.

"don't get use to it, once your bones arn't broken, you can do everything yourself." harry said.

"aww." i said with a laugh.

"what about the songs?" i asked.

"niall's a good song writer, or we could as like Ed for help." Louiss said.

"i can ask Taylor to write a song with me." is aid.

"no." harrys aid.

"why not?" i asked.

"because, it will be a brake up one." he said.

"so?" i asked.

"whatever." he said.

i looked at the time. it was 1am.

"can someone carry me to bed?" i asked.

Louis picked me up bridal style and carried me to bed. i fell asleep right away. looks like getting shot in the arm and getting it fixed can take a lot out of you.


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