Daughter Of The Designer

Kasey's mom has just lost her job. Kasey's mom needs a job to keep the house, buy food, etc. But when Kasey's mom finds a job, Kasey is so happy. she is even Happier when she finds out her mom's new job is the clothes designer of ONE DIRECTION! her favorite boy band.


8. Helping Out In The Art Room.

Kasey's POV

i woke up. it was sunday, the day i promised i would help clean the art room. uggh. WAIT! didn't the boys say they would come help me? yes i'm not going to have to suffer from Donnie! today..

i put mmy hair in a bun and put of rag clothes. i didn't want my normal clothes to get all painty.. is painty a word?

i walked out. i saw all the boys in their everyday clothes.

"what are you wearing?" i asked.

"clothes." louis said.

"what are you wearing?" zayn asked.

"rags. i don't want my everyday clothes to get all painty." i said.

"is painty a word?" harry asked.

"sure it is harry." louis said while looking at harry.

harry rolled his eyes.

"it's okay we can get your mom to make us more clothes!" niall smiled.

"whatever." i rolled my eyes with a smile.

we all got into their van.

"were is  you school?" harry said.

harry was driving.

"take a left,  then go straight, then 2 rights and your there." i smiled.

harry followed as i said and we got there.

"okay follow me." i smiled.

we walked in the front i went to the office. the prinable's 11 year old daughter was sitting there.

"is that-that o-o-o-one direction?" she stumbled.

"yes they are. and they are with me. they said they would help me clean out the art room." i smiled.

"yeah right, like one direction would want to hangout with you!" she snapped.

"hey." zayn said firmly.

"we would rather hangout with her than you!" niall protested.

"guys  be nice." i said.

we walked up to the art room. i saw Donnie sitting there on his phone.

"Mr. whatever his name is left for breakfust. it's just you and me cleaning. well just you. " donnie said not looking up from his phone.

"Donnie. this is one direction they are hear to help." i smiled.

"oh what can those skinny, wimpy diva do?" donnie said not looking up from his phone.

"uh-hemm" harry said.

Donnie looked up from his phone.

"oh-hi-i-i, me and my good friend Kasey were just talking about how much she HATES you. i tried to defened you, guy code, ha, so y-a-a." donnie said.

"cut the crap we were standing here the whole time." louis said.

harry walked up to donnie face to face.

harry was taller and more buff.

"how does my 'wig.' look now?" harry said.

"not at all like a 'wig' more ike real ha-a-air.." donnie studdered.

"don't you EVER bother my- im mean our, Kasey AGAIN! you hear me?" harry said.

"load and clear." donnie said.

harry walked back behind me with the other boys.

"louis and zayn, can you clean the paint off of the paint brushes and the pallets? and liam and niall, could you please set up all 200 canvances? and harry can you help me set up all the stools?" i asked.

"what is donnie going to do?" harry asked.

"donnie usally just sit on his phone and-" i got cut off.

"and i help clean the paint on the floor huh, okay well yeah...." Donnie said.

i rolled my eyes.

liam, niall, louis, zay, and for once donnie got back to work.

"okay let's get started." i smiled.

"okay." harry said not looking away from my eyes.

"well, the stools are over there, there are 200 of the. you bring 100 to the front off the classroom and i'll bring 100 to the back." i smiled.

"okay." harry smiled.

harry started bringing chairs to the front.

"Kasey can i talk to you for a second?" Donnie asked. harry watched donnie.

"um i don't think i wa-" i got cut off AGAIN by donnie.

"it's important." donnie said.

i looked at harry. he was still stairing at donnie.

"fine." i said.

donnie brought be into the supply closet.

"what?" i asked.

"you brought 5 teen popstars here to gang up on me?" he asked.

"no i brought them to help, because ou don't help." i rolled my eyes.

"well tell the one with the big hair to back off." he said.

"he can do anything he want." i said.

"whatever." donnie said.

i walked out of the supply closet. donnie went on his phone.

the classroom looked spotless, everything was clean in place, and harry had done all the chairs. all 5 of them were at the begining of the classroom.

"guys.' i smiled.

"and DONNIE, and still clean the floors. " louis smiled.

i hugged them all. thanks guys." i smiled again.

"who wants to go out for lunch?" harry asked.

"TO NANDOS IT IS!" niall said.

we all got into the van. louis drived and beside louis in the front was zayn and niall and liam were in the middle of the van and me and harry were in the back.

"what did donnie want?" harry asked.

"he told me to tell you to back off." i said.

"what did you say?" harry asked.

"i told him you could do whatever you wanted." i smiled and looked straight in front of me. i didn't look at harry. but i had a big smile on my face.

"okay." harry said not looking away from me.

harry inwined his fingers in mine.

i looked down. he was holding my hand.

i looked at harry. he was looking straight infront of him with a big smile on his face.

"well played.." i said quitly.


Louis' POV

"good idea to clean up the art room of Kasey." zayn said to me.

"thanks. i knew she would like it. but i think she thinks it was harry's idea." i said with a frown.

i looked back at kasey. she as holding hands with harry.

"i should have sat in the back." i said.

"why?" zayn said looking at the back.

harry and kasey were holding hands.

zayn mummbled something and looked at me.

"we need to do something about this." zayn said.

"i don't want her to get mad at me though.' i said.

"okay. then let's make harry fall in love with someone else." zayn said.

"here. maybe kasey has a friend.." i said.

"and maybe that friend would like to come for a visit and date Harry styles." zayn said.

i smerked. then Kasey will be mine.

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