Daughter Of The Designer

Kasey's mom has just lost her job. Kasey's mom needs a job to keep the house, buy food, etc. But when Kasey's mom finds a job, Kasey is so happy. she is even Happier when she finds out her mom's new job is the clothes designer of ONE DIRECTION! her favorite boy band.


24. Harry

Harry's POV

so i'm dating Lori now... she's cute. i don't really know her. i think i was just trying to get Kasey jelous. yes i think i was, does that make me a bad person? okay, i think i need to brake up with Lori. it's 6 am so i'm pretty sure she will be asleep. unless she's a morning person.

i get dressed, fix my hair and do the rest of my morning stuff and i went downstairs to see Lori watching TV by herself.

"what are you doing up?" i asked.

"i don't sleep in, i woke up at 5;30." she said.

"cool." i said.

"listen Lori, we need to talk." i said.

"what ever about?" she asked.

"lori.." i began.

"harry.." she said.

"i think we should end this relationship, listen i am in love with Kasey, and i think i was just trying to make her jelous but i don't know, Lori, i am really sorry, i'm sure you will find your prince one day, it just wont be me.." i said.

"you listen here styles, i never did like one direction, nor did i like you, i like fame and money, thats what i love, i get that from my mother, so you can't just foil my plan just like that." she said getting in my face.

"wh-a-a-at?" i said.

"i said..." she said.

"i know what you said just like, is Kasey in it for the money too, does she know  about this?" i asked.

"no she loves one direction, she doesn't know about my plan, i got her to think that i'm just a normal rich kid that loves one direction because i knew one day, i would get my chance so NO one is in on my plan, execpt me and my mother, just like my last relationship with Donnie, he had money, that's why i loved him. that's what i loved about him." Lori said.

"GET OUT!" i screamed.

"listen styles i'm not leaving!" she said.

everyone came runnign downstairs.

"what's with all the shouting?" Kasey asked.

"Lori need's to leave." i said.

"what why?" liam asked.

"because she's evil!'' i said.

"i'm what?" lori said.

she playing dumb..

"listen harry, you mean to tell us you got us up at 6 am just to tell us Lori need's to leave bcause she's EVIL?!" niall said.

"yes!" i said.

"listen her plan was.." i began.

"my what?" lori said.

"listen harry, i thought you liked Lori.." kasey said.

"he just ame up to me and broke my heart.." lori said crying. or preftending to cry.

"it's okay Lori." Kasey said.

"no no no it's true, she said she wants to follow in her mothers footsteps so she wants to date one person from one direction to get money and fame!" i said.

why wasn't anyone beliving me?

"look i know she's evil too, so does zayn.." louis wispered in my ear.

"than why didn't you nor zayn say anything?" i wispered back.

"zayn didn;t say anything because you know he's at Perrie's and i didn't say anything because i knew she wouldn't belive me." louis wispered in my ear.

"look harry's right, me and zayn know how she's evil. she took me and zayn in the closet last visit, we didn't say anything because we knew you all wouldn't belive us, and know harry know's too, so is anyone going to belive us?" louis said.

"i'm going to bed come on Lori." kasey said.

"no kasey wait!" louis said.

"i can't belive you guys are lying to me! now i know the only one's to trust are liam and niall!" she said.

all four of them went upstairs. it was just me and louis.

"How are we going to prove it to them?" louis asked.

"were not going to prove it to them, Lori is." i said.

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