Daughter Of The Designer

Kasey's mom has just lost her job. Kasey's mom needs a job to keep the house, buy food, etc. But when Kasey's mom finds a job, Kasey is so happy. she is even Happier when she finds out her mom's new job is the clothes designer of ONE DIRECTION! her favorite boy band.


10. Going To The Hospital

Kasey's POV

i stood there. looking at the caller ID of who called me. it was the hospital.

zayn came up behind me.

"whats with the straight face. he looked at what i was looking at.


we all ran to the van.

we drove to the hospital.

-skip drive.-

we all ran to the front desk.

"let us see Mrs. Aurther and what was pauls last name?" i asked the boys.

"uhmm.." zayn said.

"err.." liam thought.

"Paul Higgions?" she asked.

"YES!" louis said.

"room 1589." she said.

"they are in the same room. a hospital room fits 2." she began.

"thanks." i said.

we ran into the room. paul was to the left and my mom was to the right.

i ran to my mom and the boys ran to paul.

"mom!" yelled.

she didn't respond.

"mom are you asleep?" i said.

"mom!" i said.

a doctor came in.

"okay." the doctor said.

me and the boys ran up to the doctor.

"i have to check up on them, so you guys have to wait in the hall." the doctor said.

"okay." i said.

we all went into the hall i sat beside louis.

a tear came down my face.

"how are they here anyways?" i asked.

"we can ask the doctor why and don't worry, everything is going to be alright." louis said.

"but what if it's not? but what if my mum is not okay? she is basicly my best friend.i tell her everything. she just got the job of her dreams, and i don't even know were my dad is in the world. i don't even remember him? and plus were will i go? if my mom isen't here than were will i go?" i asked louis.

"everything will be alright. and you can talk to me about anything. i don't care what it is about. you can always talk to me. and you could stay with us." louis smiled.

"thanks louis." i said.

i put my head on his sholder.

i started to drift off to sleep.

i woke up to louis saying something.

"we can go in now!" he said.

i jumped up and ran in the room. i went straight to the doctor.

"how are they here?" i asked.

"car crash." he said.

"is everything alright?" i asked.

"i have good news.." he began.

"good!" i smiled.

"and bad news.." he said.

"what's the good and bad news?" harry asked.

that was the first thing harry said since nandos.

"well, the good news is, Paul Higgins, is alright and should be able to come home when he awakens." he said.

"and the bad news?" zayn asked.

"it turns out Mrs. Aurther passed in he middle of the night." he said.

my face expression dropped, and i bursted into tears. i ran over to my mom.
''mommy. please.." i said.

i held my mother's hand.

"mommy, i need you." i said.

zayn came u behind me and put a hand on my sholder.

"mommy, i need you. i need you to be okay, mommy, i need you, who will i talk to? mommy, what will i do? mommy, you just began your dream. mommy, you finally fell in love again, mommy, i thought the good life was just starting now. mommy, i need you to awaken. mommy, you are the only one i could talk to. mommy please." i said.

"mommy, i miss you." i said.

i turned around and hugged zayn.

"i miss mommy." i said.

"i know.." he said.

all the boys pulled me into a big hug.

Paul woke up.

"were is Lillian?" he asked.

i looked at him with tears falling from my face.

"what happend." he asked.

"she passed.." i said.

"oh kasey.." he said.

"i miss her paul." i said.

"we all do." zayn said coming up behind me.

"when can i leave?" paul asked.

"you can leave whenever you wake up they said." i said.

"okay let's go."he said.

"i will call someone o pick up, your mom so we can have a funeral.." louis said.

"let's have one tonight, and a small one, just us. she hates big crouds." i said.

"okay." niall said.

we went and told the woman at the desk that we will have people coming for my mom. she told us okay.

we got into the van and went home.

an hour later the men came with my mom in her caskit.

we had a mini funeral. i cried the whole time.

after we burried her, we went back home.

"i'm going to my room." i said. i went upstairs and cried myself to sleep.


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