Daughter Of The Designer

Kasey's mom has just lost her job. Kasey's mom needs a job to keep the house, buy food, etc. But when Kasey's mom finds a job, Kasey is so happy. she is even Happier when she finds out her mom's new job is the clothes designer of ONE DIRECTION! her favorite boy band.


51. Give This Boy Another Chance.

Niall's POV

"what's wrong with Kasey?" Harry asked.

"i-i just." Louis said.

"here i'll calm her down, and don't any of you follow me. she needs her best friends help." i said.

i'm Kasey's Best friend, i think i'm the one who she needs right at this moment right?

i ran out. followed Kasey. she fell. i sat beside her. she was holding her ancle.

"kasey, kasey, are you okay?" i asked.

"no of corse i'm not okay!" she cried.


"no i will not SHHH niall, louis just kissed me and i'm not sure what to think about it!" she said.

i cringed at the word 'kissed.'

"Niall whats with you lately?" she asked me.

"nothing." i lied.

"niall even i can tell your lieing." she said.

"alright. alright. I just... I.. have been so long without my princess i just.." i said.

"niall." she said.

"fine. Kasey, I just think i'm in love." i said.


Kasey's POV

niall's in love? with who..? me, Neala?

"with who..?" i asked slowly.

"you." he said.

"i thought you liked Neala.." i said.

"i do, i just, have a feeling, that i have never felt before, when i'm around you, i think it's love, but then again, i'm not sure." niall said.

"love?" i said slowly.

"niall, i think you have been so long without your princess your going towards me. and thats not fair to me, or to you." i said.

"you think so?" he asked.

"i know so." is aid.

"now, You and Neala have some catching up to do."  i said.

"is your ancle okay?" niall asked.

"i'm not sure, at first it hurt A LOT, but now it feels num." i said.

"let's get you to the hospital." niall said.

he picked me up bridal style and we finally got back to the cottage. when niall walked in with me in his arms, Louis and Neala did the same thing. stormed out of the room.

"neala!" niall called.

he sat me down on the couch.

"okay, my foot in num, can someone please get me to the hosptial?" i asked with a laugh.

"i will." zayn offerd.

we got into the car.

"why arn't you freaking out?" he asked me.

"because, i can't feel it." i said.

"okay?" zayn said.

"If you don't mind me asking, what happend with you and louis?" zayn asked.

"he kissed me." i said looking down at my feet.

"and that bad because..."

"it's bad because, we broke up, end of story." i snapped.

"look zayn i'm sorry." is aid.

"don't worry about it." he said.

"so louis broke up with you because you couldn't tell him stuff?" zayn asked.

"yes." i said.

"like what?" he asked.

"i don't remember." i said.

"do you really?" zayn asked.

"i really don't." i lied.

i really just didn't want to talk about it.

"okay." zayn said.

we got to the hospital. they said that my foot was broken. i got a cast on, and they said i could leave whenever.

me and zayn desided to go back asap.

-Skip Drive.-

we walked in. it kept stumbling because i didn't know how to use crutches.

everyone was on the couch.

"louis." i said.

"niall explained everything." Neala said.

"well good because i couldn't live my life with either of you mad at me." i said looking at Louis.

i tried to get to the couch but i was stumbling on my crutches. Loui came to help.

"thanks, i don't really know how to use these." i said.

"were did ashley and harry go?" i asked.

"on a date." Neala said.

"already?" i asked.

"yup." she said.

"they must be ment to be." is aid.

"let's just hope Harry stops being a player." liam said.

we all laughed.

"are we cool?" louis wispered to me.

"were cool." i wispered back.

he smiled.

"but we are not back together." i wispered.

"why not?" he wispered back.

"because, my heart is still broken."

"so is mine."

"your the one who broke up with me."

"your the one who kept secrets."

i sighed.

"i think i'm going to bed. it's 10." i said.

"you always stay up late though." Liam said.

"well not today." i said.

i started going to my room. i stumpled and my crutches fell. i tried to stand up, but it wouldn't work.

Louis came to help me.

"you know it's really hard to storm out of the room when i need help from the person i'm trying to get away from." i said.

Louis smiled.

i got into mine and Niall's room. i lied down on the bed. the next thing i know, i was asleep.


Niall's POV

"Neala can you come into the kitchen with me?" i asked.

"sure?" she said.

we  wallked into the kitchen.

"uhm, now that your here, i was wondering, will you be my, uhm, girlfriend?"  i asked.

she smiled.

yes." she wispered.

i smiled.


everyone clapped. me and Neala went into the living room again.

"i really want Kasey back." Louis said.

"how will i get her back?" he asked.

"wait a while, gain her a friend trust first." liam said.

"or you can just keep asking her out untill she says yes." zayn joked.

"i'm going with Liam's idea." louis said with a laugh.

"i really love her." Louis said.

suddenly Kasey appeared into the living room.

"i really love you too." she said.

Louis turned around. they hugged.

"does this mean you forgive me?" Louis asked.

"yes i do." kasey said.

they kissed.

"great now i'm the only single one." zayns aid.

we all laughed.

"wait i thought you went to sleep." louis said.

"i fell asleep, but then i wokeup, still thinking about you, and thats when i knew, give that boy another chance." she said.

"awww." Neala said.

"niall, can i switch back rooms?" kasey asked.
"sure." i said.

we moved kasey's stuff and liams stuff around again,, and Neala and Ashley went home, and Harry came back home to our place. we all fell asleep.

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