Daughter Of The Designer

Kasey's mom has just lost her job. Kasey's mom needs a job to keep the house, buy food, etc. But when Kasey's mom finds a job, Kasey is so happy. she is even Happier when she finds out her mom's new job is the clothes designer of ONE DIRECTION! her favorite boy band.


36. Dream

Kasey's POV

i ended up crying myself to sleep. i remember louis carrying me upstairs.


i was on the beach and i saw someone running towards me, it was the exact same thing that niall told me to imagine before, i knew it was going to be liam running towards me like before. but no, someone else was runing towards me. it was niall. not liam.

"niall?" i said.

"i found my princess." he said.

"you did?" i asked.

"i'm your princess!" i said with a smile.

"no Neala is my princess, remember?" niall said.

"but nial, i thought.. we were.. niall." i said.

"mwhahahahaha." niall said.

-End Of Dream.-

i woke up breathing hard.

does this mean i'm in love with niall.

i walked out of my room.

i saw louis standing outside my door. we pushed me back in my room lightly and followed me inside. he closed the door, locked it, and stood infront of it.

"what gives louis?" i asked.

"you need to stay in your room, i'll keep you company." he said.

i wasn't going tio even bother asking why. louis is louis, just plain..... louis.

i laughed.

"sleep well?" he asked.

"uhm.. yes but i had a very interesnting dream.." i said.

"what was it..?" louis asked.

"uhm... i don't think i should tell you." i said.

"why not?" louis asked.

"because of what you said before, you think i like everyone but you.." i said.

"please just tell me." he said.

"okay.." i said.

well, before whn i came to niall for advise to see because i wasn't sure who i was ment to be with, you, him, or liam.so he told me to close my eyes. imagine i was on bach. and imagine someone running towards you, your future boyfriend, and who it was, was who i was ment to be with. and i saw liam. and i had a dream just know, that i was on a beach, and i saw someone running towards me, and it was niall, not liam. it was niall, now i'm wondering if i am ment to be with niall. this relationship stuff is hard and i really, just don't want to seem like i want to date every guys and brake up, but really i am just trying to find my prince." i said.

louis looked sad.

"this is why i didn't want to say anything, i didn't want to see a sad louis." i said.

he smiled. you could tell it was a forced smile.

"besides you are with El, and even you said you liked her more." i said.

louis went silent.

"because i'm trying to get over the fact that i am in love with you, Kasey you don't know how much it hurts to have someone your in love with like everyone but you, i really don't mean to hurt your feelings aor make you sad or anything, but really i started dating El again because i needed to get over the fact that i really like you." louis said.

"Louis, in your opiton, who do you think i am ment to be with?" i asked him.

"me." he said.

"and thats not just because you want me to date you?" i asked.

i looked up at him.

"kasey, think about it. really hard. me, liam or niall. who could you see yourself with?" louis asked.

"louis niall already asked me questions like this!'' i said.

"who?" louis said.

"liam because he is my boyfriend right now!" i said.

"since you dated me, and your dating liam, i think you need to try dating with niall to see who you think the relationship went well with, i know it doesn't sound right, but i din't know what else to do." louis said.

"what about Neala, she likes niall, niall likes her.." i said.

"then there a couple then." louis said.

"so what do i do?" i asked.

"i don't know Kasey, i a out of ideas.." louis said.

"all i know is you can;t jus keep going around braking peoples hearts, making them fall in love with you ad what not." louis said.

"i know.." i said.
"kasey i din't mean to hurt you feelings.." louis said.

"no no you didn't know i'm just thinking.." i said.

"about what?" louis asked.

"on who i am ment to be with." i said.

"have you decided?" louis asked.

"yes i've decied i am ment to be with 100%.." i began but then louis' phone rang.

louis looked at it.

"you are now free to go downstairs." louis said.

"wait who are you ment to be with?" louis asked.

"i think i am ment to be with....." i paused. yes for sure i am ment to be with him.

"who?" louis asked.

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