Daughter Of The Designer

Kasey's mom has just lost her job. Kasey's mom needs a job to keep the house, buy food, etc. But when Kasey's mom finds a job, Kasey is so happy. she is even Happier when she finds out her mom's new job is the clothes designer of ONE DIRECTION! her favorite boy band.


25. Date with Niall and Lori The Evil

Kasey's POV

i can't belive they would accuse Lori of being evil! like how old are they? 5?

well now that i'm up i might as well get dressed for my park date with niall. finally one of them tells me were we are going.

i put on my blue dress with a black leather jacket (fake leather.) and my hight tops. i put my hair in a poony tail, like i usally do.

i walked downstairs and say Louis and harry in the kitchen and niall and liam in the living room.

"I'm ready." i said.

"you look nice." niall said.

"were did zach go? he wasn't here this morning." i said.

"he went home last night." liam said.

"oh oaky." i said.

"bye!" i said.

me and niall went out to the front.

"the park is just a block down so i thougth we could walk if you don't mind." niall said.

"okay." i said back.

we started walking.

"i don't know much about you." niall said.

"i don't know much about you either." i smiled.

"wanna play questions? were i ask you a question you answer then you ask me a question and i asnwer?" niall sai.

"sure." i smiled.

"i'll go first." niall said.

"what do you want to do for a living?"


"what would you want to do if you were no in one direction?"

"i don't know i would probably just sing solo."

"have you ever had a boyfriend before?"

"yes only one. but that was in grade 8 and it lasted for 6 weeks if that counts."

"have you ever had a girlfriend before?"


"have you ever had your first kiss?"

"nope my last boyfriend never kissed me, he acted like we were just friends."

"have you ever had your first kiss?"

"just my friend's relative that came over , she was french."

"who was your favorite in the band?"

"i never had a favorite i liked you guys all the same."

"do you have a crush right now?"

"i might."

"do YOU have a crush right now?"

"i might."

"uhm... who is your best friend in the band?"


"who are you closest to right now in the band?"

"probably louis, right now."

"were here." niall said pointing to the park a head of us.

"okay." i said smilinga t niall.

niall held my hand.

i blushed.

we walked over to the park.

"push me on the swing!" niall said.

"really?" i giggled.

"yes!" he said.

"okay!" i said.

i pushed Niall on the swing.

"i can push myself from here!" nialls said.

"okay." is aid back.

he pushed himse;lf so highhe went flying off the swing and landed in the feild.

"niall!" i said running after him.

"niall?" i said.

"GOT YA!' niall said tickling me.

"hey i thought you wree hurt!'' i said between laughs.

Niall stoped tickling me and we layed down ont he felid side by side.

niall held my hand again.

"i'm having fun so far." i said looking at him.

"i had fun too." he said moving a peice of hair out of my face.

he turned my way our faces were inches apart.

we stared into each others eyes.

"LET'S GO TO NANDOS!" niall screamed.

i laughed

we got up.

"it'snt nando's like far away?" i asked.

"oh yeah.." he said.

"i have soemthing else i mind." niall said getting close to me.

then e swooped me into his arms and started running.

"hey!" i said.

he carried me to the little playhouse.

"niall we are too big for this!" i said as he got in too.

"fine!" he said as we got out.

"let's go back to the house." niall said.

"okay." i said.

-skip walk back.-

"were home!'' niall screamed.

"did you guys have fun?" Liam asked.

"yes!" we both said.


Louis' POV

I think harry's plan is going to work.

"Lori!: i aclled.

"coming!" she said.

me and harry waited in the kitchen.

she came.

"yes?" she asked.

"we are willing to give you 2,000 dollars if you prove to the rest of the that you really ARE evil and not mention the money, and leave and never come back." harry said.

"i guess that could work.. then after i get the 2 grand i could use it to fly to Turkey and move in with my super rich aunt... DEAL!' she said.

"you have to prove it to them WIHTOUT mentioning us or the money and make it real then we give you the money and you NEVER come back." i said.

"fine." she said.


we followed close behind Lori to make sure that she did as asked.

"we are in the living room!" kasey said.

"okay well, i have something to tell you.." lori said.

"yes?" kasey said.

"i am really following in my mother's footsteps, and i was in it for money and i am really sorry, and i'm leaving to live with my aunt.." lori said.

"you mean harry and louis were telling the truth?" kasey asked.

"yes." she said.

"i want your stuff out of my hosue and i wnatyou gone in 10!!!!!!!!" kasey said.

"okay." lori said.

me, harry and Lori went upstairs into kasey's room and got Lori's stuf ready.

"were's my 2 grand?" lori said.

we will personaly drive you to the airport and pay the man." harry said.

"fine!" lori napped.

we got all of lori''s stuff and we were off to the airport.

"me and harry will be right back!" i called.

"okay!" kasey said.

and we were off to the airport.




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