Daughter Of The Designer

Kasey's mom has just lost her job. Kasey's mom needs a job to keep the house, buy food, etc. But when Kasey's mom finds a job, Kasey is so happy. she is even Happier when she finds out her mom's new job is the clothes designer of ONE DIRECTION! her favorite boy band.


29. Danni's Little Crush

Kasey's POV

zayn left my room.

i texted Danni.

hey it's Kasey would you like to go to McDonalds?-Kasey

sure. meet you there in 5.-Danni

''Can someone give me a drive to McDonalds i'm meeting Danni there." i said.

"i will." harry said.

-Skip Drive.-

"thanks harry." i said as i walked in i saw Danni sitting ina  booth. i sat across from her.

"hey." i smiled.

''hey." she said.

"hey why did you brake up with Liam?" i asked.

"uhm, i liked someone else." she said.

"who?" i asked.

"uhm.." she mummbled.

"Danni." i said.

"fine it's harry. i'm in love with Harry." she said.

"really?" i asked.

"yes." she said.

"you two would make a cute couple." i smiled.

"really?'' she asked.

"you should ask him out." i smiled.

"do you think he would say yes?" she asked.

i knew harry liked me.. i texted harry.

"one momment." i said to danni.

i started texting harry.

hey, Danni's pretty cute right?- Kasey

Yeah i guess why?- Harry

would you ever date her?- Kasey

Why?- harry

Would you?- Kasey

I have known her for a long time, i have never thought about it cause you know, she was always with liam... time to think about it, yes i would- Harry

"yes!" i said aloud.

"what?" she asked.

"i can say 100% honstly that he would say yes!" i said.

"what did you say to him?" she asked.

i showed her the texts.

i texted harry to come down here.

"here. i exted harry to come down here, you two can have a little alone time.." i smiled.

"thank you so much." danni said.

"no problem." i smiled.

i walked home.

-Skip Walk.-

"IM HOME!' i screamed.

"who does he like?" liam asked.

"harry. and now, thanks to me, they are now a couple." i smiled.

"really?' liam asked.

"yup!'' i said as i poped the 'p'.

louis came up to me.

"can i speak with you alone?" he asked.

"okay." i said.

we walked into the kitchen.

"so harry and danni are a thing now?' louis asked.

"how did you know?" i asked.

he showed me a picture. it was a picture harry posted on twitter of them kissing.

"ohh!" i said.

"and i want to say something else. you know harry is now with danni, so he must not like you anymore, and liam and niall just started liking you, and zayn stopped liking you. now you can see that i have liked you for a long time without making you cry, get mad, or anything, we are great friends, and i really want to say we would make a good couple. i know you would be good with liam because he would treat you well and he's really sweet, and niall would be good for you becasue he is cute and irish, and i would be good for you because i can care for you never even THINK about braking your heart and make you laugh whenever. i want you to relise that i would do anything for you kasey, andything at all. i think i'm in love with you kasey, and you don't knwo how hard it is loving someone and not being with them. i want to be your man, i want to be your guys, i want to be your boyfriend kasey, i want you to relise how much i really care." louis said.

"louis.." i said.

"yeah?" he asked.

"yes." i said.

"yes what?" he asked.

"yes i will go out with you." i said.

"yes!'' lousis aid. i hugged him.

i looked behind louis and saw niall standing there, tears in eyes, gutair in hand, and papers in other.

"niall!" i said.

he ran upstairs.

"louis.." i said.

"go after him." he smiled.

" thank you." i said.

i ran upstairs and went to niall's room. his door was locked.

"niall!" i said.

"what's wrong?" i asked.

he un locked the door.

"What's wrong? what's wrong? i just saw the girl i love say yes to goig out with one of my best mates. i was about to come over to you and show you the song i wrote. i haven't been talking much latly because i have been taking all my time writing a song about you. " niall said.

"let's hear it." i said.

"what?" he asked.

"i want to hear the song you wrote." i smile.

"okay." niall said.

he picked up he lyrics and read off them and started snging a song. it was about a guy loving a girl that he wishes were his.

"niall.." i said.

"yeah?" he asked.

'' can you keep a secret?" i asked.

"yes." he said.

"i am in love with you, liam and louis, i really dont' know who to pick, so i just went with louis because he asked me." i said.

"really?" he asked.

"yes." i said.

niall kissed me on the cheek.

"what do i do niall?'' i asked.

"who do you have the most fun around?" niall asked.

''all of you." i say.

"okay.. uhm... who do you think would be best for you?" niall asked.

"i don't know." i said.

"close your eyes." niall said.

i did  as told.

"imagine you are on a beach.. and you see a boy running towards you, your future boyfriend.... who do you see?" niall asked.

"i see someone really cute, i know, them, it's one of you three, it's......... Liam." i said.



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