Daughter Of The Designer

Kasey's mom has just lost her job. Kasey's mom needs a job to keep the house, buy food, etc. But when Kasey's mom finds a job, Kasey is so happy. she is even Happier when she finds out her mom's new job is the clothes designer of ONE DIRECTION! her favorite boy band.


48. Consert

Kasey's POV

i woke up to louis.

"hey beautiful." he said.

"hey." i said.

"it's 8. he have to get out outfits done. our hairtyle and makeup girl is in the living room.

"mm." i said,

"come on." he said.

"fine." i said,

i got up. i stretched.i brushed my teeth. then i put on my outfit. i looked beautiful, you know besides the fact my hair was a mess and i had no makeup.

i brushed my hair. i went into the living room. everyone went "ahhh."

"thanks" i asked.

"okay, well i'll do liam first because all i have to do it brush his hair because it's really short.

she  brushed it.

"now louis, you hair is the second easyest.

louis went over. she brushed it. then she gelled it so i was sticking up to the side.

"niall." she said.

niall sat down.

she brushed his hair, and she she gelled it up.

"zayn!" she said.

she brushes zayns hair, but then she gelled it up, and hairspray,

"why and hairspray?" i asked.

"because, his hair is so think it falls." she said.

"harry>" she said.

harry said down. she brushed out his curls. the she grabbed some mouse and fluffed his hair everywere so it looked messy, but not bed head messy.

"no kasey." she said.

"why is her hair harder?" zayn asked.

"because, number one, it needs to look 100% perfect, and two, she has longer hair, her hair is down to her butt for gods sakes." she said,

i laughed.

"hat am i going to do with you hair.." she said.

"oh!" she said.

she brushed my hair out, then she did a crown braid.

i looked super pretty. she hairspayed it so much it was hard.

"my hair is hard." i alughed.

"but it's perfect! she said.

then she went  onto makeup. she did allt he boys first because all she had to do is cover up pimples and stuff.

"girls makeup takes a long time doesn't it?" zayna sked.

"thats why i made an extra hour." she said.

she first put on cover up, then she put on blush, then red lipstick to match my dress, then she put on a smokey eye shadow, then she put on thick fake lashs, than maskara, then eyes liner, then she tiuched it up. she was done. i looked into the mirror. i looked beautiful it was the best i ahve ever looked.

"will i look this good every consert.

"yes." seh said.

'wow thanks." i said

i hugged her.

"what's your name?'' ia sked.

"Patty." she said.

"thanks Patty." i said.

"now it's 1, so we should leave." liam said.

we all got intot he big white limo,

"i'm really excited!" is aid.

i was shaking.

as soon as we got there, there were tons of fans.

"we can talk, or sign, or do anything, or else it will mess up or hair or something, i don't know Patty said no, she said after the consert we can though." liam said.

Paul gided us through. then we got inside. we were in this cool little room. it had a couch and a tv, and a fridge,

the walls were blue.

"i'm excited, i saw a couple signs that said 'We Love Kasey Aurther." i said.

"you have fans already!" niall said.

"i'm really excited!!!" i said.

it was 2pm.

"time to go on." liam said.

we alll walked on. our mics were set up from left to right, it went, zayn harry, niall, me, louis, liam,

me and niallw ere in the middle.

i was shaking.

"as you know, this is Kasey's first preformance, beside at her birthday party, but it's her first in front of the fans." niall said.

"she she wrote this wonderful song for us, it's amazing." zayns aid.

"put your hand up if you are a kasey aurther fan already?" liam said.

86% of the hnads shot up.

"well, i think kasey would like to say a few words." harry said.

'' thanks guys, well thank you all for coming, i'm really excited, and happy, i'm hoping you liek the song i wrote, it's called 'Beach.' " is aid.

the music started playing.

liam sang first. then zayn and niall sang together, the the corous were we all sang, then louis and harry sang together, then it was my solo, i think i sounded great, the croud rawred when i sang. then the corus, and a couple other parts. the song was done.

"thank you all!" i said.

we all walked off.

"that was amazing!" liam said.

"oh my god, i'mm living the dream!" i said.

"Yes you are!" harry said.

i hugged all the boys.

i can't belive i didn't mess up.

that was amazing

that was nerve wracking

that was... exciting.

"well let's go talk to the fans." liam said.

"let's go in 2's, niall and kasey, will go, me and louis, and zayn and liam." harrys aid,

we all agreed.

i smiled at niall. we went out to talk to fans.

me and niallw ent up to 2 girls.

"oh my god! oh my god! niall marry me?!" one said.

niall laughed.

"oh kasey, you preformance was amazing u

i'm a fan, a hiuge fan, we shoudl make up a fan name for kasey aurther!" one said.

i smiled at niall.

"THANK YOU ALL!: i said.

we all got back into the limos. we got back to the hotel, i took my hair out of the vrown things and put on my Pjs, i took off the makeup. i sat on the couch and went on twitter. i had 8million followers.

i read some tweets.

hey i made up this fan name Aurthettes! please trend.

after i read that twet i showed the boys and RTed. soon enought everyone was trending Aurthettes.

 i guess thats what my fans are called now.

a guy tweet to me.

ette's mean female, so male fans of kasey should be called Aurtherils? cause il is masculan? i don't know.

i tweeted;

thanks guys, i had so much fun, i love you all of my Aurthette's and Aurtheril's!

i got 687 Rts in a minute 54 favorites, and about 1002 tweets in only 5 minutes.

all the boys laughed.

"what?" i asked.

"your boy and girl fan names are just  cute." louis said.

i laughed too.

"were are we going next?" i asked.

"well, Simon said we need to make an album and then we can go on tour." nialls aid.

"i'll work on some songs, in the meantime, what?" i asked.

"we rent a place here in toronto." louis said.

"okay." i said.

i went into my and louis' bed. it was 8;00pm, but  i was pretty tired,.



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