Daughter Of The Designer

Kasey's mom has just lost her job. Kasey's mom needs a job to keep the house, buy food, etc. But when Kasey's mom finds a job, Kasey is so happy. she is even Happier when she finds out her mom's new job is the clothes designer of ONE DIRECTION! her favorite boy band.


44. Birthday Party!

Kasey's POV

ihad just finished opening presents. i heard a knock at the door.

all the boys looked at each other than looked at me.

"i'll answer the door, liam, please take Kasey upstairs and get her, her outfit." Louis said.

"outfit?" i asked.

liam took me upstairs by the hand. then he went into the supply closet and got out a beautiful dress.

"put this on." liam said.

"okay?" i said.

i did as told i went into my room and put on the dress. it was a form fitting, short, (but not too short) pink dress, it was strapless. it had a black belt on it with a little bow on the side. it was beautiful.

then i opened the door. there were a pair of black high heals, makeup, and a bunch of hair stuff. and a note. i opened the note.

Dear Kasey,

i forgot the shoes and i went into the bathroom and grabbed what I thought a girl would need to make herself look pretty, i'[m not saying girls arn't pretty just that girl like this stuff right? i don't know. just please get ready.

Love, Liam.

i laughed and put on the heals, put on fake eyelashs, pink eyeshadow, and red lipstick. i straightend my hair. and i did something i never thought i would ever do, i kept my hair down.

i smiled at my appearance in the mirror.

i walked downstairs. everyone yelled "SUPRISE!"
everyone was there, Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall, Zayn, all in tuxs.

and there were a lot of famous people.

Taylor Swift, Demi Lavoto, Justin Beiber, Ed Sheeran, Kesha, Lady gaga, Usher, Cody Simpson, Austin Mahone, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Jennette McCurdy, Zach Effron, Debby Ryan, Drake Bell, Miranda Cosgrove, Tiffany Thornton, Bella Thorne, Sterling Knight, Madison Pettis, Becky G, Cher Lloyd,  Payton List, All Of R5, Etc, there were tons of people!!

i went up to Louis.

"did you guuys do this?" i asked.

it was amazing, there was a bar, a DJ, disco lights, anything you could imagine, it was there.

"anything for my girl." he said.

"i have never had a birthday party before." i said.

"really?!" louis said.

"yeah.." i said.

"well you look beautiful. tonights about you, be young have fun, be wild, do whatever, besides, your offically aloud to drink now.." louis said with a smerk.

"i have always wanted to try a beer." i said.

"well only have a little of one, since you have never had one it might make you drunk right away." louis laughed.

i had a beer.

i took a sip.

"not as good as i thought it would be but still good." i said.

"well i'm going to go mingle."  i said.

i walked around. i wasn't looking were i was going and i bumped into someone, it was Taylor Swift.

"oh my god i'm so sorry!" i said.

"it's fine, hey arn't you the birthday girl?" taylor asked.

"yeah." i said.

me and taylor sat down and had a convo. she's really nice, and really funny, i don't get why people think she's crazy or dates every guy, she said she has only dated 17 guys, sure thats a lot, but think about how many harry has dated,

i think me and Taylor might be great friends. finally today i can make some girlfriends.

"well i'm going to talk  to justin." taylor said.

"okay bye!" i said back.

i was walking again. i bumped into someone else.

"what is with me and bumping into people today, i'm so sorry." i said.

i looked up there stood Ross Lynch from R5.

"hey are you kasey the birthday girl?" eh asked.

"yeah." i said.

"how old?" he asked.

"19." i said.

"cool. i turned 19  5 weeks ago." he said.

i have to admit, Ross has always been my celebratey crush.

"we should hangout sometime." ross said.

"here's my number. call me." i said.

writing my phone number on his wrist.

he walked away smiling. so did i.

a slow song came on. i sat down.

justin beiber came up to me.

"hey yu wanna dance?" he asked.

"nothanks. i have a boyfriend, but you knnow who would love to dance? taylor," i said.

"sure." he said walking away.

nearly a second past.

Ross came up to me.

"would you like to dance?" he asked.

i waited my whole life to dance with ross, but i can't.

"i'm sorry, i have a boyfri-" i said.

i looked to my left.

i saw louis. dancing. with El.

"sure." i said turning back to ross.

we went to the middle of the dance floor.

we were so close are cheasts touched.

"are you having a good birthday so far?" he asked.

"yes. " i said.

"your so lucky." he said.

"why?" i asked.

"every single person here got you a present." He said.

"WOW REALLY?" I asked.

"yes. you seemed suprised." he said.

"this si my first birthday party, when i lived with my mum, we didn't have a lot of money, you know..?" i said.

"oh. well all these preasents must make up for it." he said.

i laughed.

the song was over.

"i'm going to talk to the rest of the band." he said.

"okay." i said.

he walked away.

i went up to a group of girls.

"hey i'm kasey the birthday girl, do you mind if i join you?" i asked.

"sure." jennette said.

"thanks." i said sitting down.

this group was a bunch of girls talking, i guess age didn't matter when it came to talking  and hanging out for girls because there were differnt types of ages, like Payton List was here, and she's 15, and Adele was here, and she's like 23.

"are you 19?" ariana asked me.

"yup!" i said.

"happy birthday!" everyone said.

"aww thanks guys!" i said.

"i think you will like what i got you!" ariana said.

"spoiler alert, it's a charm braslet." jennette said.

everyone laughed.

"don't worry she didn't poil it, i didn't get you that. i got you something better!" she said.

"thanks!" i said.

"here does everyone want to exange numbers so we can all hangout again?" carly rae jepson asked.

"sure." we all said.

everyone got out their phones and changed numbers. i have a lot of contacts now, i was sitting with about 46 girls so thats a lot.

"so how are you and niall doing?" debby ryan asked.

"niall ?" i asked.

"yeah you and him are holding hands on this magazine!" carly said holding up a magazine.

"me and niall are just friends, i'm dating louis, who seems to be having more fun with el right now than me." i said.

louis and el were kissing.

"wo wo wo, he's  cheating?" ari said.

"i don't think he's cheating, i think he's drunk." adele said.

we all laughed.

"i'll talk with him later, right now i'm going to have fun, if he wants to be with el right now, than i might as well mingle!" i said.

all the girls and i got up to dance.

i found Zach Effron.

"remember me?" i asked.

"who could forget you?" he asked.

"wanna dance?" i asked.

"arn't you with louis?" he asked

i pointed to louis, he was still kissing el.

"oh.." he said,

we went to the dance floor  and started dancing.

He was a good danser.

the song was over and he went back to talking to Usher.

i found niall.

"hey." i said.

"hey." he said.

"No beer's yet?" i asked him.

"not even one." he said.

"do you wanna dance?" i asked him.

"what about you and louis?" he asked.

i pointed to louis. he was STILL kissing el.

"wow, what a jerk." niall said.

we went to dance.

a slow song came on. we slow danced.

we were so close, our cheasts touched, just like when me and ross danced.

"are you and louis like.. not dating now?" niall asked.

"i don't know, ill have a talk with him after my party, or tomorrow, whichever one." i said.

"okay." niall said.

i held him tighter.

"miss me?" he laughed.

"sorry." i said.

"did you meet anyone?" he asked.

"well i have 46 new contacts on my phone, and i gave ross my number, and taylor and zach have mine, cause i gave it to them. so yeah a lot." i laughed.

"meet any girl friends?" he asked.

"yeah, tons, finally a GIRL friend. there is nothing wrong with you guys, just you guys can't be there when i neeed some girl talk, you know?" i asked him.

"you relise a pic of us holding hands is on a magazine?" he said.

"i saw." i said.

the song was over.

"did you know age does't really matter when girls hangout? like adele and payton were talking, paytons 15, and adeles like 23." i said.

"yup, celebs are differnt. age doesn't matter." he laughed.

zayn went on stage.

"hey guys! well you may or may not know this but kasey Auther our birthday girl has just joined one directions and she wrote us a new hit single, that will be relised in like a week, we just need a cover photo and stuff, yeah, well i thought, and simon said it was okay, if we sing the song for you gusy!" zayn said.

the croud cheered.

simon came on stage. zayn went on.

the instremts came on and 6 mics were set up,from left to right the mics went, liam, zayn, niall, kasey, harry, louis.

we all went on.

we sang the song.

we rocked,

my first preformance, and it was awesome. i wan't nervous, i didn't forget any lines, nothing. i think i found my dream job, and i'm living it.

i came off.

"you were amazing." ross said.

"you didn't tell us you were in one direction!" ari said.

"our in a band with 5 cute guys, lucky!" carly said.

"i'm glad your living your dream." taylor said.

"congrats! i know i'm only 15, and you are 19 so you are 4 years older, but you seem really nice, we should hangout sometime." payton said.

"maybe me and you, just me and you, not the boys, no offence to them, should do a song together". taylor said.

"i would like that!" i said.

i gave a big smile.

"kasey, i'm so proud!" Zach said.

"thanks!" i said.

i was given about 100000000000000000 hugs.

"say cheese!" a photographer that harry hired said.

he took a pic with me, a bunch of girls, and ross and zach.

so far, i think taylor is my best friend.

someone pulled my arm. i looked over. it was harry.

"can we talk?" he asked with something in his hand.

"sure.." i said.

me and harry went into the kicthen privatly.

"explain this." harry said showing me the magazine with me and niall holding hands.

"i-" i bbegan. i was cut off by harry.

"well louis saw it, got mad, got drunk , and since he's drunk, he's doin gstupid things. look at him, he had been kissing his ex girlfriend el for every free second he has." harry said.

"well, me and niall are just friends. all we did was hold hands. he was telling me about Neala, i'm sorry." i said.

"say sorry to louis." he said.

"i will tomorrow, when he's not drunk-" i said.

"whatever." harry said walking away.

taylor came up to me.

"what did he want?" she asked.

"well, appearnly louis saw the magazine with me and niall holding hands, he got drunk, and now he's doing this!" is aid pointing to louis kissing el.

"oh..' taylor said.

"well don't worry, forget about him, i will help you deal with it tomrrow, today is your birthday have fun!" she said.

"Your right." i said.

today is my day, all this drama, will be dealt with tomorrow.

i just hope louis understands me and niall are just friends.

i can only hope.


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