Daughter Of The Designer

Kasey's mom has just lost her job. Kasey's mom needs a job to keep the house, buy food, etc. But when Kasey's mom finds a job, Kasey is so happy. she is even Happier when she finds out her mom's new job is the clothes designer of ONE DIRECTION! her favorite boy band.


45. Birthday Party! Part 2

Louis' POV

a slow song came on. i went to find Kasey. suddenly Carly came up to me.

"did you see?" she asked me.

"what?" i asked.

she showed me a magazine. on the front cover was a picture of Kasey and Niall holding hands. was she cheating on me?

"i need to go talk to her, this can't be right." i said.

i walked around the whole place. i couldn't find her. then i bumped into El.

"oh hi El, have you seen Kasey?" i asked her.

"no. but would you like a drink?" she asked me.

i sighed.

"whatever. i'll have a drink. but only ONE. i don't want to be drunk for this party." i said.

"sure." she said.

we walked up the bar.

"i'll have a beer." i said..

"some shots for me." she said.

"ohh, you think you can handle them?" i asked her.

"yes i can." she said.

"want to have a compation?" she asked.

"what type?" i asked.

"who can drink 10 shots the fastest?" she asked.

"no, that will make me drunk.." i said.

"oh, little girls afriad of loosing?" she said.

"NO!" i never loose. i know this isn't right.. but i'm not a little girl...

"you on!" i said.

we did the shots. i won. of corse. but me and her were drunk.

next thing i knew we were kissing.


Kasey's POV.

"taylor your right. i need to get my mind off things. " i said.

"let's go mingle." she said.

and we were on the dance floor.

Payton came up to me.

"okay, i'm going home,. i hate being around so many sweaty drunk bodys. bye, thanks for inviting me!" she said.

"no problem?" i basicly asked.

she left.

i got a text.

i looked down at my phone.

it was from Zach.

Were are you?- Zack.

Dance Floor, you?- Kasey

Come To The Kitchen.- Zach.

Okay?- Kasey.

i went into the kitchen. zach was standing there.

"hey." i said.

"sorry i needed some air, too many drunk people." he joked.

i laughed.

"don't worry, i'm not drunk, i have had one sip of a beer, if that even counts." i laughed.

taylor came up behind me.

"come on!" she yelled.

"what?" i asked.

"I need to show you something!" she said.

"bye!" i said to zach.

Taylor basicly dragged me to the dance floor.

Zayn was agruing with Perrie.

"who even let you in? your not invited!" zayn said.

"yes and?" Perrie said.

"just leave, you weren't invited don't ruin this night for kasey!" zayn said.

"i'm not riuning this for Kasey!" she said.

"well your riunning it for me!" zayn said.

"why don't you leave then?" she asked.

"my house, my rules." zayn said.

"perrie just leave. i don't want any drama, and clearly zayn doesn't want you here. please leave." i said.

"fine. But i'll be back Malik, i'm only leaving because it's her birthday!" perrie said running out of the house.

"thanks." zayn said.

"no problem." i replyed.

i hugged zayn.

"do you miss perrie?" i asked him.

"no. she was too clingy." he said.

"zayn meet some girls dance, mingle, " i said.

"okay." zayn said.

i let go of him.

"come on i want to show you something!" taylor said.

"this wasn't it?" i asked.

"No come on!" she said dragging me.

she dragged me to ariana, she was on the floor.

"oh my god what happend?!" i asked.

"she ate a peanut!" jennette said.

"she's alergic!" miranda said.

"okay call 911!" i said.

Jennette called and soon an ambulance was here. jennette and Miranada left with ariana.

"let's hope she's okay." miranada said.

"well, when she wakes up tell her, we should hangout sometime and thanks for comming!" i said.

"will do Jennette said.

they left.

"thank you for showing me that taylor, i wouldn't want anything to happen to Ariana, or anyone for that matter." i said.

i turned around. i thought i was talking to taylor, but i wasn't. ross was standing there. i jumped.

"sorry to scare you." he said with a laugh.

"no, i just thought you were taylor." i said with a laugh.

"well do you want to dance?" he asked me.

"um, i'm starrting to get a headake, i think i'm going to sit down." i said.

i walked out of the croud and went into the kitchen and sat at the kitchen table. ross sat with me.

"you don't have to stay with me if you don't want to." i said.

"no it's fine. i like hanging out with you" he said.

"thanks." i said back.

"we really should hangout sometime." i said.

"we will. i promise." ross said.

time went bye. i danced i had fun.

everyone left. the only people who were here were, louis, niall, zayn, liam, harry, taylor, me, and ross.

"well i'm going to bed." liam said.

"and i think i'm going to bed and i'll put louis to bed too." harry said.

those 3 went upstairs.

"well me and zayn are going to bed." niall said.

"we are?" zayn asked.

"we are." niall said.

they walked upstairs.

"well i have to go. i had a really nice time." ross said.

"thanks. i had a nice time too." i said.

"bye!" he said.

"bye." i said closing the door behind him.

"when are you going to open you presents?" taylor asked.

i looked at all the presents. it was a huge pile. it was in the corner, the pile was so big it touched the roof.

"the question is, were am i going to put it all?" i laughed.

"i'll open them tomorrow." i said.

"okay, well it's 4am, i better go." taylor said.

"okay bye taylor!" i said.

"bye!" she saisd as she left and closed the door behind her.

i went to go to bed but as soon as i turned around i bumped into niall.

"oh hey niall." i said.

"hey."  he said.

"what are you doing up?" i asked.

"louis saw the photo.." niall said.

"so he cheated?" i asked.

"harry said he saw the photo was going to talk to you, but he couldn't find you and el came up to him and asked if he wanted a drink, ghe challanged him to the shot thing,a nd louis never declines a challange, and boom. they are both drun k." niall said.

"thanks for telling me niall." i said hugging him.

"did you have a nice time?" he asked me.

"i had a great time. thanks a billion for the party. i will  always remember this day." i said.

"well get to bed, you must be tired." niall said.

"i am." i said.

"then go to bed." he said.

"carry me?" i asked.

he sighed with a smile and carried me to my bed.

i fell asleep in my dress. next thing i knew niall set me down on my bed, kissed my forhead, and left.

then i fell asleep.


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