Daughter Of The Designer

Kasey's mom has just lost her job. Kasey's mom needs a job to keep the house, buy food, etc. But when Kasey's mom finds a job, Kasey is so happy. she is even Happier when she finds out her mom's new job is the clothes designer of ONE DIRECTION! her favorite boy band.


42. Beach

Kasey's POV

i woke up the next day. were going to the beach today! it's going to be so much fun.

i got up, took a shower, brushed my teeth, hair, etc. and then i put on my pink bathing suit. it was a two peice. then i put a yellow sun dress over top. i threw my hair into a pony tail and i went makeup-less.

i walked downstairs and saw all the boys in funcky swim shorts and plain white T-shirts.

"i like all your your swim shorts." i said with a big smile.

"well what are we waiting for? let's go to the beach!" Zayn said with a smile too.

-Skip Drive.-

we all ran out of the van and went onto the beach.

all the boys took of their shirts with their musles and tats showing. they looked hot. but the best was my new boyfriend Louis.

i took off my sun dress and set out a twoel were atll the boys just kind of dropped their stuff.

Louis and Harry were already playing in the water, niall was ordering a bag of chips and zayn was talking with some female fans. liam walked up to me and sat his towel down, witch had batman on it. he sat down next to me.

"your not going into the water?" he asked me.

"umm, not just yet. what about you?" i asked.

"well harry and louis are trying to drownd,each other, niall went straight to eating and all zayn wants to do is talk to female fans, he doesn't want to go into the water he does'nt know how to swim you know?" liam said.

"yeah." i said.

"are you sure you want to sit with me, i'm pretty boring. not as much fun as any of the boys.." i said.

"i think your fun." liam said.

"thanks Liam." i said back.

"want to make a sand castle?" liam asked.

"sure." i said.

me and liam spent a whole lot of time making a giant sand catle it was really good if i do say so myself.. it was amazing.

"i may now prenounce you princess of sand castle building." liam said tapping my head with a plastic shovel.

"and I may now prenounce YOU as sandcastle building PRINCE!" i said tapping his head with another plastic shovel.

we both laughed,

then louis came up and jumped onto our sand castle saying


"louis!" me and liam yell at the same time.

"i'm sorry kasey." louis said kissing me on the cheek.

then he faced liam.

"i'm sorry lili." louis said.

"i'll pass on he kiss on the cheek though." liam joked.

"i'm going into the water!" i said running onto the dock.louis followed me.

"what if it's cold?" i asked louis.

he said."who cares?" then he pushed me in, while jummping in after me.

the water was FREEZING.

"LOUIS!" i yelled.

"kasey!" louis said mocking me a little less load.

"i'm going to kill you!"  i joked while jumping on top of him.

he picked me up bridel style and carried me out of the water, onto the dock, and by the way the air was even more cold than the water after, and threw me in.

"you came all the way up here, just to throw me in again?" i asked.

"yup!" he said with a giant smile.

i rolled my eyes and hit in playfully.

Zayn was still flirting with girls so i planned a prank. i told louis. he agreed.

i filled a bucked up with water and sneeked behind zayn and dumped it on his head. he turned around with a red face and yelled, "KASEY!"

i ran. he ran after me.

i ran onto the dock.

he followed.

i jumped into the water.

"CAN'T GET ME NOW!" i yelled.

"yes i can, i learned how to swim, it's called swimming lessons|!" zayn said jumping in after me.

zayn this picked me up bridel style just like Louis did before, but zayn did something different.

zayn just plain threw me into the water.

i jumped onto his back and he twirled around trying to get me. he then felled and we both went into the water. we both bobbed up laughing. we walked onto the beach again. i rapped myself into my towel and zayn did the same with his towel. my lips were now blue because i was so cold. louis came uo to me and hugged me.

"god child your freezing!" he said.

"yeah.." i admited.

"want to go home?" liam asked.

"no i still want to stay!" i said.

i threw my towel off.

"im going on a walk anyone who wants to come can!" i yelled.

niall followed.

"i'll walk with you." he said.

we started walking.

we walked so far there was no one on the beach part we were on but us. we stopped and sat on the sand.

i sat across from him.

"do you miss Neala?" i asked.

"yes. " niall said.

"do you love her?" i asked looking into niall's eyes.

"i've only known Neala for like 2 or 3 days. i don't think knowing someone for that long would be long enough to make you ;love them." niall said.

"what about lovee at first sight?" i asked.

i started playing with niall's hands. like traising his vains with my fingers.

"thats a little differnt.." niall said.

"how so?" i asked looking into his eyes again.

"i don't know, for certain people, love at first sight happens sometimes, i don't think love at first sight came with me and Neala." niall said.

"why?" i asked him.

he held my hands.

i looked into his beautiful blue eyes.

"do you like Neala?" i asked.

"you have asked that before." niall said.

"do you like Neala?" i asked again.

"well i have known her for a couple days, dating her was a dare, i do admit, she is very fun and nice, but i don't know her that well. i have only known her for a couple of days." niall said.

"do you like Neala?" i asked a third time.

"let me guess your going to keep asking me that untill i give you a yes or no answer?" he asked me.

"yes." i said.

"since i haven't known her that long, no. i thought i liked her, i thought i was even in love with her, then i relised, i have known her for like two days, i can't be in love with her can i? and she's not here right now, heck, i don't even know if i will ever see her again. we only have like one week for us too write unleast a single and then we have conserts in differnt spots to just perform that one songs, so we will be all over the world, so i can't really have a girlfriend that is in one place when i'm not. i don't know how liam does it. he bairly see's danni unless it is our weeks off to stay werever we choose. so no i don't think i like her that much. not because of the person she is, more because i don't really KNOW the kind of person she is, because like i said before, i have only known her for a couple of days." niall said.

"so your single niall still trying to find his princess?" i asked.

"yup." he said.

i noticed me and niall were holding hands just looking into each others eyes. then suddenly so paps found us and started taking pics of me and niall holding hands looking into each others eyes. me and niall quickly pulled away and ran back to the bboys. i could hear some paps saying stuff.

"i'm going to get this photo on every magazine if i have to!" one said.

"yeah you will see it everywere. we are going to be some rich people." another said.

"oh no! what is Louis sees one of those photos, like even you know it's not what it looks like!" i said to niall.

"Louis will understand." niall said.

we ran to the beach and found the rest of the boys, they saw the paps and ran into the van and drove home. we lost the paps when we took a left turn.

"that was close."i said.

"to what?" zayn asked.

"them like surrounding our car!" i said.

"yeah." liam said.

we got home. we all ran inside and got normal clothes on and we all went into the living room.

i grabbed a paper and a pencil.

"what's that for?" zayn asked.

"writing the song!" i said.

"oh." he said.

"okay, let's list a bunch of fun things we did at the beach and i'll take those ideas and make a song out of  it!" i said with a laugh.

"okay" they all said.

i wrote down every idea they had.

"We swam. " harry said.

"we played pranks." louis said winking at me.

"we built sand castles!" liam said.

"we ate!" niall said with a laugh.

"we talked to fans." zayn said.

we had a bunch more ideas and i wrote them all down.

"okay well i'm going up to my room and try and make these some real good, and some funny, idea's into a song." i laughed.

"okay." they agreed.

i ran into my room.

-skip writing.-

it took me 2 hours, but i think i just wrote a real great, amazing, hit song about friends on the beach, with summer love and fun.

only one thing on my mind. this song was the best song i have ever wrote.

after i was finished i could smell stakes so ran downstairs with my notebook and yelled, "i smell stakes!"

harry said,"one for you!"

"thanks." i said taking it. i put my notebook with the song in it, thats the only thing i had in that notebook, in the living room, and i went into the kitchen and ate my stake. it was yummy.

after i was done i put the dish away and went into the living room and saw all the boys reading my song.

"this is amazing!" liam said.

"no really  i think this song with go to number one!" niall said.

"were not just saying that!" harry said.

"it was my idea to put in about the prank kasey pulled on zayn that made the song awesome!" louis said.

i laughed.

"glad you like it." i said sitting down on the couch. louis and niall sat beside me.

"so tomorrow is your birthday!" niall said.

"yes. i'll be 19." i said.

louis smerked at niall.

"what?" i asked.

they both said "nothing." and then left.

i think they were either planning, or have planned something for me for my birthday. and i can say, and this is coming from someone who hates suprises, i'm excited.

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