Daughter Of The Designer

Kasey's mom has just lost her job. Kasey's mom needs a job to keep the house, buy food, etc. But when Kasey's mom finds a job, Kasey is so happy. she is even Happier when she finds out her mom's new job is the clothes designer of ONE DIRECTION! her favorite boy band.


61. Back On The Bus

Kasey's POV

i woke up. i was in Zayn's bed. i rubbed my eyes. i was in my monster PJ's. i threw my hair in a high bun. i went to the fridge. i got out a glass of milk. i went into the living room. i sat down. i turned on the TV. i was watching Spongebob.

Zayn came and sat down beside me.

"have a nice sleep?" he asked.

"were did you sleep?" i asked as i took a drink of milk.

"in your bed." he said.

i laughed.

"you have a milk mustash." he said.

i wipped it off my with my sleeve.

the rest of the boys came in. Louis sat down on the other side of me.

"are we cool?" he asked.

"were cool." i said.

The Bus driver came in with Paul.

"hey." Zayn said.

"somethings wrong with the engine we will be here for a while." the bus driver said.

"alright." i said.

i got up. i grabbed dsome clothes and went into the bathroom. i put them on.

i was wearing pink shorts that went to my knee's, and i was wearing a white top with pink lips on it. i put on my pink toms, and a pink jean jacket. i i gelled my hair into a moehawk. i looked rocker-ish. i put on Fake eyelashes. i put on pink lipstick.

i went into the living room.

"i like your hair." harrys aid as i sat back down were i was before. all the boys were dressed.

i got some doubble choclate cake. i came back into the living room.

"you want to eat that?" Niall said.

"yeah why?" i asked.

"don't girls want to eat like nothing so they can erm, be skinny or whatever?" Niall said.

"i don't care." i said.

i eat the cake in 10 seconds flat. i went into the bathroom. i looked at myself in the body mirror. i've gained a couple ponds. i went onto the weigher. i was 129 pounds. i was 120 last week. i need to watch my weight. i mean, i was'nt fat, but i wasn't skinny. i walked out of the bathroom.

"i'm going on a walk." i said as i walked out of the bus without even looking at the boys.

"Kasey." i heard from behind me.

i turned around.

"what?" i snapped.

it was Niall.

"i d-did'nt mean to be mean when i was talking about the weight thing, i-i just meant that most girls wont eat anything?" Niall said.

"i know what you ment Niall." i said

"why are you mad?" he asked.

we started walking.

"you probably don't care." i said.

"i do." he said.

"okay, well i've gained weight. 9 pounds. i'm just really inscure. i mean i'm not the skinniest person around." i said.

"your very skinny." Niall said.

"look at taylor swift, then look at me. not the same right, she's skinner.'' i said.

"you need to stop compairing yourself to people." Niall said.

"i know, i just." i said with a sigh.

"see Kasey. your very skinny, you don't need to worry about weight." Niall said.

we got to a park. we sat on a bench. a bunch of fans came to us.

"are you two a couple now?" one said.

"Kasey looks bigger than she was before." another said.

"wait, if their a couple and she's bigger than..." another one said.

"niall got her pregnant!" one in th back shouted.

i started walking back the direction we came in.

"Kasey wait!" i heard Niall say.

he caught up with me.

me and Niall hid in the bushes to get away from the fans.

"see what i mean?" i said with tears now coming from my eyes.

"i didn't get you pregnant, i know that, you know that, that's all that matters." niall said.

"Niall i don't care about that! they noticed i have gotten bigger!" i yelled.

i ran back to the bus. Niall came after me. i ran intot he bus and ran and went onto my bed. i went into a ball and sobbed.

Niall came into the bus.

"Kasey what's wrong?" Louis asked sitting beside me on my bed.

"kasey talk to us please." Zayn said sitting on the other side of me.

"Niall what happened mate?" Liam asked.

"Nothing." Niall said.

They kept asking me what's wrong.


i ran into the bathroom and locked the door behind me.

"kasey!" Harry called.

"Kasey you are not fat!" Niall yelled.

"Kasey, you can lock yourself in the bathroom, but please, don't do anything you will regret!" Louis yelled.

i wipped my tears away.

i stood up, i un locked the door, and hugged Louis.

then, i went into the living room and sat down on the couch.

"are you alright?" Niall asked as he knelt down in front of me.

"yes. i'm going to be strong." i said as i sat up straight.

"that's my girl." Zayn said as he sat beside me.

"i'm going to sleep." i said.

"but it's 3pm." Niall said.

"i said i'm going to sleep." i said.

i went into my bed. it smelt like zayn.

i fell asleep.

-Skip Sleep.-

i woke up, i went into the living room.

"it's the next day." zayn said with a laugh.

"we have an interview in an hour." Niall said.

"shoot, why don't you guys give me more notice?" i asked.

i grabbed some clothes and went into the bathroom.

i changed into them.

i was now wearing a purple dress and a jean jacket. i put on some black flats. i put my hair into a bun. i put on some cover up, makara, eyeliner, and some pale pink lip stick. i walked out. all the boys were ready.

"time to go.'' Harry said.

we all went to the interview.

we sat into some seats. from left to right went;

Harry, Liam, Niall, Me, Louis, Zayn.

a girl came in. she must have been in her 20s.

"and were LIVE!" she said.

"i'm Kenny, and this is KK LIVE!" she said.

"so. i see you have a new girl in your band." she said.

"Kasey." i said.

"KASEY!" she said.

"we will take questions, tweet us your question and i might ask them!" she said.

she looked at her phone.

"this is from Layla Heartson, from Canada, she asked, 'Is it true Louis and Kasey broke up?'" Kenny said.

"yes it is." i said.

"okay, next question is from Tom Kinson, from Hollywood, He asked, 'Is Kasey songle and willing to date a fan?'"Kenny said.

"Yes, i am single. and i am willing to date a fan, as long as their my type." i said with a smile.

"this question is from Ethan Gerrie, also from Hollywood, he asked 'What is her type?'" Kenny said.

"well, they have to be Funny, nice, and well human!" i said with a laugh.

"okay, this is from Karla May, from Turkey, she asked, 'Is it true that Niall got Kasey pregnant?'" Kenny said.

i looked down at my feet.

louis looked at me.

"thats is 100% not true, me and Kasey are frinds, Best friends, nothing more, nothing less. that would never happen." Niall said.

"and your thoughts Kasey?" Kenny said.

"i agree with Niall. that would never happen." i said.

"okay, i have some questions myself here if you don't mind." she said.

"shoot." Harry said.

"Do any of you fancy Kasey? put your hand up if you do." Kenny said.

i looked up from my feet. i looked at the boys. Louis slowly put his hand up. Zayn had his hand up a little bit. harry was moving his hand around, looking like her wanted to put it up, but also didn't want to at the same time.

"wow Kasey your a lucky girl, Louis and Zayn both fancy you!" she said.

i smiled.

"well, i just relised, we're out of time!" Kenny said.

"OH  THANK THE GODS I HAD TO USE THE BATHROOM!" Louis yelled as he ran of the set.

i laughed.

the camaras went off. i went onto the bus, louis joined us after he went to the bathroom. we all sat on the couch in the living room.

"my first interview/" i said.

"did you like it?" Niall asked.

"well, all i can say is, you can find out some pretty interesting things at an interview!" i said with a laugh.


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