Daughter Of The Designer

Kasey's mom has just lost her job. Kasey's mom needs a job to keep the house, buy food, etc. But when Kasey's mom finds a job, Kasey is so happy. she is even Happier when she finds out her mom's new job is the clothes designer of ONE DIRECTION! her favorite boy band.


38. Ashley

Kasey's POV

i was about to tell Louis who i liked, and i was a little nervous, so i was so relived when the doorbell rang.

"i wounder who that could be." i said running past him.

i could hear him calling my name but i didn't listen. i opened the door when i relised that i was still in my PJs.

"hi." i said.

a girl i have never seen before stood there. she had bright red hair and beautiful brown eyes. she had dimples too. she kind of but just a little, looked like ariana grande.

"hi i'm ashley." she said.

"kasey/" i said.

"Neala's dad said she was here. may i please talk to her?" ashley asked.

"sure. Neala!" i called.

she  came to the door.

"ASHLEY!" she creamed while she hugged her friend.

"what are you doing here, arn't you asposto be in NC?" Neala asked.

"yes, but i came to tell you something, your older brother Tyler is in the hospital back in NC." she said.

"why what happened?" Neala asked.

"he got into a fight, and now he's in the hopital!" ahsley said.

"does my dad know?" she asked ashley.

"yes, but he said that you guys and me, are going back to NC early." ashley said.

"awwww.'' Neala said.

she turned to niall.

"i'll miss you." she said to niall.

"i'll miss you too." nialls aid.

"i guess this is the end of us.." neala said.

"yeah i guess. maybe if we see each other again, we could start dating again.." niall said.

"i would love that." Neala said.

"well thank you all!" Neala said.

"bye!" we all said.

Neala ran out the door.

"i might come visit with Neala sometime." ashley said.

"and we should hangout again, well for the first time, because your pretty cute." harry said to her.

"dude what about Danni?" liam asked.

"whatever." harry said.

"bye." ashley said.

"bye." is aid.

they both left. i closed the door. i ran upstairs and got into my back yoga pants and a mink top. i did all my morning stuff- even thought it was the afternoon.and went downstairs.

i saw liam and harry fighting.

"what going on here?" i asked.

"he's nto treating Danni right!" liams aid.

'so i hit on a couple girls, i'm sorry!" harrys aid.

"sorrys never gonna keep cutting it harry." liam said.

"what why do you still have feelings for danni?" harry asked.

"honstly YES YES I DO!" liam said.

"liam?" i asked.

"look kasey i'm sorry but me and danni are ment to be." liam said.

"don't worry, because i know who i am ment to be with." i said.

"you know what i'm calling danni and asking her back out right now!" liams said leaving the room.

harry sat on the couch.

"maybe being single right now is for the best." i said.

niall stood at the door.

"niall, i know you liked Neala, maybe you will see her again, and maybe harry, once you stop hitting on every girl you can date ashley.." i said.

"i would like that." harry said.

"i really think me and Neala were ment to be." niall said.

"are you sure you don't like me anymore?" i askd niall.

"sorry Kasey but no. not like that. i think me and you should be like,best friends." niall said.

"i think everything is going to turn out just fine." i said.

"were's louis?" i asked.

"kitchen." niall said.

i went into the kitchen to see louis just sitting there on his phone.

"what's up?" i asked.

he put down his phone.

"i just called El and broke up with her." louis said.

"did you tell her why?" i asked.

"yes i did tell her why, i told her that i did still have feelings for you, how people started and stopped likeing you and what not and i still like you the whole time. i think getting back together with El was just me trying to get my mind off you. but you know what? it didn't work. i still thought about you. i know i keep telling you over and over and making big long statements about it, but i really do like you and i really hope the the person you said you like was gooing to be me. i really do." Louis said.

"louis.." i said.

"yes?" he asked.

"let's just put it this way. harry is single and ready to be with ashley if she says yes, niall is in love with Neala, zayn,i think he's happy being a single dude right now, and liam is getting back together with Danni, and you your single right now. and me, i am in love with somone. no more brake ups, no more confusion, no more any of that. i know who i like and that is that." i said.

"who is it?!" louis said.

"you." i replied.

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