Daughter Of The Designer

Kasey's mom has just lost her job. Kasey's mom needs a job to keep the house, buy food, etc. But when Kasey's mom finds a job, Kasey is so happy. she is even Happier when she finds out her mom's new job is the clothes designer of ONE DIRECTION! her favorite boy band.


14. A Day With Zayn 2

Kasey's POV

"the boat's ready malik!" some guy yelled.

"thanks uncle Joe!' zayn said.

"he's your uncle?" i asked.

"no, but i have known him since i was really little so." zayn said.

we walk to a boat, it wasn't anything special, just like the rest, only able to fit 4 people.

we got in. we put our stuff on the other 2 seats and me and zayn sat beside each other.

zayn un-hooked the boat, and we let the boat just flow down the river.

"zayn. can i ask you something?" i asked him.

"anything." he smiled.

he had a big smile on his face.

"do you think harry ment what he said?" i asked him.

his face dropped once i said Harry's name.

"why, what did he say?" he asked.

"well.. we kind of got into a fight, and i got mad and said louis was more my type.." i began.

zayns face turned into saddness when i said louis was my type.

"because i sorta like him, but thats probably just because i know him most, if i got to know someone else, i might like them.." i kept going.

zayns face turned into an evil smerk.

"anyways, so harry said, it wouldn't have worked out, that he likes pretty girls.." i said.

zayns fists clunched.

"trust me, harry doesn't mean anything when he is angry, and you are beautiful, and harry, even if he did mean that, he must be blind. you are the most beautiful girl i have ever seen in my life, and i think your are perfect the way you are." zayn smiled.

"thanks zayn, that means a lot." i smiled.

me and zayn talked forever, i learned 2 things, one, he is really sweet and nice, and two, he really does like me.

it started to get late and i got a little tired. i yawned.

"are you tired? do you wanna go back?" he asked me.

"no i can get comfy." i smiled as i snugged into zayn's chest.

i could feel him laugh.
"comfy?" he asked.

"very." i smiled.

zayn sung me Just the way you are, by bruno mars. next thing i know, i'm asleep.

-skip sleep.-

i had a very nice dream about me and zayn.


-In the dream..-

i was in zayns arms, we were just cuddling on the grass.

"zayn." i smiled.

"yes love?" he asked.

"i love you." i smiled.

"i love you too." he said back.

we kissed.

we sat up, we just talked for the rest of the time.



i opened my eyes. i was in my bed. how did i get here?

i went downstairs in my PJ's.

i saw zayn on the couch.

harry was cooking,

niall and liam were no were in sight,

and louis was in the arm chair.

"how did i get in my bed?" i asked sitting down beside zayn.

"you fell asleep in the boat, so we went back and i carried you. do you know you talk in your sleep?" zayn smiled.

louis looked up at me.

"i do? what did i say?" i asked.

zayn smiled.

"no, please tell me i don't say what i'm dreaming!" i said putting my hands in my face.

"it depends. was i in your dream?" zayn smiled.

"OMG! i did say my dream, thats embarrasing!" i yelled.

"what happened in your dream?" louis asked.

"nothing!" i yelled.

i went upstairs and got dressed.

i came down.

harry looked at me, he had tears in his eyes.

i went into the kitchen were he was.

"pancakes?" he forced a smile.

"i think, i am just gonna, uhm, have some, uh... sure." i smiled.

i sat down at the bar stool.

"harry.." i started.

"i'm sorry Kasey. i didn't mean what i said, you are the most beautiful girl i could ever know, and i want to be with you, i really like you, i think you and me are good together. we belong together, kasey, i'm so sorry, can you ever forgive me? i know i was being a jerk, and i know that i'm going on and on about this, but i want you to know that i relise i was being such a jerk and i was just mad, i promise to control my anger, i'm really sorry. i know i don't deserve it, but could we inleast be friends again? i hate having to avoid you, i hate having you avoid me. kasey, i'm so so sorry." harry said.

"me too." i smiled.

i got up and hugged harry.

"how about those pancakes?" harry smiled.

his dimples showed. god, those dimples made me week to the knees.

"sure." i smiled sitting back down on the bar stool.

harry gave me a plate with i'm going to zayn about 30 pancakes on them.

"all for you." he smiled.

"harry, i can't eat all this." i laughed.

"i'll help with that!" niall said coming into the kitchen, niall took 10 pnacakes.

"if you don't mind i'll have some too. not as much as niall though." liam smiled.

liam took 4.

"that's still 26 pancakes!" i yelled smiling.

"here. i'll have some." zayn and louis said at the ame time. louis took 6, and zayn took 10.

i had 10 left.

"i still can't eat all these!" i smiled.

"here since the other boys already stook some, i'll take 5 off yeah." harry smiled while taking .

harry took 6.

"hey that's six!" i smiled.

"oh well." harry said smiling.

i ate 2 pancakes. they were so yummy, but i couldn't eat any more.

niall came in. he saw i had 2 left.

"i'll take those." niall smiled while taking them.

i  laughed.

i sat on the couch with zayn and louis. they did not look that happy for some reason.


Louis' POV.

"kasey forgave harry.." zayn said.

"i know.." i said.

Kasey came over to the couch and sat down.

harry followed in.

me and zayn looked at harry.

i texted harry and zayn.

So it's whoever kasey likes?-louis

i guess so..- zayn.

let the battle begin-harry

it's not really a battle-louis

oh well, whoever she likes will be the lucky guy-zayn

just don't let this brake up our friendship-zayn





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