Daughter Of The Designer

Kasey's mom has just lost her job. Kasey's mom needs a job to keep the house, buy food, etc. But when Kasey's mom finds a job, Kasey is so happy. she is even Happier when she finds out her mom's new job is the clothes designer of ONE DIRECTION! her favorite boy band.


17. A day with Lori and Noah

Kasey's POV

"well what are we going to do today?" I asked.

"whatever you wanna do i'm fine with." Noah said with a smile.

"yeah, whatever you wanna do Kase." louis said linking arms with me.

"uhm, how about we go to the mall?" i asked.

"yes!" Lori said.

"well all take the big red van!" harry said.

"to the carrot Mo-Beel!" louis said running to the van.

we all got in.

-Skip Drive.-

Lori and I went into Clairs and all the boys went into the TV store beside and Noah sat outside the stores on the bench, waiting.

"these are so cute!" i said picking up a pink pair of boots.

"or these!" Lori said pulling out a mustash shirt.

"or this!" i say pulling out a microphone that said 'I Love Music.'

"love it!" Lori said.

we got all our stuff and met Noah outside.

"what did you guys get?" he asked us.

"a lot!" we both say holding up our bags.

"Harry, Louis, Zayn, Liam, Niall, were going to Forever 21!" i say.

"were coming wait one sec!" zayn called.

they all came out jumping but not louis.

"let's go!" i smiled.

"wait!" harry said.

"help! niall said

"help!" he said again.

"did someone call for help?" louis said in his 'hero' voice jumping out of the store with a superman shirt.


"let's go to forever 21." i say.

"hey perrie said she got a job there!" zayn said with a smile.

my smile dropped. lori rubbed my back, she knew i liked zayn before.

zayn went running to forever 21 and went straight to Perrie.

liam went to the food court with niall because niall was begging to go.

it was just louis, me, noah, harry, and lori.

me and lori went over to a couple shirts.

louis, harry and noah followed.

"i like this." i smile picking up a yellow shirt. it had frills at the arms and the V neck part.

"no it's not you." lori said

"i know.." i say.

"this is you!" lori said picking up a sparkle pink shirt.

"no that's you!" i smile.

"i know!" she says.

"wanna go home and watch a movie or something?" harry said.

"sure." we all agreed.

we payed for all our stuff and got into the van and left. liam and niall decided to stay longer and take a cab, and zayn was going to stay with perrie for the night.

-Skip Car Ride Home.-

we all settled in for the movie. i sat beside louis and Noah.

lori sat beside harry, of corse.

we watched the hunger games.

Lori started crying when Katness' sister got called.

"cry baby." i mummble.

harry told her it's alright and put an arm around her. that got me angry for some reason.

so i grabbed Noah's hand and held it. he looked at me with a smile for a seond then he looked back at the TV.

when the movie was over i was really tired. it was like 12am.

i drifted off asleep on the couch.



i woke up in my bed. how come i keep falling asleep somewere and ending up in my bed? who carried me this time?

i walked downstairs in my PJ's. i looked like crap.

"good morning beautiful." louis smiled.

"shut up." i snapped.

"sorry." i said.

"how did i end up in my bed this time?" i asked.

"someone carried you duh." louis smiled.

"no like who?" i laughed.

"your secret admirier." lou said.

"louis who took me?" i smiled.

"wait weres Noah?" i asked.

"he went back to his place." lou said.

"were's Lori?" i asked lou.

"she wet upstairs with harry.." he began,

"oh nonononono...!" i said.

"were is she now?" i asked.

"kitchen." he said.

i went into teh kitchen and saw Lori on her phone.

"Lauryn Beathany Joeanna Yathnah!" i said.

"hmmm??'' she asked.

"did you sleep with harry last night?" i asked.

"no! don't be crazy! i stayed in the guest room beside his.." she said.

"i'm hoping so." i joked.

"tear." she said.

"what?" i asked pulling a bottle of water out of the fridge.

"i have to leave in like 20 minutes.." she said.

"why?" i asked taking a sip of water.

"mom's getting re-married." she said.

"again?" i asked.

"for the 5th time.." she said.

"wanna talk about it?" i asked.

"well, just keep this between you and me, but this is how she get's rich. she dates a rich guy for a while taes some of his money, tranfors it to her bank account, and dumps him..." she said.

"lori.." i said.

"it's okay. and don't worry. i'm not gonna end up like that." she joked.

"i hope not." i smiled in return.

"well i'm gonna get dressed and unfortantly leave.." she said.

i laughed.

"and oh, do you know who carried me up to bed last night?" i asked.

"louis why?" she said.

"thanks. and just i was just... nevermind. anyways, did anyone say anything about me while i was asleep??" i asked.

"louis would not shut up about you.." she said.

"did harry say anything...?" i asked.

"naww." she said.

"okay. do you know were he is?" i asked.

"lou or hazza?" she asked.

"uhm either or." i said.

"louis is in the living room and harry is at the store." she said.

"okay. thanks." i hugged her and went to louis.

he hadn't moved from the couch at all. i sat beside him.

"thanks for carrying me up to bed last night." i smiled.

"no problem." he smiled.

"remember when i walked into my room and you zayn and harry were fighting over me..?" i asked slowly.

"yes i remember." he said.
"does harry you know, still like me?" i asked.

"why?" he asked.

"uhm, i can't tell you." i said.

i wanted to know if harry still liked me because i think him and Lori would be perfect together.

"i don't know. he did. then when Lori came, i think he fell in love." louis joked.
"i'm guessing zayn doesn't.." i said looking at the ground.

"he's with Perrie.." he said.

"do you...?" i asked.

"Kasey, does this one answer your question?" he said pulling out a peice of paper rom hsi pocket he started to read.

"a girl who fights a battle, a girl i will always love, i a girl i knew i would never stop liking, not even through fights. a fight for her it is, as though there are other guys, she falls in love but not with me, but the one she cannot have. so down to two, you think it would be easy to steal her heart away, but it's not, because you don't know what goes threw her head, any time of day.hoping one day she will ever like you back. she questions love and so does he, and he i mean me. i can only dream that she will be mine as though you cannot be sure.no words you can really use to explain your love for her. she doesn't see her beauty even though seh could be a model. i love this girl; this girl is you. i just hope, that you like me too?" he says.

he folded the peice of paper up and put it on the table and left. i picked up the peice of paper. it was blank.

did he really come up with that at the top of his head?

looks like someone watched the movie 17 again.


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