Daughter Of The Designer

Kasey's mom has just lost her job. Kasey's mom needs a job to keep the house, buy food, etc. But when Kasey's mom finds a job, Kasey is so happy. she is even Happier when she finds out her mom's new job is the clothes designer of ONE DIRECTION! her favorite boy band.


22. A Day With Liam

Kasey's POV

"y-y-you like me?" i ask.

"i've liked you since you got here but i liked Danni more.." Liam said.

"r-r-really?" i ask.

"is me liking you that bad?" he asked me.

"no no no no liam, it's not bad, i'm just shocked!" i said.

"oh." he said.

''so will you do me the honors of going out with me?" liam asked.

"oh liam.." i say.

"let me guess it's a no from you.." liam said.

"no it's just, since you have been up here i haven't really gotten to know you, and no offence but i don't date guys i don't really know, so maybe we could just start with one date." i say with a smile.

"a date it is. how about today?" liam asked.

"sure. but first you need to take a shower, cause man you reek." i joke.

"okay." he said with a smile.

-Skip getting Ready.-

i got into Liam's car.

"were are we going?" i ask.

"you'll see." liam said.

"what is with you and the rest of one directions with suprises?" i joke.

-Skip Drive.-

"were here!" liam said.

"where are we?" i ask

"get out of the car and see!" liam said with a big smile.

i got out of the car. we were at Wonderland!

"oh my god yo have taken me to  wonder land?" i ask.

"yes." he smiles.

"i have never been!" i say.

"you haven't?" liam asks.

"nope!" i say.

liam pays for us both to go in, i thank him of corse and we go in.

"what should we do first?" liam asks.

"is it sad to say i have never been on a rolar coaster?" i say.

"really?" liam asks.

"yeah." i say blushing.

"no offence but you bairly have done anything fun!" liam jokes.

"we've never had the money to go anywere fun!" i say with a smile.

"well you live with one direction, we have TONS of money, we can do lot's of fun things!" liam says.

we start walking we come appon a man do character pictures.

"liam can we get one together?" i ask.

"sure." he said.

the man draws us, when we get it back it is a character picture of me and liam, liam's forehead is huge in the picture and my teeth are big in the picture.

"are my teeth really that big?" i ask holding my mouth.

"no, for character pictures they always do something big in a person.." liam says.

"good." i say smiling.

liam payed the man.

i put the picture in liam's bag.

we keep walking and we come and see the teapots.

"oh my god liam i have always wanted to go on the tea pots when i was little." i say.

"you wanna go on?" he asks with a smile.

"yes!!" i say.

we wait in line for about 5 minutes and we get a red teapot. Liam and i spin it really fast and it goes.

"this is so much fun!" i scream.

"i know!" liam screams back.

the tea pots stop.

we all get off.

"what do you want to do next?" liam asks.

"can we do a rolar coaster?" i ask.

"sure. i love rolar coasters. do you want to start with a small, medium or big one since it's your first time?" liam asks

"medium." i say.

we come across this rolar coaster with a name i can't prenounce.

"this does not go upsidown." liam says.

"rolar coasters can go upsidown?!" i ask.

"yes!" he laughs.

we get on the rolar coaster, i have butterflys.

"nervous?" liam asks.

"yes." i said.

"can i hold your hand?" i ask.

"of corse." liam says.

i hold liams hand. the ride starts to start. my heart pounds. it goes staright. i like it so far, it goes up, up, up up, as soon as we get to the top i get butterflys again. then we go down, i scream. i can feel the wind on my face. that was awesome. the ride goes on. finally it stops. we get off.

"did you have fun?" liam asks.

"yes!" i say.

finally we get to the carnivle part of Wonderland.

we get to the 'test your strength.

liam pays the man and hits the thing.

it goes up.






musle man


liam's went all the way up to superman.

"hey superman." i say.

they gave him a peice of paper that says 'Superman.'

it was 9:00pm.

"i think we should go home now." liam says.

"okay.'' i say with a yawn.

we got back into the car. next thing i know i was asleep.


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