Daughter Of The Designer

Kasey's mom has just lost her job. Kasey's mom needs a job to keep the house, buy food, etc. But when Kasey's mom finds a job, Kasey is so happy. she is even Happier when she finds out her mom's new job is the clothes designer of ONE DIRECTION! her favorite boy band.


15. A Call From Perrie

Kasey's POV

The boys were texting on their phones, i wounder who they were texting.

i sat there while they texted.

"uhm.." i mummbled.

"sorry." zayn said putting his phone away.

"sorry sorry sorry." harry said putting his phone away.

"sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, SORRY!" louis said throwing his phone hehind him.

i couldn't help but laugh.

"i like your laugh." harry smiled.

"thank you." i smiled.

harry smiled. his dimmples showed. i felt like i was melting inside. i bit my lip and closed my eyes.

"what?" harry siled.

"nothing." i said.

"are you sure that was nothing?" harry flirted.

"i-i just, i have to, um i'll be right back." i said running up the stairs. i went into my room. i closed the door.

i grabbed my diary.

i started righting.

Dear Diary,

I still can't belive i'm living with one direction, i just- can't belive it! it's just amaZAYN. oh, my, god, and when harry smiles, his dimples show, and i just melt. and louis is so funny i could litterly just die. and zayn, OMG. i can't even explain it. but i'm not sure about niall and liam. i ever see them around, do they like, not like me or something? i don't know. i'm pretty sure Louis, Zayn, and Harry like me, like- a like-like kind of like. does that make sence? anyways, i don't know who i like-like, like that. niall and liam are rulled ut, because one, they are barily around when i am, and two, they both have girlfriends. liam is back together with danni, and niall is happy with demi. so that leaves, harry, louis, and zayn. they are all perfect. i just, don't know.

Sincerly, Kasey Aurther.

i put my diary down on my bed.

then i got thinking, who do i like?


Louis' POV

Kasey just went up the stairs.

"guys i haven't felt this way about someone since perrie." zayn said.

"me since el." i said.

"me since, EVER." harry said.

"harry have you ever like, been in love?" zayn asked.

harry said no.

"are we going to be cool if she picks someone?" harry asked.

"i guess.." zayn said.

zayn's phone rang. he went to it.

he looked at his phone than at us,

"it's perrie." he said.

the reason zayn broke up with perrie is because perrie was always with her band, not at conserts nto at anything, just hanging out with her band mates. she never had time for zayn. litterly never. i swear the last time zayn hung out or even talked or TEXTED with perrie was probaly like 2 months ago.

"answer it!" harry said.

zayn answered the phone and said hello, and zayn went into a different room.


Zayn's POV.

"hello?" i said into the phone as i went into the kitchen.

"hi zayn it's perrie." perrie said.

"i know. just because we haven't talked in a while doesn't mean i don't remember you.." i said.

"zayn, i'm sorry i relised how much time i spent with the girls and NONE with you, i love you zayn." she said.

i thought about it. truthly, do i really like perrie and kasey? i have to amdmit that at the begining i think i liked kasey to get my mind off perrie, now i'm not sure if i still feel like that.

"zayn." she said.

"yes." i asked.

"did you hear what i said?" she said.

"yes." i said.

"are we dating now?" she asked.

"are you asking me out, or are you asking if we arre?" i smiled.

"i don't know.." she said.

"perrie if you want me back you are going to have to ask me yourself.''i smiled.

"zayn malik, will you please give me another chance, in other words will you go out with me?" perrie said into the phone.

i thought about it. i think i might still like perrie. i think i do..

"yes." i smiled.

"well i'm sorry to cut this short but i've got a consert in litterly 6 minutes." she smiled into the phone.

"okay'' i smiled back.

she hung up.

i put my phone on the counter and went into the living room. it was just louis and harry.

"perrie and i are back together, i think i tried to like kasey to get my mind off perrie..." i said.
"really?" harry aked.

"she's all yours, well kind of both of yours but you know what i mean." i laughed.

louis and harry looked at each other.


Kasey's POV

i think i know who i like............ Zayn.



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