Love was always there

Harry has helped and cared for Alissa since they both met. Could Alissa be falling for Harry?


9. The house

"Oh my god your house is so fricken huge!" He just laughed. He unlocked the front door and I stepped in. I felt like I've died and went to heaven. Harry looked at me and laughed. He took out his phone.

"What are you doing?" I asked, laughing. His phone went click. He took a picture of me.

*Harry's POV*

Haha. Got it.

"Here, ill give you a tour." I offered still smiling. 

"Not unless you delete that pic!" She said, smiling back.

"Haha no. That ones a keeper." I said, starting to laugh. She started to grab for my phone and failed. I knew what would stop her.

*Alissa's POV*

As I was trying to reach for my phone, Harry grinned. Oh no. Something was coming.


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