The Way

Kenzie's sister Tammi is coming home from University in a week and is bringing her boyfriend with her. Kenzie hasn't heard much about her sister's boyfriend, but was still looking forward to meeting him. Who will Tammi's boyfriend be?


7. Chapter 6

Kenzie's P.O.V

"Oh my god." I said under her breath. I was still shocked at what had happened. I hadn't started the car yet, we were just sitting. We sat in silence for a minute before I spoke again. "Don't tell your parents, okay?" Senna looked at me and nodded. "I wasn't going to." she replied looking out the window. "I'll text Zayn." I texted Zayn telling him not to say anything to Tammi before starting the car. I revved the engine and reversed slowly and cautiously out of the parking space. "Do you wanna stay at mine for dinner?" I asked Senna whilst focusing on the road. "Yea, let me text my dad." she answered pulling her phone out of her handbag. The rest of he car ride was silent. We arrived at my house. I pulled out the car keys and opened the door. I opened the trunk and lifted out the bags. I made sure the car was locked before going in.


Senna had already left and I was getting my outfit ready for tomorrow. After I finished I called Zayn into my room. Zayn and I have became close over the past week and I felt like he was a brother to me. He came in and sat down on the end of my bed. "What's up?" he said turning his head to look at me. "Can we keep what happened earlier between me, you and Senna?" I asked hopeful. "Yeah, of course." he smiled showing his teeth. "Thanks, also what were you doing at the mall?" Zayn's smile faded and he opened his mouth again to speak. "I was picking a few things up." I agreed, nodding my head. "Thank you so much." I smiled at him and went to sit at his side. "For what?" Zayn questioned me. "For saving me and Senna." he wrapped his arms around me and lightly kissed my head. "No problem. I just get a bit protective sometimes." he said softly. He pulled away and got up. Zayn turned his head and grinned at me before leaving my room. After that I got into bed and fell asleep within a couple of minutes.

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