The Way

Kenzie's sister Tammi is coming home from University in a week and is bringing her boyfriend with her. Kenzie hasn't heard much about her sister's boyfriend, but was still looking forward to meeting him. Who will Tammi's boyfriend be?


5. Chapter 4

Tammi's P.O.V

I was putting all of my clothes back into my drawers and my wardrobe. As I was hanging something up I felt two arms wrap around my waist, followed by a kiss on my cheek. I put my hands on top of  Zayn's hands and entwined our fingers together. "I love you." Zayn said leaving another kiss on my cheek. "I love you too Zayn." I replied turning around to face him. We wrapped our arms around each other. I looked up at him and placed my lips on his. Our kiss was passionate, our lips moving together and lasting for a while. After we had pulled away I laid my head on Zayn's chest, "I don't know what I would do without you." he said kissing my head and holding me tighter. "I'd be lost without you Zayn." I admitted looking up at him. "You're so cute." Zayn grinned at me. "You're the cutest though." I smiled back. "No, you are." he replied. "Okay, we're both cute and because of that let's watch a movie." I took my arms away, sat on my bed and turned my laptop on. "Only if we can cuddle." argued Zayn. "Of course we can, come here!" He came over and sat down beside me. While we were waiting for the movie to load we went on Zayn's Twitter and looked at the nice and dirty tweets from fans.

Kenzie's P.O.V

I was still watching friends, and yes it is most likely to be a whole series judging by the amount of time I've been in here. I stretched my arms out and rolled off the couch and laid there for a while. There's nothing to do now I'm bored. I wish I had a boyfriend and I wish I had more friends. While I was laying on the floor my phone beeped. I reached for my phone and unlocked it. It was a text ex, Jake. Why is he texting me oh my god!? The text said, 'Hi, how are you? :)' Okay i'm texting him back!

K - Kenzie

J - Jake

K - Hi, i'm good. What about you? c:

J - I'm fine. I was wondering do you want to meet up sometime? :D

K - Yeah, when? :)

Okay I'm excited! We're meeting up next Friday at the cinema to see a horror movie! I don't really know if I want to get back together with him though...


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