The Way

Kenzie's sister Tammi is coming home from University in a week and is bringing her boyfriend with her. Kenzie hasn't heard much about her sister's boyfriend, but was still looking forward to meeting him. Who will Tammi's boyfriend be?


4. Chapter 3

Kenzie's P.O.V

We quietly left my room and Senna tried to close my door without slaming it but that's Senna for you. "Senna!" I whispered squinting my eyes so she could see I was annoyed with her. Senna bit her lip knowing why I said her name, "Sorry." She whispered back letting go of the door handle. We walked downstairs again trying to be quiet, and again failed. Senna probably wasn't concentrating properly and it got it's karma. I heard a bump and looked behind me to see in all it's glory Senna on the stairs where she had fallen on her butt. She looked up at me and we burst out laughing. After laughing for longer than we should've we continued the exploration of my house. Just as we stepped down off the final stair Tammi and Zayn walked out of the kitchen and walked towards the stairs. I was in front of Senna but I could tell her face was like this ➞  :O Both of us started fidgeting about with our hair and clothes. "Hi." We calmly said in unison. "Hi Senna." My sister exclaimed as me and Senna moved out of the way. Zayn looked over his right shoulder and smiled at us before turning back around and going upstairs. I faced Senna wide eyed with my mouth open. We walked into the kitchen and Senna sat down while I got us both a glass of coke. I sat down across from Senna and slid the glass over towards her. "Can I please move in?" Joked Senna, in fact I wasn't even sure if she was joking. "Sure, how about today?" I replied obviously kidding. Senna chuckled, "I wish I could. That would be interesting, wouldn't it?" I finished my drink before answering her. "That would be extremely interesting." I grinned taking our empty glasses over to the sink. "Well i've had enough excitement already, I should probably go now." Senna told me getting up off the chair she was sitting on. "Okay well bye. I'll text you later." I said walking her to the front door before giving Senna a hug and opening the door. "Bye Kenz!" Senna waved walking down the drive way. I waved back and closed the door. I went back into the kitchen to get something to eat. I opened the cupboard and grabbed a packet of sweets off the top shelf. I closed the cupboard door and made my way into the living room to watch tv. I changed the channel and started to watch friends. It was probably a friends marathon thingy cause there was so many episodes on.

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