The Way

Kenzie's sister Tammi is coming home from University in a week and is bringing her boyfriend with her. Kenzie hasn't heard much about her sister's boyfriend, but was still looking forward to meeting him. Who will Tammi's boyfriend be?


3. Chapter 2

Senna's P.O.V

I ended the video call with Kenzie and got out of bed. I stood up and then sat down again. I was trying to think what I should start with make-up or clothes. Ah, screw it i'll just look like shit and not wear make-up. I stood up again. I lifted 2 towels. One for my body and one for my hair. I stepped out of my bedroom and shut the door behind me. I went into the bathroom which I had to share with my younger brother, ew. "Ergh." I choked at the site of the bathroom. He always leaves his clothes and BOXERS on the floor! I'll be late, i'm not cleaning it up! I turned on the water, locked the door, took my pajamas off and stepped into the shower.


I put my feet down on the soft, blue mat right outside the shower. I lifted the towel and wrapped it around my body. I put the other towel around my long hair and squeezed the towel so my hair would at least dry a little bit. I unlocked the door and entered my room again to get changed. I picked out a peachy pink colored jumper, navy skinny jeans and white converse. I dried my hair before getting dressed because my clothes would get wet. After I had finished drying my hair I put pants and a bra on and then obviously put my clothes on. I tied my hair in a messy bun and lifted my phone up off of my bed and went downstairs and out the front door. #nomakeupon. I live like 5 minutes away from Kenzie, which is good because i'm not a walky sort of person. I didn't know why Kenzie wanted me to come over, her sister is coming home today. I found an empty coke can and I am now kicking it up the street. I arrived at Kenzie's house, this better be important. I stepped towards the door and rang the doorbell. I could just  make out Kenzie coming towards the door through the glass. She opened the door and pulled me into her house. Before I could say anything she was walking me up the stairs and into her room. "Sit!" she demanded pointing in the direction of her bed. I sat down on her bed assuming it was important. "What is it?" I asked putting my hair behind my ears. "Tammi is back with her boyfriend!" Kenzie explained excitedly. "Yeah, and..?" I said expecting more information on why this is so important. "And.." Yup I was right, there's more. "Her boyfriend's name is Zayn!" she said more excited this time. "Wow, loads of people are named Zayn, Kenz." I told her sternly a bit disappointed at this 'IMPORTANT' news. "He's Zayn from One Direction." Kenzie carried on calmly. What? What!? Woah, woah, woah, woah, woah, woah, woah. "Bring me to him, NOW!" I yelled a little too loud kind of embarrassing myself. "Umm, shhh!" she said putting her finger to her lips. "Sorry!" I whispered blushing the slightest bit. Okay, i'm probably going to meet Zayn from One Direction. I'm going nuts inside right now! And I am afraid to show it, cause i'll seem creepy. "Okay ,Senna. Let's casually 'explore' my house, shall we?" Kenzie asked walking over to her door and opening it and signaling me to come with her. "Oh okay." I replied standing up and running over to her.



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