The Way

Kenzie's sister Tammi is coming home from University in a week and is bringing her boyfriend with her. Kenzie hasn't heard much about her sister's boyfriend, but was still looking forward to meeting him. Who will Tammi's boyfriend be?


2. Chapter 1

Kenzie's P.O.V

"Kenzie are you coming with me?" my mum yelled from downstairs. She was going to pick up my sister, Tammi and her boyfriend, from the airport. I think it would've been awkward if I went with her, so I said no. I heard the front door slam, and now I am home alone! My dad's not here because my parents aren't together anymore. They split up 3 years ago when I was 15. But now that my sister goes to University and my dad's not here, when my mum leaves I can do what I want! I don't know what to do. There's so much I won't be able to do when there's and boy in the house. I mean i'm single and I don't know how to act around  a younger man. I'm guessing Tammi's boyfriend is nineteen to twenty something, if he's older she's going out with a pedophile, if he's younger she's a cougar. It's 1:00 and i'm still in my pajamas, on my laptop, eating crisps. All I do is go on YouTube and Twitter unless I decide to be social, which is rarely. The YouTube videos I watch are mostly One Direction stuff, beauty tutorials (which don't work because of my ugly ass face) and funny things (my face). I also Skype a lot with Senna, my best friend, and other people. Me and Senna have been best friends since we were 5. Urghh, i'm so bored that i'm telling my life story. Well i'll talk more about Senna! She's really pretty, nice and has a boyfriend called Daniel! Even though she has a man friend she still makes room for me, so i'm not the third wheel. Blah, blah ,blah, i'll shut up about Senna now. I have had a boyfriend before, when I was 14. His name was Jake, we were best friends for a couple of years before he asked me out. Our relationship lasted quite long considering how young we were. It lasted for like a year and a half. I don't really know why we broke up though. I was upset, but I got over it and we're still friends. It's now 1:37 and i'm getting inpatient. I heard the front door open and my heart skipped a beat. Is it normal for me to be nervous? I paused the video I was watching, 'One Direction Funny Moments 2012.' Yeah i'm sad. I wanted them to come to me cause 1. I'm lazy 2. I'm very comfy 3. The laptop is on me 4. I am very nervous. I wanted to look casual so I went on my phone, secretly tweeting about this scary situation. I heard people coming upstairs. Right, now i'm really nervous! "Kenzie?" Tammi called, opening my door. B.I.T.C.H. Tammi stood at my bedroom door. "Hi." I said not looking up from my phone. "This is Zayn." smiled Tammi. A tanned boy walked into my room. He had a black quiff and he was smiling at me. My sister is going out with Zayn Malik from One Direction, oh my god. This is awkward because of the video paused on my laptop, and the multiple posters on my walls. "Oh my god." I was trying not to cry. I am acting like an idiot! I got up and walked over to hug him. He hugged me back! "Oh yeah Kenzie loves One Direction." Tammi pointed out. "I can see that." Zayn laughed. As much as I didn't want to let go I did  so I wouldn't seem like a creep. I sat down on my bed, hand on my head and made a signal for them to go. They went out and shut the door. I waited until I heard them go downstairs, then I started freaking out. I lifted up my laptop and put it to my left, clicked on Skype and phoned Senna. When she answered the video call I started smiling in a weird way because it annoys Senna. "Go away!" Senna joked. "No, come over to my house please!" I asked Senna. "Okay, fine! I 'll be like 30 minutes!" she replied before ending the video call.

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