Heart-breaker (completed)

Alexis is in love with music she just moved to a small town in england where she meets a guy who makes her realize her life isn't just made for heartbreak


4. The ex

After class we had break "Alexis can you wait here i am just going to the toilet" Harry said he walked off when a girl who stood before me a tall curvy girl with piercing blue eyes and golden curls whist i stood there with brown short hair and normal brown eyes "ugghh and who are ..you" she said

"a..a...Alexis" i stuttered 

"Leave her alone Estelle" i heard a guy say i turned my heard 4 guys stood there Estelle walked off 

"you alright" the blonde one said

" yeah thanks errmmm who are you" i tried to sound polite

" i am Niall this is liam louis and zayn we are harrys friends and she was harrys ex" he said harry came back 

"Hey you have met the guys then"

we burst out laughing as harry looked confused   

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