Heart-breaker (completed)

Alexis is in love with music she just moved to a small town in england where she meets a guy who makes her realize her life isn't just made for heartbreak


11. Surprise

We had moved into the new house it was massive but i missed my old new house i went out to the shop and arrived with a note on the door...:

Hey hun gone out to have a look around stay at home and be nice to your guest

My guest? i thought i put my bags down and walked into the music room there was a shiny black piano and on top of it lay a rose i looked around and sure enough there was harry "Look alexis i am so sorry i was just so sad you were leaving"

"i get it i hate it here"

"I know"

"how did you find out where i live"

"your dad talked to me and he agreed eventually that you can live with me in my appartment well?"

i thought 

"Yes thank you so much"

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