Heart-breaker (completed)

Alexis is in love with music she just moved to a small town in england where she meets a guy who makes her realize her life isn't just made for heartbreak


2. Meeting a Guy

I crawled out of my comfortable bed and had a long shower i got dressed in to my purple uniform sprayed on some perfume put some peachy lip gloss on and ate a small bowl of rice crispies and some tea as i rushed out the door and started walking when a boy in a red flashy car in my schools uniform asked if i wanted a ride quite a cute looking boy with long curly brown hair and amazing eyes i was about to say no (stranger danger) when it started raining i hopped in

"thank you so much i am..." he cut me off

"Alexis the new girl right well i am harry nice to meet you what class do you have first" i fumbled through my timetable

"Music with mrs lonsdale" I replied

"me too sit in the extra seat next to me we can be partners we are writing songs this week" i smiled 20 mins before school and i already had a friend wait WHAT AM I THINKING i like a guy in less than 5 mins and my heart will shatter again 

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