Heart-breaker (completed)

Alexis is in love with music she just moved to a small town in england where she meets a guy who makes her realize her life isn't just made for heartbreak


7. Leaving

I answered the door to Harry wearing jeans and a white tee-shirt my dad paid close attention to what we said like the person he is (getting TOO involved with my love life) its not unusual I guess we just said Hello as my dad made him feel awquard by staring at him he smiled looking quite creeped out " we gotta get going" i said to break the silence "ok be back before 11 you hear me miss" my dad would have lectured me but i grabbed Harrys hand and run to the car we sat down and closed the door my dad was shouting something me and harry ignored him and laughed when we got into the town centre we walked into the Odeon it was just like the one back in southend-on-sea in essex where i lived last year i had loved it there but i love here now that i have found Harry.We ran in took our seats and as he opened the bottle of Pepsi it exploded whoops

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