Heart-breaker (completed)

Alexis is in love with music she just moved to a small town in england where she meets a guy who makes her realize her life isn't just made for heartbreak


6. Getting ready

On Saturdays I have to go to drama class I had to do a solo performance for my audition I was half way through singing defying gravity when I heard the song girlfriend by Avril Lagvine when i realised that was my ringtone I finished  and ran to my phone 

"Hello" i said

"hello how are you" 

"Who is this"

"its me Harry"

"oh hey i am great thanks you"

"errmm are you busy later"


"Do you want to go to the cinema with me?"

"sure" i didn't even think

"Great! I will pick you up at 8" 

"yeah i live at 26 Bunsen drive"


he hung up I ran home when my mum and dad caught me "where are you going hun" my mum said " can i go to the cinema?" my dad looked at  "With who?" oh no dad would kill me if he found out i was going on a date "Harry a FRIEND from school" i said (emphasis on the FRIEND) "it better not be a date little miss" my dad looked at me "No" 

"hmmmm what time"


"name of the film"

"Time traveling"





"what are you going to do for dinner"

"probably get a sandwich from a coffee house"

"let her go charlie" my mum said i hugged her and ran up stairs I rummaged through my wardrobe and picked out a white shorts a white tee and a blue blazer i curled my hair and did my make up when BRRRIIINNNNGGG!!!!!!!!!!

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