The Bad Girl

Jamie Lee Ramirez is the typical badass at Londons acadamy for talented teens, also known as LAFTT. Jamie Lee will be played by Emma Stone, the way she looked in zombieland, Lilah is played by Selena Gomez and Alexis is played by emily rugg when she was blonde.


1. School




      Nialls POV



"OH MY GOD SHES COMING BACK!" My friend, Louis squealed. "No Fucking way!" My other ftiend, Harry screamed,

 who are they talking about? "No she isnt" My other other friend, Liam sighed. "Wait, who?!" I exclaimed, i really want to know!


"Jamie-Lee Ramirez! How do you not know!?!" Harry and Louis said in unison, wow. "Guys, hes new, obviously he wont know" Liam told them. "Jamie Lee is this hot 19yearold , who is totally badass, and shes the biggest player here, a bigger player than me." Harry explained

Just then a girl with blackish brown hair walked through the door of the school. She was wearing a white vest-like shirt, covered with a black leather jacket,  black skinny jeans, black boots and a couple of bracelets on her left arm. She winked pver in my direction.


She walked up to Zayn, the male badass of this school, and they both walked away. She was gorgeous. "Ohmygod SHE WINKED AT ME!" Lou exclaimed. "No she didnt, it was me!" Harry sassed back. I'm confused. "Guys shaddap she winked at Niall" Liam yet again, told them. "Just because you're both Irish" harry and Lou muttered. Shes irish? "Hey Niall?" Liam said snapping me out of confusion. "Watchout, she'll get what she wants then dump you" he added on.












Did you lloek it? 


















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